COB RTC David Miscavige Policy on Flag Rejects

COBliberaceCOB RTC David Miscavige today announced an updated policy on Flag Rejects.

What is a Flag Reject?

A Flag Reject is defined in policy as, “Any Scientologist who poses a PR risk to the Flag Land Base and is thus banned from the Base.”

This is an especially vital policy as COB has now opened the Flag Building, launched GAT II, and Scientologists at Flag are experiencing miracles on the Super Power Rundown.  We have to keep the scum out of Flag.

Any Scientologist deemed  a “Flag Reject” while at Flag is to immediately be taken into custody by the Flag MAA and transported to, and dumped at, the Tampa Org.

The Tampa Org can figure out what to do with Flag Rejects. We just don’t want those people here at Flag ruining things for those of us who are so very upstat.

Here is a partial list of Bad Indicators that result in a Scientologist becoming a Flag Reject:

ThreeGreys1. Aliens: Originating inside or outside of session that one has seen, heard, or sensed aliens or extraterrestrials. Go see aliens somewhere else! Stay away from Flag!

2. Communication with Aliens: Originating inside or outside of session that one has attempted to communicate with aliens or extraterrestrials in any manner. There are plenty of New Age nuthouses where one can jabber to aliens. Not allowed at Flag.

2. Ghosts: Originating inside or outside of session that one has seen, heard, or sensed ghosts or other spiritual apparitions. Go to some downstat place like the Portland Ideal Org if you want to blather on in session about seeing ghosts.

2A. Communication with ghosts: Originating inside or outside of session that one has attempted to communicate with ghosts or other spiritual apparitions. Might as well be eating Psych drugs for breakfast!

A Warning “Straight from COB” so listen up: If you want to talk to aliens or ghosts why then you might as well go get yourself a Ouija board and some marihuana because you were declared an SP last year before any of this sort of nonsense happened. We don’t even know your name or remember you. Even Tampa Org does not want you!

3. Demons and Devils: Originating inside or outside of session that one has seen, heard, or sensed demons and devils. See COB’s warning above.

3A. Communication with Demons and Devils. Originating inside or outside of session that one has attempted to communicate with demons or devils. See COB’s warning above.

4. Hearing disembodied voices. Only Psych cases hear voices. Flag is not interested and suggests you join the Raelians or some other lunatic cult.

5. Seeing things that do not exist. Flag has no time for visionaries. We have a Planet to clear and stats to meet. Go peddle your vision for a better tomorrow to the Rotary Club.

6. Exhibiting or practicing clairvoyant abilities such as mind-reading.

7. Exhibiting or practicing telekinesis, i.e. the attempt to move objects, open doors, change traffic lights, etc. using one’s mind.

8. Engaging in astral projection or originating in session that one has engaged in astral projection.

9. Suicidal thoughts: This is very out PR for Flag.

10. Illness. Any Scientologist who is sick is a Flag Reject. Go be sick somewhere else.

11. Age. Anyone who is “too old” as decided by Flag is a Flag Reject. “Too old” can refer to physical age or appearance or both. If you’re not one of the “beautiful people” then don’t bother showing up at Flag.

12. Bankruptcy. We can’t have poor people at the Flag Land Base; no that would never do. Better go find yourself some Christian church if you’re broke because we certainly do not want you in our Church!

For a complete list of the 126 specific Bad Indicators and the 210 suspect behaviors, please read the posted list at your local Ideal Org.

It comes down to this: If you have to ask, you are a Flag Reject!

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  1. What an amazing person David Miscavige has become!
    He, more than anyone else, is responsible for sending me hot prospects for my spiritual rescue activities!

    In the past, it was like pulling teeth to get prospects to admit that they had spirit guides or could communicate with spirits because they were forced to sign agreements that they would refrain from such alternative practices. They were told they could not exhibit OT abilities until the Case Supervisor said they could.

    Now that COB is ridding himself of all out-PR paying public, I have a steady stream of frustrated clairvoyants, invalidated mind readers, and ghost handlers who are coming out of the closet, so to speak. My motto is similar to what Emma Lazurus once wrote:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses of OTs yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door to freedom and responsibility!”

    Bless your pea-pickin’ little heart COB!

    David St Lawrence
    Spiritual Rescue Technology
    (Open to all X-File Scientologists)

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    • David, the rules have changed since you left: No Church of Scientology parishioner may exhibit any OT ability until we in RTC say so.

