COB RTC David Miscavige Trapped in Elevator at Flag – Opening of Super Power Delayed

As dramatic security camera video shows, this afternoon for over one tense hour the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion was trapped in a elevator at Flag Land Base.

Flag dialed 911 and called for a full emergency deployment of all city, state, and federal resources to deal with this crisis; we were naturally disappointed when one Clearwater FD fire truck showed up and the entire crew was at Apathy on the Tone Scale.

Shockingly, the fire department poked around for a few minutes, said there was really nothing they could do, and suggested we call the elevator maintenance company.

CO Flag Janitors was called on an emergency basis. His lack of English skills did not help. We could not make this Sea Org member Oswaldo understand that the World Leader was trapped in the elevator and that every second counted. Oswaldo somehow thought there was a fire. He was worse than useless as he grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed publics who were standing nearby.

This was turning into a major flap!  COB began screaming and propelling himself against the sides of the elevator while savagely declaring this an act of Psych espionage designed to disrupt the opening of the new Flag Building and GAT2.

The police were summoned and suggested we call the the elevator maintenance company. The police were of no help. This is not surprising given the fact that law enforcement turns a deaf ear to Scientology by refusing to arrest all members of Anonymous for terrorism.

We called the the elevator maintenance company and, despite our screaming and dire threats, came out in about an hour.

The elevator technicians effected COB’s release. However, the damage had been done.

COB has placed the entire Scientology religion into Treason for allowing this to happen. We all failed COB in a big way today. As a group, we have a long way to go to make up for the damage we caused today.

As part of Flag Land Base’s amends, everyone on the Base will be spending the next sixty nights confined in elevators, closets, or car trunks so they can experience what COB had to go through today.

COB has also added the punishment of moving back the opening of the Flag Building and GAT2 for an indeterminate period of time. COB could open everything next week or next year. It all depends upon how quickly we as a group come out of Treason.

Let that sink in.

You should have thought ahead and called the Base today to ask if the elevators were safe for COB.

Why didn’t you?

Do you have evil purposes on David Miscavige?

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  1. COB does so, so much for us all and gives of himself so freely due to his deep love of us all. The least we could do is ensure that he has a terror-free elevator ride. It’s just awful that COB tired himself out thrashing the elevator walls and cried himself to sleep afterward. We’re such CI downstat DBs…


  2. Really food for thought. But when I called and said “something could happen to COB if you don’t check the brakes on his car,” they acted like I was threatening His Wee Holy Presence.


  3. greetings otviiiisgrrr8! my full and most sincere apologies to cob. i will begin on my a to e immediately. a: to all the rest of the scilons out there, never, never, never enturbulate cob ever again! we can only get proper case gain through the graces of mighty cob! if we, as scilons, can not clean up our behavior and show complete and absolute respect/obedience to cob, there is no hope for our eternity. from the group to you, our mighty, wise and sage leader, we all apologize and will stop all of our attacks, entheta, enturbulation and suppressive actions against your straight up and vertical, upstat leadership. all hail cob!


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