An RTC Review of Scientologist Michelle Stafford and Her New Comedy Video

new short comedy video made by Scientologist Michelle Stafford reflects the LRH datum which states that, “Humor is rejection.”

 In this comedy piece, Michelle Stafford mocks up a lower harmonic valence of her actual self whereas the other characters play 1.1 degraded beings who do not have Michelle’s best interests in mind while, this while pretending that they do. This is a classic SP characteristic.

Thus, we see dramatic tension ensue in which conniving SP’s attempt to manipulate Michelle’s character by use of various low-toned and glib comedic stratagems.

Stafford.1The SP’s who are pretending to be Michele’s friends keep trying to force “wrong items” upon Michele. This too is a classic SP characteristic and is fully covered in the PTS/SP data.

In other words, the SP’s are trying to force their own universes upon Michele; this in an attempt to suppress her so that she will cave in and sign a contract that enriches them at her expense. This is not only out exchange but it is also a suppressive act.

StaffordKeeping her Tech and Ethics fully in, Stafford has her character mock up valences ranging from 2.4 – 2.6 on the Tone Scale in order to reject all of the wrong items shoved at her by the SP’s.

 The comedy ends with Stafford’s character driving away from the SP’s, thereby leaving them stranded in a parking lot with no drinking water on a very hot day. So in the end we see that Michele’s character winds up putting in Ethics in on these duplicitous characters!

Stafford.2The ending of this video left we in RTC to ask if Michele’s character will Disconnect from these SP’s as required by the Tech — or will she, as a humorous device — be continually forced to confront and shatter their suppressive ways in order to gain success as an aging actress in Hollywood?

If the latter scenario is the case, then this requires Scientology actors to accept roles in which they portray a collection of bumbling 1.1 fools. On this basis, we in RTC will not permit this comedy to go forward because it devolves into Joking & Degrading at the expense of the Church. This is a violation of KSW and will not be permitted.

There is simply nothing funny or humorous about Suppressive Persons, Then again, it is the job of all Scientologists to confront and shatter Suppression. We in RTC trust that Scientologist Michelle Stafford and her fellow actors fully duplicate us on this.

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