Leah Remini Attacks the Church of Scientology!

Bitter Defrocked Apostate Leah Remini

Leah Remini did a few basic courses in the Church of Scientology a long time ago.

Now that her acting career is failing,  Leah Remini has jumped on the Bitter Defrocked Apostate bandwagon to get some free publicity.

Remini is suddenly claiming she was a long-term Church member who donated millions of dollars only to endure “years of interrogations” for writing a Knowledge Report (KR) on Church leader COB RTC David Miscavige.


Bitter Defrocked Apostate and two-time Oscar Winner Paul Haggis did the same thing awhile back when left the Church and invented wild-eyed stories about Disconnection and Mr. David Miscavige.

Sea Org Fleet Admiral Mr. David Miscavige

It is simply not true that Mr. David Miscavige is a rampaging narcissist whose greed, incompetence, vanity, adultery, imprisonment and abuse of Scientologists, human trafficking, and violent outbursts and physical assaults upon Sea Org members has caused the Church of Scientology to become viewed as a horrific and disgraceful Cult that is simultaneously the laughingstock of the internet.

None of this is true — and no Mike Rinder, we in the Church are not responding to Leah Remini with bitter hypocrisy!

The fact is that the Church of Scientology is the most ethical group on the planet. Our 52,000,000+ Ideal Orgs form an Oasis of Sanity in a world gone mad. Where else but a Scientology Ideal Org can you scream at an ashtray for several weeks and thereby learn the secrets of the universe?

What happened is that Leah Remini did not apply KSW to her life and started to secretly read entheta online.  Then she decided to attack Mr. Miscavige in order to get some free PR at Mr. Miscavige’s expense.

Leah Remini is hereby declared a Suppressive Person. Her only terminal is the International Justice Chief.

Leah Remini can only make up the damage she has done to the Church of Scientology by donating $5,000,000 to the IAS, doing steps A-E, and publicly apologizing to Fleet Admiral David Miscavige.

25 responses to “Leah Remini Attacks the Church of Scientology!

  1. That brazen hussy! How dare she question his most holy shortyness COB! Everyone knows that Shelly Miscavige happily volunteered to live out the rest of her life alone underground polishing LRH’s platinum tablets so the the priceless tech of Scientology could pollute (ooops, enlighten!) the minds of generations to come.

    I trust that Jenna Elfman is currently in transit to Leah’s home to accuse her of raping babies!


  2. I don’t think Leah Remini did any reputation damage to CO$. You have to have a good rep to start off and even under the holy Hub, the CO$ reputation was for naught. This is just another foot bullet that can turn into a foot bazooka. I like bazookas, they make lots of noise.

    Does this mean Leah has to turn in her key to the rest room at the Ideal Org Gas Station?? You kick this Brooklyn girl out and you’re going to stop selling YooHoo.


    • As part of her Suppressive Person declare, Leah Remini is expressly banned from all Ideal Org Gas Stations.

      And yes, she must turn in her special Celebrity Centre “master key” that allowed her into the ladies rooms at all of our Ideal Org Gas Stations.

      Leah has lost both her Eternity and a place to pee!


  3. You in RTC seem to be fearing for your life.


    • No fear here — but we do have righteous indignation and plenty of it!

      Imagine it: Yet another degraded former Scientology actor attacking the very dapper and fashionable Mr. Miscavige!


      • COB must refrain from allowing pictures to be taken that give him the appearance of a little man. Little men are often thrown into the generalized basket of unstable men with a need to overcompensate for their perceived lack of stature. One can’t help looking at this picture without thinking, “Try waking up to that Napoleon complex everyday”. A big being like COB deserves a BIG body. Has he looked into improving his stature?


      • Whose Bar Mitzvah photo is this? Nice party. 😉


      • NO ANETTE NO!

        That is COB RTC David Miscavige. It is not some 12 year old Jewish boy at his Bar Mitzvah!

        In any case, COB and his fellow Scientologist Louis Farrakhan are out to expose the Satanic Jews who run the world!


      • InTheNameOfXenu

        Who’s the midget in the center?


  4. How dare the traitorous SP Leah Remini spread the ugly entheta lie that Mr. David Miscavige is a rampaging narcissist whose greed, incompetence, vanity, adultery, imprisonment and abuse of Scientologists, human trafficking, and violent outbursts and physical assaults upon Sea Org members have caused the Church of Scientology to become viewed as a horrific and disgraceful Cult that is simultaneously the laughingstock of the internet. How dare she?


    • Indeed!

      How dare she!

      COB is so enturbulated that he has placed the entire planetary population into the Condition of Treason.

      There will be more beatings and interrogations until COB gets to the bottom of this Leah Remini PR flap!


      • I’ve contacted Denise and asked her to Fed Ex a package to Hemet. That level of enturbulation requires nothing short of a fat blunt deluxe leatherbound edition of the Basics. Tell COB it’s a Cuban stogie courtesy of his BFF Mr. Cruise that he’s the single most cosmically important person who has ever existed.


      • Whostolemycog, COB read your comment with great interest.

        COB looks forward to receiving your gift of the deluxe leatherbound Basics and thanks you for your astute remarks on his cosmic importance.

        COB really needs that blunt and more. Can you ask Denise to drive to Hemet and score locally? COB will give her $10K for the trip. Tell her to rent a car, drive to Hemet, switch cars, and be as Fabian as possible while looking to score.


    • It all goes to show what a cesspit of out ethics and drug-drenched depravity Hollywood is. Leah is just a symptom of it. If God did enemas he would stick the tube into the heart of Hollywood. Still, she may yet come to her senses and start her A-E. Now, where’s that re-run of the 1993 Event showing?


      • You are so spot on Martin.

        “Project Celebrity” was yet again another area in which the Founder goofed the floof and so COB had to step had to handle.

        Why would anyone think that actors — those stupid vainglorious dullards like Anne Archer — are of any value whatsoever?

        Aside from the large sums of money they give the Church of Scientology, we in RTC have absolutely zero interest in celebutard dolts like Kirstie Alley or petulant nancy boys like that jackass Grant Cardone.


  5. So OT8, can I assume that you in RTC are going to deflect this negative publicity by having John Travolta go out and say “Scientology saved my life…I use it every day” again?


  6. As an enturbulated big being might say, “Yo, don’t bogart the deluxe leather bound basics, pass ’em on bro”


    • Well said — and thank you for understanding the necessity of our having to invoke the secret RTC code. Please tell Denise to rush the package! And btw, you had best warn Denise to not smoke all the “rent money!” Her brother needs some of that rent money!


  7. Remini is spending this weekened surfing the net for stories on Scientology, especially Ortega’s blog.


  8. david miscavige

    well, that settles that. time to head back out to hollywood boulevard…


  9. Why does DM wearing my Uncle’s uniform and my Grandpa’s medals?
    It bothers me a little. Happy for Leah though.


  10. InTheNameOfXenu

    Miscavige better watch it. Leah’s from Brooklyn. If the midget sends PI’s to harass her, Luca Brazzi will make them an offer they can’t refuse.


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