This website is a parody, or a satire, of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) and its Chairman of the Board David Miscavige. Please direct all queries to: scienowriter@gmail.com.

Authored by Scientology critic Jeffrey Augustine, this website is in no way connected to the Religious Technology Center aka “RTC”, the Church of Scientology, or any of its affiliate groups.

As the Dictator of the Church Scientology, David Miscavige engages in egregious human  rights abuses, financial wrongdoing using parishioner funds, and generally lies whenever he opens his mouth. The function of satire, therefore, is to lampoon malicious idiots like David Miscavige and his best friend Tom Cruise.

Leaks about David Miscavige or the Church of Scientology are matters of concern to we here at otviiiisgrr8.com. Please do send us any leaks and we will ensure that the public  becomes aware of what COB and the Church does not want to be made known: scienowriter@gmail.com

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  1. The cadence of your posts are so spot on, I can’t help but read them in the voice of the Dwarfenfuehrer, as if he were reading them from his mini-podium at some ostentatious $cilon production.


  2. If you’re looking for parody about the Cult of $cientology, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is a thrill-a-minute blockbuster site lampooning $cientology, all in the comfort of your own hole, without the requirement of a billion year contract. Two thumbs up – way up!


  3. Thanks for filling the much needed satire category of anti cult blogs.
    We at possiblyhelpfuladvice.com appreciate the mention of our services in one of your recent posts, but we would like to know how we might attain the status of criminal blogs outlawed by RTC?
    A quick review of our recent posts will show that we consistently skewer the insanities of the Cult of Miscavige, the unnecessary secrecies on spiritual matters and the overweening arrogance of the diminutive psychopath who is widely known as the Pope on a Box,
    Other than that, we think he has a great tailor and will go down in history as one of the premier cult leaders of the late 20th Century.


  4. Why am I not on your list of Suppressive Persons? Arn’t I good enough? I dared to create an association expressly forbidden (APIS – formerly the IFA) )and have websites set out to display the forbidden tech and fly in the face of the supreme earth commander, the right horrible reverent Miscavige. I even acknowleged Mary Sue Hubbard with a website. What more could you ask. I demand my right as an SP to be listed in your honorable Hall fo SP fame dog gorn it!


    • Michael, you are on our List of Suppressive Persons. What happens is that WordPress only allows us to display 10×4 grid of SP’s — and then WordPress chooses which avatars to display from amongst our three billion followers.

      WordPress favors those who post the most comments. If you start posting your avatar will appear on our notorious List of Suppressive Persons.

      For interested persons, here is the link to the criminally suppressive APIS website: http://internationalfreezone.net/


  5. Some of the funniest, most inspiring parody that I have ever come across, other than the original DM Doll post on ARSE way back when….

    Truly, sir (or Madam, as the case may be) your are an ARTIST.



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