Church of Scientology Reverend Devon Newman Arrested in Plot to Kill Police Officer


Devon Newman. Photo: Las Vegas Sun Times

We in the Church of Scientology have just received data that  Scientologist Devon Newman was arrested by the Las Vegas Police Department on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and attempted first-degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon.


David Brutsche. Photo: Las Vegas Sun Times

Newman, PR Director of the Church’s Las Vegas Celebrity Centre appeared in court today with her alleged co-conspirator David Brutsche.  Newman told the court that she did not understand the charges and added, “I have hurt no one, I wish to be released on bail.”

While we in the Church of Scientology have not issued a formal statement on the matter pending a review, we can say that the arrest of Scientologist and OT IV Devon Newman marks a departure from the ideal scene.

A departure from the ideal scene frequently occurs when people go past a word they do not understand.

Such appears to be the case here.

Undercover officers in the Las Vegas Police Department may not have word cleared what Devon Newman and her purported co-conspirator actually said when they allegedly conspired to kidnap, imprison, and murder a police officer, this in order to make a statement about the Sovereignty movement.


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  1. Devon Newman was obviously operating at Tone 40 when she spoke to the judge saying “I have hurt no one, I wish to be released on bail.” Her intention was clear to everyone in the courtroom. Yet the judge appeared to be almost sarcastic when he brusquely replied, “So noted” and then, after pausing for a second, saying “Denied,” almost as if he hadn’t even considered the possibility of releasing Devon on bail and was being slyly ironic.

    Given that Scientology “tech” works 100% of the time when applied Standardly, and given that this was as clear a case of Tone 40 as anyone could ever have asked for, why is it that tonight Devon Newman molders in jail rather than enjoying the fruits of having bent the minds of the assembled hapless wogs with her Serenity of Being? I’m baffled.


    • Due to her high profile arrest on multiple felonies, we in RTC wish to make it clear Devon Newman will not be invited to the grand opening of Super Power.

      Guilty or not, Devon’s arrest is completely Out PR.

      Accordingly, COB RTC David Miscavige has declared Devon Newman a Flag Reject.

      Devon Newman must now live the social odium of being banned from the Flag Land Base!


    • John, wogs actually spiked Devon’s drink with psych drugs so that she would do this and they could discredit the wonderful Church. Also, she left the Church 30 years ago–her job at the Las Vegas Center was just that of a cleaning lady–she never had a high position in the Church.


  2. Yeah well you got it all wrong about my friend Devon Newman. She never harmed no one. Devon has sent me plenty of letters and Scientology books here in prison. She is a sweet girl and means well. I think she got in over her head with some criminal.


  3. Clearly, this whole thing is a well orchestrated SMERSH sponsored campaign, to sabotage the opening of the Ideal Epic Even Tent in Clearwater. However, Devon Newman and the rest of her fellow OTs will postulate total win and total freedom and things will be just fine.
    Never underestimate the power of OT who is still in jail.


  4. Well, I believe that people like her are everywhere. She is one amogst 60,000 Scientologists. She could also have been a Mormon, a Christ or Police Officer. So, in my view it is quite improper pointing to Scientology when it has been one isolated person of the group. Also, there is no verdict yet!

    On the other hand I have to add this:
    a) How can she be OT?
    b) How did she get the PR post?
    c) Did she pass all security checks?
    d) Did Scientology not work on/for her?
    e) Or worse, did she go mad inside the cult?

    z) Is she the mistress of DM?


  5. Yes Dodo, Devon Newman is clearly innocent. As an OT IV she is completely free of whole track overwhelm and was obviously using her Sooper Powerz of perception and ability to help the suppressive persons and police undercover agents involved in this case. Why the inferior wog court system don’t see this is exasperating.


  6. agreed, dodo. and greetings otviiiisgrrr8! all of this out pr is a direct result of the psychs and anonymous working in conjunction to sabotage all of the upcoming upstat and very theta events planned at flag. it makes me happy to say that it may take a little (or alot) of the r2-45 in combination with said postulates to achieve major gains and a solid win in this instance. and you, jgg2012, stand still you squirrelly little sob! the r2-45 wants to give you a brains-blowing-all-over-the-ground r-factor 🙂 all hail cob!


    • r2, you should have been at the Celebrity Center last night–it was so peaceful and quiet. Barely 10 well-known celebrities (JT, Kirstie and Kelly being 3 of them). Lee Baca and Davey were not there. Where is Davey?


      • greetings jgg2012! i must be careful not to establish any arc with you since your sp declare by otviiiisgrrr8. the last thing i need is further a to e considering my already lowered ethics based on cob previously being trapped in the elevator at flag. considering cob’s ecclesiastical importance to this glaxy sector, his whereabouts, havingness, plans and reasonings are far, far, far above the pay rank of ole’ r2-45 here. i only know to throw my absolute trust and devotion behind him, rtc and otviiiisgrrr8. as for the event, jgg2012, i exteriorized to the celebrity center that night so i know that your entheta is dead wrong and you are just trying to enturbulate me! that event was packed to the brim like a japanese subway! what you witnessed was the aftermath of the disaster that happened when kirstie alley got hungry! i have never seen her eat that many s.o. members before! in fact, the ole’ r2-45 was lucky to get out with my thetan still intact!


  7. Please note the ot8isgrrrrr8’s picture of the arraignment of David Brutsche. Dave is wearing some type of ‘no you can’t bite your fingernails’ hand gear. Very odd. Note the bailiff standing next to day, HE HAS NO HAND!!!! Did someone ‘postulate’ ‘handyness’ for these two?? While our beloved COB stays in Clearwater (a joyless, thankless task as any one who has spent August in Florida knows) keeping the hurricanes at bay with his power of intention, who is minding the store???


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