Pastor Ernest Angley is Reaching Out to You Today

Pastor Ernest Angley is reaching out to you today. He wants you stop wasting your time attacking Scientology and wants you to reach out for Jesus. In fact, why don’t you just get a life and stop committing full time suppressive acts?

Allison Mack Joins Scientology; Gets NXIVM Repair Auditing

“2019 will be better than ever,” enthused actress Allison Mack from Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

“Scientology helped me realize that NXIVM is a horrible cult and that Keith Raniere is a horrible cult leader. And now I’m doing the NXIVM Repair Rundown at Flag!”

“I want to thank COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige for his help. COB is a real global ecclesiastical leader and a not phony like Keith Raniere. Now if I can get the Bronfman sisters into Scientology everything will be great!”

Thanks to Scientology You Can Now Call the Dead!

Thanks to the Science of Scientology, you can now call the dead. This has been a problem in the past as the dead live in space far beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belt where phone signals can’t reach.

But the new Spirit Phones from Scientology now enable people to contact their deceased loved ones in the great beyond. For a flat fee of $5,000 a five minute phone call can be made. For information please contact the Van Allen Radiation Belt Org (VARBO) via telex to FSSO.

Calls longer than five minutes are not possible due to the collapse of the spacetime continuum. We in Scientology can only keep it open for five minutes. This is expected to change next year when OTX is released.

David Miscavige Sues Leah because She’s Mean to Him


Los Angeles Superior Court

David Miscavige


Leah Remini
Walt Disney Corporation
The Ghost of Walt Disney
All Annual Disney Passholders
The Total Viewership of A&E
John Does 1 – 47,000,000

Plaintiff Miscavige alleges that Defendant Remini and her fellow defendants conspired to use Free Speech to expose the Plaintiff’s secret long-term ecclesiastical imprisonment of his wife Michele Miscavige, which said ecclesiastical wife is not a party to this action, and, as a matter of her religious beliefs may not be a party to any legal action involving her church, i.e. the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), a member church in the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Scientology churches. Further, Plaintiff’s wife may not be deposed under the apex ecclesiastical wife theory.

Under the First Amendment, ecclesiastical imprisonment and the other exercises of freedom of religion are protected from government and media interference where it can be demonstrated that the “fake news” media is part of the government and therefore the defendants are part of a secret government cabal known by various and misleading names such as SMERSH, Big Pharma, CIA, FBI, IRS, A&E, Disney et. al. to be discovered in deposition.

Plaintiff Miscavige alleges that he has been harassed by Defendants but especially Defendant Remini who has been very mean to him to such an extent that he is no longer her friend as he wrote to her in 2003.

Defendant Remini is the Executive Producer of an harassive Emmy-winning show known as Scientology and the Aftermath, which show name is false and defamatory as there is no bitter aftermath to Scientology, the phony allegations made by bitter defrocked apostates, bigots, haters and purported victims of “Fair Game” and “Disconnection” notwithstanding. Nevertheless, as Plaintiff Miscavige will show these policies were cancelled in 1967.

Plaintiff Miscavige alleges serious butthurt and asks the court for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Defendant Remini and her co-defendants so that no more television programs about Plaintiff Miscavige can be made. This TRO would be different in nature than the TRO in Rathbun v. Miscavige in which Plaintiff Miscavige was temporarily restrained from spending endless ecclesiastical monies to allegedly harass squirrels, which never happened as the case was dropped by the opposing party after a hefty consideration was surreptitiously paid via unknown and shadowy agents purportedly associated with one General Mena Bravo…

Scientology TV’s New Reality Show: On the Road With Dave!

Scientology TV’s new reality show is called On the Road with Dave.

Starring COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, the show follows Dave around as he tours Ideal Orgs and talks to ordinary Sea Org members and publics.

We see Dave’s human side in his interactions. Dave is not the sadistic violent and greedy psychotic he’s made out to be by the haters, SP’s, and the CIA.

After Conquering the Nation of Islam, Scientology leader David Miscavige Sets His Sights on Costco


Having conquered the Nation of Islam, Scientology ecclesiastical leader now wants all Costco shoppers to become Scientologists.

Therefore, a special $2,500 Dianetics Starter Kit — which includes a pair of binoculars to spy on your so-called family and friends — is being offered at all Costco locations.

“Paranoia, greed, and revenge are virtues,” Miscavige told Costco denizens as he enjoyed a $1.50 polish dog and diet coke at the Costco food court in Hemet.

Thieving Christians Steal Scientology’s Intellectual Property!

We in RTC have caught some thieving Christians stealing patented Scientology intellectual property. The copper bracelet shown above will be Exhibit A in our lawsuit which asks for ten billion dollars in damages.

It has long been known that COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige had copper rods built into his private RTC office. These rods go deep into the Earth. During times of great enturbulation, COB grasps the copper rods and discharges his pent up fury into the bowels of the Earth. As the Little Dickie series reported about COB:

– As Little Dickie gets “overcharged” in meetings with the top church officials, he had copper ground rods installed 12 feet under the ground of various conference rooms at the Int base with bare copper cable running up to the room. When Little Dickie would start getting really mad, he’d hold onto the cable to “ground the restimulated beings that are attached to his body”.

– Little Dickie has a drinking problem and routinely drinks over a 1/2 bottle of scotch (Macallan 12) per day.

These Christian hustlers, these R6 implanters, are trying to sell copper bracelets with magnets and the healing power of a pretend Jesus. This is a ripoff of Scientology Miracle Copper Healing Technology.

These Christian fraudsters will be hearing from our wog attorneys!