Fleet Admiral David Miscavige to Sell the Church of Scientology to Big Pharma

Sea Org Fleet Admiral David Miscavige has had it.

After waging a singular and heroic war against the sinister forces of global suppression for decades David Miscavige has never been properly honored, acknowledged, or even thanked for his tireless efforts to save this planet and every man, woman, and child on it.

For example, there is no US currency bearing Mr. Miscavige’s image or likeness. There are no public schools, airports, or even a street named after David Miscavige. This is an inexcusable insult to the Savior of the World!

What Mr. Miscavige has instead received is a nonstop barrage of attacks accusing of him of every crime possible including murdering Lisa McPherson, human trafficking, felony assault and battery upon Sea Org members, financial fraud, inurement, destroying Ron’s wife Mary Sue Hubbard, lying, adultery, locking away his horrible wife, and imprisoning and drugging people who defy him. And these are just a tiny handful of the salacious allegations made daily by those who hate Fleet Admiral Miscavige!

Nevertheless, disgusted as Fleet Admiral Miscavige is with all of the attacks from Scientology haters, he is even more disgusted by all of the nattering and  disaffection amongst Church of Scientology parishioners who secretly stab him in the back on a daily basis by making anonymous online posts accusing him of, unbelievably, squirreling the Tech!  That is shocking because Mr. Miscavige’s real name might as well be “Mr. Standard Tech II.”

These ingrate Church parishioners are ridging on the Golden Age of Tech Phase II because they have to redo a few courses courses and donate a little extra money this month. Worse, these nervous nellies are reading the internet and going into mutual out ruds about how bad life is inside the Church and how they can’t confront redoing their entire Bridge over again.

Some parishioners have even gone into agreement that COB RTC David Miscavige is a wholetrack Psych implanter who came to Earth to destroy the Church of Scientology.

For all of these reasons and more, Sea Org Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is going to sell the Church of Scientology to Big Pharma and wash his hands of the whole thing.

So when the Psychs take over and start electroshocking and drugging Church of Scientology parishioners don’t go whining and complaining to COB because he will be gone.

And no, don’t bother starting a petition and getting twelve million signatures begging COB to please not sell the Church of Scientology to Big Pharma. Every Scientology parishioner and Sea Org member has failed Fleet Admiral Miscavige and now you will get your just desserts: Electroshocking and drugging!

You lost your brief breath in Eternity by not flowing 1,000,000% total power to Fleet Admiral David Miscavige!

So there!

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  1. Wow!! From Treason for the whole planet to up and selling RTC and putting millions of loyal SO recruits out of a job!!??

    Perchance, has COB spent a tad too much time alone with the Deluxe Leather Bound Basics? He may wish to slow down on his “reading”. You’ll know for sure if he seems really, really hungry.


    • COB has been very deeply immersed in the “Basics” since he reconnected with his twin sister Denise. They have been spending hours at a remote CST guest home listening to Led Zeppelin and other music of the era.

      Denise introduced her twin brother, who just happens to be David Miscavige, to a little pill.

      This little miracle helped Fleet Admiral Miscavige realize he should just sell his Church and move to a waterfront mansion in the Grand Caymans.

      That little pill? The name says it all:


  2. I KNEW this was going to happen! When you penalize production (COB) you get non-production…even the great COB has his breaking point.

    Instead of being forced to buy the latest release at events, all you panty waists will be forced to take samples of Big Pharms latest psych drugs. The latest drug just passed thru the FDA is called Dewogify. (dE-wahg-uh-fy). Wait til you pop your first one at the next mandatory, where security will be jamming a pill down your throat like a reluctant dog with a worm pill…

    You will instantly feel OT XV and will be at the top of the bridge.

    Dark days are ahead friends..dark days


    • WOW!! That sounds great!! Cost effective, because it can’t cost $1,000,000/pill. Is it addictive? Side effects? I wonder if these work like the little blue pills Lou asked me to score for COB.


