Wogs, SP’s, and Scientology Haters: You are NOT WELCOME Inside COB’s Ecclesiastical Pavilion!

TC.Beauty.PageantWe in RTC wish to make it clear that wogs, SP’s, and Scientology haters are NOT WELCOME inside COB’s new Ecclesiastical Pavilion at Flag Land Base.

Only the beautiful people, only true Scientologists will be allowed inside.

The rest of you vile Scientology-hating reprobates will have to go find some crack house, sodomy parlor, stock exchange, carnival, or venereal-ridden whorehouse to get your kicks. Conversely, you may wish to try your luck at a Pentecostal church as we understand those snake-handling R6’er’s accept anybody!

Tent watcher Sunny Sands posts photos of COB’s Ecclesiastical Pavilion each day over at the Ortega hater blog. One can see from Sunny’s photos just how festive and splendid the five story high Pavilion looks from the outside:

Photo courtesy of Sunny Sands at Tony Ortega’s blog.

However, Sunny’s photos do not show what is going on inside so we in RTC decided to leak a few photos. The first photo below shows the Grand Lobby wherein Mr. Miscavige will greet world leaders such as Ambassador Iqbal Hyp of the Provisional Blue Province in Merca, a key port in Somalia.


The Grand Lobby of COB’s Ecclesiastical Pavilion

And then of course there is the GAT II Baptismal Font wherein IAS Patrons will be baptized in consecrated water that comes from the grounds of St. Hill.  All sins are forgiven when one rises from up out of the water and begins their new life as a GAT II novitiate.


The GAT II Baptismal Font

And finally we see pictured the GAT II Implanting Station where novitiates will be implanted with the dynamic principle of existence in the Church of Scientology which is DONATE!


The GAT II Implanting Station

So while all of you degraded beings, 1.1’s, perverts, homos, List 1 rockslammers, Black Five cases, and other degenerates waste your time and energy attacking the Church of Scientology, we will be in COB’s Ecclesiastical Pavilion changing the world with the new radical breakthrough technology of GAT II.

In late-breaking news, we in the Church of Scientology are once again under attack from the Psych politcos in Clearwater:

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    • No you can’t. You’ve always been a day late and a dollar short you dirty demotivated ape.

      However, if you can come up with $175,000 large by 2:00 PM tomorrow why then all of your sins will be forgiven!


    • Well now there are good implant stations and there are evil implant stations.

      The Marcabs and other groups (Fifth Invader Force et al) run the evil implants stations.

      We in the Church of Scientology run the good implant stations.


  1. Oh…I am getting into that tent. Fresh from a visit to my favorite sodomy parlor, I’ll stroll right in. And you better guard your Flag Only Fruity Punch™ bowl, because I’m bringing a special treat. There’s nothing I like better than telling an OT they’ve just imbibed Prozac!


  2. Want to see a room of DB’s go crazy? Take a look at all the restims right here on this page at the mere mention of the word sodomy!! It’s like Pavlov’s salivating dogs.

    All of you need to get signed up for auditing today to drain that charge!

    We have a special “Pavilion Pack” of intensives available. We’ll have your needle floating in no time!!



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