Scientology Bridge Publications to Open Goldenrod Paper Factory

Captain Whostolemycog first brought this very serious matter to we in RTC’s attention in a KR he sent us: There is an international shortage of goldenrod colored paper! 

Due to this shortage, the IJC (International Justice Chief) cannot issue goldenrod to the record number of people being declared SP’s these days!

The “Tsunami of SP’s Declares” reflects the fact that the Church of Scientology has billions of members, 2.5% of whom are Suppressive Persons.

Therefore, one million people are being declared SP’s each day.

The fact is that the Church of Scientology effectively exhausted the world’s supply of goldenrod paper last month — and this fact alone shows just how active Fleet Admiral David Miscavige has been in ridding the Church of SP’s prior to the historic, epic, and monumental launch of GAT II and Super Power.

The last person to be handed goldenrod was OT III Juan Escobar, an SP who was found to secretly belong to a Suppressive Facebook group called Spies ‘r’ Us. Escobar, seen below, was handed his SP Declare and unceremoniously given the boot by FSO Captain Davis Jackinov:

Sans goldenrod, however,  the Church of Scientology cannot declare SP’s. Shockingly, these wholetrack criminals are free to continue on with their unrestrained evil purposes to destroy both the Church of Scientology.

Senior political officials in Washington D.C. reacted with alarm at the Goldenrod Shortage:


As Captain Whostolemycog noted in his KR, the goldenrod shortage is no accident. Indeed, the Psych controlled paper industry deliberately engineered a phony shortage of goldenrod paper in an attempt to subvert the sane and effective Scientology Justice System.

We in RTC consulted John P. Capitalist for a solution. He recommended we raise $25,000,000 for an Ideal Paper Mill so we can make all of the goldenrod we want — as well as papers in other colors. Other colors are vital as the Founder’s Admin system is based upon, among other things, different colors of papers and inks.

COB RTC David Miscavige approved this recommendation and enhanced it by ordering ten Ideal Paper Mills built, this in order to keep up with our straight up and vertical highest ever expansion.

Please donate today to make our Ideal Paper Mills a reality!

Ideal Paper Mill Winnesota.

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  1. This action effectively demonstrates the importance of keeping COB RTC informed through KR’s. It seems many Scientologists have been cowed by internet entheta, falsely believing that a properly filed KR will result in months of sec checks.

    The false reports of bitter defrocked apostate Leah Remini claiming to have endured years of prohibitively expensive and personally intrusive sec checks after filing a KR reporting COB’s wayward hand massaging the posterior of his communicator at TC’s wedding is the type of entheta to which we refer. The truth, the REALITY is simply that COB was performing an ecclesiastical touch assist after his communicator complained of a sore rump after sitting for so long during the wedding ceremony.

    KR’s do NOT result in sec checks, extended stays at Flag, harassment, ex-communication, or even a “Whois” web site dedicated to discrediting the filer.

    In fact if someone in Portland had the stones to file a KR regarding the location of the re-situated Ideal Org, we wouldn’t have had the embarrassing misfortune of finding ourselves across the street from an out ethics night club catering to sexual deviants.

    We call on all Scientologists to immediately begin filing KR’s to keep COB and RTC informed of the many threats posed by internet entheta….or you could just sit on your hands and keep sending cash.


  2. OT8, know what would help Scientology now? Golden Age of Tech III ! Yes, GATII was all about the punctuation changes from GAT I, but GAT III will be about having those LRH writings on Goldenrod! You know what they say–the third’s a charm!

    If that doesn’t work, I suggest finding the reincarnation of LRH.


    • You bet your sweet e-meter that COB has just declared every last backstabbing, wine-drinking, frog-eating wog in France an SP! And this is even more reason than we need Ideal Paper Mill now to print the 64.2 million SP Declares needed to declare all of France. We in RTC also need to expand our CST nuclear proof SP Vaults to store paper copies of all these SP Declares.


  3. Thanks for this clarification. Now I can understand why I didn’t receive an SP declare so far, allthough I tried to receive one at the best of my abilities. Even a CSW remained unanswered:

    Continental Justice Chief
    Andrea Albrecht

    Berlin, September 9, 2013


    Situation: I have been member of the Church of Scientology for almost 30 years and I still did not received my SP-Declare although I cancelled my membership last October.

    While being on staff I had outstanding results like constant highest evers and power conditions. On my last post in Berlin idle Org I had 108 weeks affluence and all I got were some lousy commendations. (Attached are 117 Commendations, including from ED HAN, ED MUN, ED BRLN, LC EU, LC INT, CO CLO et al)

    While being a public I advanced my status regularly. IAS, Super Power, Idle Org etc, but all I got were some lousy T-Shirts. Since I can now afford food and I gained weight the shirts do not even fit anymore.

    While being a volunteer for the Translation Unit I translated more the 10.000 pages, all I got were some lousy awards. I cannot use the Training Awards, as they won’t let me in. Ooops!

    I never complaint and did not agree with the Mest Universe. To be honest, who dares to ask for pay or such profane things like food when the earth is at stake?

    Issue an SP-Declare for one of your most dedicate followers in order to bring in at least some exchange.



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