Scientologist Louis Farrakhan: Satanic Jews Are to Blame!

We in the Church of Scientology wish to publicly acknowledge Scientologist Louis Farrakhan for pointing out that the “Satanic Jews” who control the banks and everything else are the reason for all of the problems in the world.

Scientologist and Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan has found the exact “why” that neatly explains all of the 4th dynamic aberration on this prison planet.

Which is to say that Satanic Jews are behind Psychiatry.

It logically follows from deduction, then, that as the Church of Scientology’s most deadly wholetrack enemy is Psychiatry, and Satanic Jews are behind Psychiatry, that the Church of Scientology’s deadliest enemy is therefore Satanic Jews.

Driven by Satanic Jews, Psychiatry is indeed an Industry of Death!

Led by COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, we in the Church of Scientology are working so very hard to shed light on the true nature of Psychiatry and its sheer greed for the Almighty dollar:

* Psychiatry has a fixation on money!

* The Psychs rape governments the world over for money to fund useless Psych programs that don’t work!

* The Psychs have no shame in plundering bank accounts, destroying families, and enslaving people in their prison labor camps!

* Mental illness is a costly and dangerous myth created by the Psychs to make money!

The Church of Scientology’s  goal is to stop the runaway greed and the hypnotic razzle dazzle of the Psych implanters!


COB is working to destroy Psych Razzle Dazzle!

Actual research by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights has found that  Psychiatry kills more people in one month than all the people that were killed by Islamic terrorists in 911!

Something must be done to stop all of this Psych murder and terrorism and we in the Church of Scientology are grateful that Louis Farrakhan is the Watchman on the Wall warning everyone of what is truly evil and what is truly good!

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  1. Those evil psych drugs are to be avoided unless someone is going totally psychotic. Just ask LRH. Those ten or so holes in his buttocks (found during his autopsy) were from Vistaril injections which smoothed the bumps in the road during his final research on OTXXX and helped ease the transition to his next phase of research, OTC or “Off the Charts” as it is referred to secretly by COB.


    • It never happened that way.

      As we in the Church have discussed online before, the Founder was using Vistaril as prescribed by a doctor for use as an antihistamine because he was on a ranch where there was hay, grass, pollen, and all of nature.

      There was no Psych drug usage.

      What happened is that the Satanic Jew Psychs spread a nasty rumor about Vistaril in order to Black PR the Founder.


  2. Now I know why my bank no longer offers free pocket calendars to valued customers, thanks Louie. Just a suggestion, if the Church of Scientology offered free pocket calendars to the general public, all those empty Ideal Orgs would be overflowing in no time at all.


    • We in RTC are launching a free pocket calendar that will be offered as a print (paper) calendar and an app for your smartphone.

      Requiring a donation of only $995, the free pocket calendar is one of the least expensive items the Church offers.

      The free pocket calender is sure to boom the Orgs!


  3. No OT8, you have it all wrong. Very few suicides or deaths involve psych drugs, just as very few people belong to IAS. The bigeest villain is hydrogen dioxide! Yes, every death involves a body that was loaded with hydrogen dioxide, and yet nothing is done about it. Aren’t you in RTC going to let the wogs of Teegeack know about its horrors?


    • Jgg2012, you can help by joining the local chapter of Concerned Citizens Citizens Against Dihydrogen Monoxide (CCADM).

      The Church of Scientology has long worked to fight the shockingly widespread menace of Dihydrogen Monoxide, a chemical so notorious and cheap that it has even made its way into baby food!


      • We in Global Capitalism HQ are vehemently opposed to organizations seeking to limit the use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) in anything. We also oppose restrictions on the ability of factories we own to emit unlimited amounts of chemically pure DHMO into the environment. Companies we own are, it is true, among the largest sellers of various forms of DHMO in the world. But we’re not opposing environmentalists concerned about DHMO because it protects our interest. No, we are actually concerned about fairness. Why target DHMO when government is still only ineffectually handling shutting down the tobacco industry and dealing with social problems from alcoholic beverages? If they can’t shut down those industries, which are much smaller than the worldwide DHMO manufacturing and distribution business, how can citizens expect the government to do something about DHMO production?


      • Actually, according the dictionary that LRH invented, it is called Hydrogen Oxide (not dihydrogen monoxide or hydrogen oxide). In Spanish, it’s called agua. As to John P.s point, why should they crack down on tobacco and alcohol? LRH said smoking is good for you, and nothing about alcohol.


  4. We in RTC are shocked that those in Global Capitalism HQ, are, by their own admission, “vehemently opposed to organizations seeking to limit the use of Dihydrogen Monoxide.”

    The strident opposition of CG HQ is clear and abundant proof that the Psychs want to, on a daily basis, shove liters of “chemically pure” Dihydrogen Monoxide down the throats of every man, woman, and child on this planet!

    These pushers of Dihydrogen Monoxide have no decency and nothing is holy to them save for the Almighty dollar!

    This is why Citizens Citizens Against Dihydrogen Monoxide are asking for your emergency donations today!

    Our goal is to raise $120,000,000 this Labor Day weekend to fund the planetary war against Dihydrogen Monoxide and those who push it on the unknowing and unsuspecting masses!

    Don’t be a victim of Dihydrogen Monoxide!

    The fight against the clear and present danger of Dihydrogen Monoxide has never been more urgent than now!


  5. Labor Day already!!?? Wow…Where’d the summer go? Seems like just tomorrow it was Memorial Day weekend.


  6. Thank Source and the benificent COB for finding such a reputable and pure theaten in Farrakhan to disseminate Dianetics and Scientology to the lowly wogs who know no better and to the trillions of amassed theatens across the universe!

    I mean with someone like Farrakhan acting as a mouth piece this religion should be really going straight up and vertical, past Venus, and shooting across Target 2! It is only a matter of time before you, the RTC have this planet cleared and then we can all prepare for the next battle!


  7. Satanic Jews are behind psychiatry. I fully buy that one.

    You write: ‘Psychiatry kills more people in one month than all the people that were killed by Islamic terrorists in 911!’

    Watch this short vid with American Jewish Alan Sabrosky a higher up in the US military establishment who leaves no doubt about who did it; Mossad is is clearly a Mossad operation.

    Watch this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooch89sO6T8
    Missing Links – The Definitive Truth on 911 (2 hours)

    Or read the book of Christopher Bollyn, Solving 911 The Deception that Changed the World, here on line: http://www.bollyn.com/public/Solving_9-11_-_The_Deception_That_Changed_The_World.pdf


  8. Why do you remove my comment about Israeli Mossad did 911, not Muslims.

    If you still don’t know this you are (still) in the grip of the satanic jews yourself and beyond any help.

    CIA O


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