COB RTC David Miscavige is Missing! Part 5


Scientology attorney Rick Moxon and his cadre of PI’s took off from Hollywood Boulevard in RTC Viper 1, a specially equipped flying car used in the pursuit and apprehension of blown Sea Org members.


Although David Miscavige had not yet been formally classified as a blown Sea Org member, he was now technically AWOL. Moxon and his men were therefore on a mission to find Miscavige and the mysterious Honda Accord that had spirited him away.

As Moxon steered Viper 1 in the direction of the Sunset Strip, he radioed OSA and said, “Viper 1 inbound to search area; no sign of Stickwood so far.”

“Roger that Viper 1,” OSA replied.

Miscavige had now become “Stickwood” a code name in the search for yet another in an endless series of blown Sea Org members.

The PI’s in Viper 1 used their powerful binoculars to scan the passing cities below for Honda Accords.


Old Ned went back to the work shoveling thousands of ancient Scientology books into the enormous old hospital incinerator at the Complex.

Code named “the Beast”, the old incinerator came with the property when the Church purchased the Complex.

Anything that the Church wanted to disappear without a trace went into the mouth of Beast and so all of these very old books with “transcription errors” went into the flames.

When the Beast got too full of books or anything else, it would struggle for air. That’s when Old Ned would open the auxiliary air feed. Once the auxiliary air  hit the flames there was a big “whoosh” sound as the fire inside the Beast exploded and roared into five times its normal size.


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  1. An “auxiliary air feed”? I know where the air feed is connected. I shall let the story unfold, I know what is going to happen on Game of Thrones too, but I won’t spill the beans (or rice and beans in this case) either.


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