SPs ‘r’ US Facebook Group Formally Declared an Illegal Criminal Assembly by the Church of Scientology!

Acting in his official capacity as the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige today declared the Scientology hater Facebook group SPs ‘r’ US an Illegal Criminal Assembly.

This declaration is not limited to Earth.

SPs ‘r’ US is declared an Illegal Criminal Assembly on all stars, planets, and galaxies in this sector of the universe.

As a formally declared Illegal Criminal Assembly, SPs ‘r’ USĀ  is subject to the harshest possible penalties called for under the COB’s new top secret policy called Deadly Internet Entheta — War Operations Guideline Series.

Under COB’s new DIE WOGS policy, SPs ‘r’ US cult leader Pete Griffiths will be arrested by OSA and imprisoned for life in the Church’s brutal religious prison located within the fortress walls of our beautiful new Ideal Org in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Mr. Griffiths is advised to turn himself in at his nearest Ideal Org. Should he come to his senses, confess his crimes, admit that he is being funded by Big Pharma, and delete SPs ‘r’ US from Facebok, Mr. Griffiths will be shown mercy and his prison sentenced reduced from life to 20 years.

If he does not confess his crimes, Mr. Griffiths will be interrogated daily forever by an angry and shrill Tommy Davis until he does confess. Moreover, Mr. Griffiths will be forced to listen to COB’s speeches for at least six hours each day in order to reeducate him on who the REAL ENEMIES are on this planet.

As an additional penalty, all members of SPs ‘r’ US are banned from using all Ideal Org Gas Stations.

On a final and cautionary note, COB RTC David Miscavige has warned all Church members in good standing to beware of Facebook groups as they all have been found to contain unacceptable and dangerous levels of Entheta.

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  1. Oh dear. SPs using the Internetz to spread nasty entheta around the world, nay, the galaxy!!!

    Surely there is more COB could be doing to smash this criminally Suppressive group OTVIII!!!!!

    We are all DOOMED!!

    I’m gonna sing the Doom Song now šŸ˜€


  2. It seems to be working OTVIII….this morning alone membership in this criminal organization jumped from 541 to 593!!! After reading your post here, over fifty loyal SO members, INT execs, and even COB RTC have infiltrated this hate spewing group. Keep up the good work!!


  3. I liked the post where the clammies urge their group to post theta on FB and drown us out. Seems to me, the last time they tried that with ARS, it did not end so well for them. Them what fails to learn from history and all that…


    • Xenubarb, as proven by actual research, 98% of people who post on SPs ‘r” US are convicted criminals, drug addicts, and sexual perverts. They are all either locked up in psychiatric hospitals or have spent at least 90% of their adult lives locked up in psychiatric hospitals.

      The Church of Scientology is in highest ever straight up and vertical expansion and screaming affluence while ARS, SP’s ‘r’ US, and other hater sites are nothing more than small collections of insane people posting from computers in the lunatic asylums where they have been institutionalized.

      The dirty secret here is that your Psych overlords allow all of you Psych patients to have computers and then order you to attack the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige if you want more drugs.


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