David Miscavige & the Historic 1993 Event that Changed World History!

The biggest thing in the past twenty years was not the wog internet or even the confirmation of some little piece of lint called the Higgs boson.

No, the biggest thing in the past twenty years, and more to the point for all of Mankind, is COB’s 1993 defeat of the IRS whereby he gained tax exemption for the Church of Scientology.

No one helped COB.

He did it all by himself.

On 8 October 1993, millions of Scientologists from the 15,901 countries of the world gathered to hear Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center announce the historic news: the United States government had just granted full religious recognition to the churches of Scientology. The US Government further acknowledged Mr. Miscavige’s miraculous power to raise people from the dead.

By gaining tax exemption, Mr. Miscavige singlehandedly triumphed over the forces of Planetary Suppression and saved the Tech, and by extension Mankind itself, from utter ruin at the hands of the Psychs who were out to destroy everything.

Granted, there is the fact that COB consistently surveys as being the “who” who is allegedly ruining the Church of Scientology. While this is most certainly not true and is in fact a lie coming from the chaos merchants online, our Wog marketing experts have nevertheless advised COB to “sell his brand” and reaffirm his central salvationary value to all Church parishioners. Hence, everyone is ordered to watch the video at least ten times this weekend or else!

Look for the Announcement of the Millennium in your mailbox:

COB.Event 005

COB.Event 002

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  1. I don’t know much about taxes or navy, but I’m hoping COB will wear
    his Sea Org uniform (including the hat) at the next Ideal Org opening.
    Just like in the good old days in RTC. So Tone 40!


  2. Lake Earl Drive – Crescent City? Google maps shows it to be quite a compound. I’m guessing this is the secret location of the RPF’s RPF. Giving it the name Pelican Bay State Prison is cleverly clandestine.

    If this is not the secret location of the RPF’s RPF, then some J&D SP is attempting to impugn the name and reputation of the most important man on the planet by linking his name to the address of a penal colony.

    An aside – “central salvationary value” is a turn of phrase only conceived and employed by an OT who is operating on the far side of the bridge. Is it possible you were able to fit in some super power training in during your recent visit to Flag or is this just the result of watching the video 10 times?


  3. If Slappy the Cobster ever looses his RTC gig, he could always start a Village People tribute band. I know Miscavige is more of a George Michael/Wham guy, but he’s got the tools for the Village People in his closet right now.


  4. I certainly hope COB remembered to edit the video and remove all references to Marty Rathbun. If any Scientologists hear his name uttered they might be tempted to look him up on the forbidden Google and could (gasp!) end up at his scurrilous blog where he blasphemes and defames the holy name of COB on a near-daily basis. Their eternities could be in dire peril! They must not find out that COB’s true name is YSCOHB!!!!


    • Leah got a sec check for spreading entheta about COB. She couldn’t confront the magnitude of her crimes against COB and so she blew and is now attacking COB!

      This is an all hands flapping flap!

      We need you here and please bring seven cartons of Marlboro reds and five pounds of Starbucks coffee. We in OSA will be up all night handling this flap!


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