      Frankly speaking, COB felt that C/S’s just had too much power in this regard.

      Only we in RTC are qualified to say who is and who is not an OT.


  2. Thank you, OTGrrr8. You have done a great service for all mankind.

    I have begun my mission to get the word out (and the address of the Ethics Officer at Flag) that all good citizens immediately report delusional or broke scientologists. My new motto: Do It For Dave!


  3. greetings otviiiisgrrr8! another brilliant dose of truth from cob and rtc! i personally volunteer to put in ethics on all of these db’s on behalf of cob and the other bb’s! nothing like dispatching a little r2-45 justice to these treacherous, wanna be wogs on behalf of cob in order to ensure a non-interrupted, very theta and upstat event…btw, is cob seeking any new assistants? i can not provide the same exact type of “service” that lou does but i am an excellent organizer and executive assistant. and it would be my utmost pleasure and honor to work with the grace and perfection known as cob…


    • Derek, while it is true that David Miscavige keeps all of the queers in Scientology confined to the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, COB will nevertheless permit very wealthy queers to come to Flag so long as they keep themselves heavily closeted.


      • OMG! We in RTC were just informed by our wog attorney Gary Soter that publicly calling gay men “queers” is not acceptable these days. We told Mr. Soter that COB talks like that all the time and that COB even uses the “C” word to describe women. Gary Soter began screaming at us and said to retract the word “queers” on our blog post. “But Gary,” we screamed back, “we don’t know how to edit the blog!” Then we dial-toned his stupid wog ass.

        How dare Gary Soter accuse COB and we in RTC of any sort of impropriety!


  4. Breaking news: We in RTC just discovered that Monique Rathbun is suing COB RTC David Miscavige!

    The nerve of Mosey!

    COB RTC David Miscavige just got the news on the lawsuit. Let’s just say the lobby of the Fort Harrison will need to be remodeled and all the window glass replaced.

    Oh no! There goes the crystal chandelier! We didn’t know COB could hurl a chair that high.

    This lawsuit certainly makes Mosey a “Flag Reject.”

    Anyone who sues COB is a permanent Flag Reject for all Eternity.


  5. Thanks God again, I’m out! Can someone explain this to me:
    When you have to be a little bit OT in order to make it to OT, so how can you become OT when you are not alowed to be OT before you attest OT?


    • Strubbl, you have very old data. Per COB’s new Grade Chart:

      1. One must first complete the new Bridge action called the IAS Patron Lower Grades before they can do the lower grades and then move on to Clear.

      2. Clear precedes the State of OT.

      3. The new Grade Chart clearly shows that One cannot even be invited onto the OT levels by we in RTC until one is a Clear and has completed at least twelve intensives of the the new Bridge action called Internet Handling Intensives.

      You are not even a “little OT.” According to our records, you are stalled only because you have not raised completed your lower IAS Patron Lower Grades. Please contact the IAS representative at your local Ideal Org to complete this level. It is a matter of extreme Planetary urgency that you complete your AS Patron Lower Grades immediately.

      Strubbl, you must also read, study, word clear, and clay demo the new Grade Chart:

      The new Grade Chart


  6. And there is no settlement with working 12,5 years as staff? I did also free translations from home, 5900 pages Phase one and 25200 pages Phase two. I mean this adds up to 17,700 € for Phase one translations, 75,600 € for Phase two and 12,5 years are with a minimum salary 256,200 €. Would be all together in USD500,000. I think this should allow me to have at least then and when a little bit prediction, access to knowingness and some ability to get my personal stats up? Do you think, I should write a petition?


  7. I also ask for permission to translate some of you satire for a German Indy blog on Facebook. (Freie Scientologen) Some of the stories are so good, they must be spreaded. I will always name the source and link to the Original English Article.


  8. Hubbard appeared to me in a dream. He has a message for David Miscavige.” Prepare for the revenge of the OTs. ” Then something about refunds, lots and lots of refunds. Oh yeah, he wants to know…”Where’s Shelly.” He wants to know how you can be so stupid when it comes to “Fair Game” Monique Rathbun? The last thing he said, I did not understand but he said no matter, as you would ” more ron,” ” tell David Miscavige he is a more ron.”


  9. In my experience these rules are secondary to the golden rule. make money make money…
    If you got boat loads of cash you’re go to go since obviously you’re an upstate and must be able thus part of the very group scientology is supposed to help.


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