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Freedom Magazine Exposes the Television Critics Association!


Church of Scientology Demands that All Reporters & Other SP’s Be Fired!


We in Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination demand the following:

1. All reporters who have ever have written any entheta about Scientology be fired for being bigots and haters.

2. All filmmakers and television producers who have ever have made movies or programs that contain any Black PR or entheta about Scientology be fired for being bigots and haters.

3. All wogs who have ever posted any entheta or made joking & degrading remarks about Scientology online be permanently banned from the internet for being bigots and haters.

The Church of Scientology is committed to free speech. However, free speech is not a free pass to broadcast or publish anything about the Church of Scientology unless we first approve of it. If not submitted for approval, we will savagely attack the parties responsible.

Our people in OSA are the worse sort of stupid stalled OT white trash rednecks and so is COB.  These mighty OT’s are free to publish hate websites and videos that contain outright lies, malicious slander, and all manner of calumnies against SP’s. These demented lunatics are free to Fair Game those who attack Scientology. They are free to use pc folder data on hate websites.

We in the Church of Scientology are free to be haters, bigots, liars, and hypocrites. This is not a double standard nor is it hypocrisy. It is just what it takes to confront and shatter suppression.

Reverend Bob Tilton Handles Scientology & Pulls Marty Rathbun’s Withhold

Scientology Adopts the Flat Earth Cosmology


Public Notice: The Church of Scientology has officially adopted a Flat Earth cosmology after finding lost tech written by the Founder. Scientologists have never believed in the lies of science and now have even more reasons to not believe the lies. Commander Marty Rathbun will be delivering a lecture exposing the Anti-Flat Earth Cult (AFEC) next week at Flag. Commander Rathbun was there. The so-called round earth is false. Never happened. It’s an invented narrative created to siphon off hundreds of trillions of tax dollars to the Psychs at NASA so they can fund the CIA, Interpol, SMERSH, Starbucks, and other front groups that have been trying to destroy Scientology since thetans mocked up the Earth 8,000 years ago and then lit the Sun using a butane torch.

Butthurt & Enturbulated in Scientology


Scientology spokesman & cyber-fascist Marty Rathbun is butthurt & enturbulated. He is fuming mad that you SP’s have freedom of speech! How dare you! How dare you SP’s and your so-called books, television shows, and documentaries attack Scientology. We are the most ethical group on the planet! IG/RTC Marty Rathbun hereby orders you to cease & desist or you will rue the day you attacked Scientology and its pompadoured ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige.


Fleet Admiral Rathbun on Fake News

Scientology Fleet Admiral Marty Rathbun

“So get this bit of cute fake news the media uses to troll Scientology: Sure, the Guardian’s Office decapitated a few dozen people 35 years ago but that’s old news. I purged the GO. I should know because I was there and I was in charge.”

“But then the media is like ‘OMG! Scientology decapitated hundreds of people!’ But it was only a few dozen people and it’s old news. Old news.”

“And when I came aboard, I put an end to the GO decapitations, hangings, arson, stabbings, burglaries, drownings, and so forth, but the media still acts like the Church of Scientology does it.”

“What I told that wog journalist was that Scientology can ‘potentially’ decapitate, hang, set fire to, or drown SP’s if we wanted to, but we don’t these things anymore. It’s just that we ‘potentially’ can do these things except I ordered an end to it — except for sometimes when an SP really needs to be decapitated. But then the media claimed it actually still happens. They published it just troll Scientology. False. Never happened. I was there.”

New Church of Scientology Spokesman Marty Rathbun Denies Everything

New Church of Scientology spokesman Marty Rathbun denies everything. This new Scientology all purpose denial — “it never happened” — is now official Church doctrine.

It never happened.

Never happened.