      • Oh no WSMC…non-addictive! You will take Dewogify until you reach the EP which is “Able to dance on a bar top in your underwear and not be introverted”. This Rx is “standard tech” unless of course the real recipe of ingredients for Dewogify is found later, because some SP altered it.

        And yes, Dewogify is a blue bill


    • wogs suck, you are so spot on!

      That is exactly it: David Miscavige’s stats have been in straight up and vertical screaming affluence for decades and yet he is penalized for it with nonstop flashback from the Sea Org and never-ending whining, bitching, and make wrong from publics — and most Scientology parishioners are NCG’s or PTS to the Church itself! Why does COB need any of this?

      And then there is the savage Wog world with its vicious R6 bank always dramatizing and attacking Mankind’s only true source of help: David Miscavige!

      Therefore, why yes, if you penalize an upstat he will eventually go elsewhere. And that is why the Fleet Admiral is selling the Church of Scientology and moving here:


      • OTVIII – We clicked on the link provided and examined the Fleet Admiral Carribean Compound Universal (FACC-U).

        We were struck by the interior pictures – This could be a Model Ideal Org!! No to all of you joking DB’s, we are not talking about the lack of people in the pictures!!

        It is the opulent design with plenty of burlwood accessorizing that connotes an immediate Big Being feel. Here for a mere $40 million, COB will find the respite required from INT, which has become a snake pit of SP infestation. At FACC-U, COB can safely drop anchor with his communicator and a handful of 20 or 30 personal servants. When queried on the location of COB, RTC can authoritatively answer, “FACC-U!”

        With a guest house for his sister, an airstrip able to handle BFF’s jet, and deep water mooring for the SO flotilla, COB will be able to creatively re-energize and enjoy life in a style fit for the king he is.

        All hail his holiness, COB RTC Miscaviage.


      • whostolemycog, COB deserves nothing less than the best. This spectacular burlwood-festooned beachfront home will give him a much needed retreat from the world.

        Using the CMO, the internet, and satellite uplink channels, COB will be able to secretly control the Church from his home while creating the appearance that Big Pharma is controlling the Church.

        The Golden Age of Tech Phase II is truly upon us.


      • COB’s new house is magnificent! The burlwood, the gilded everything. We see he has a gym and a sauna! But what about the Oiliness Table? Surely he will have one of those? Best get on that quick OTVIII before COB gets lost in his closet looking for it!


  3. “Big Pharma has always supported The Church of Scientology:

    Robert W. Duggan, the Church of Scientology’s biggest donor and the chief executive officer of Pharmacyclics Inc. (PCYC), which makes an experimental treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, has become a billionaire after the company’s shares tripled in a year.

    One big recipient of Duggan’s giving is the Church of Scientology. The billionaire is the church’s largest financial supporter, according to Mark “Marty” Rathbun, former inspector general of Scientology, the second-highest leadership post in the organization. Rathbun left the organization in 2004 because he said the church had strayed from its founder’s intent.

    “Duggan is the undisputed champion of donations to Scientology Inc.,” Rathbun said in an e-mail. “He is in a category of his own, having donated more than $20 million. Nobody else even comes close to having donated that much.”

    Those donations have funded a cruise ship for the religion’s retreats, backed missions in Italy and provided thousands of copies of “Dianetics,” a book by Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, to libraries across the U.S.

    “Scientology and what it has made available to me in the way of courses and other programs has steered me in the direction of becoming a better and more capable person. Thus I feel it is an honor and personal obligation to share my financial success with Scientology,” Duggan said.

    The above example should confirm to all reasonable people that The Church of Scientology and the pharmaceutical industry have long been consistent allies.

    Karin Pouw
    Public Affairs Director
    Church of Scientology International
    Los Angeles, California


    • Thank you Karin Pouw.

      While it is true that OT and Big Pharma Magnate Bob Duggan has donated $20,000,000 to the Church, COB still feels that “Billionaire Bob” is holding out on him.

      Let’s put it into a perspective of magnitude: If we had $1,000 and only gave you $20 after you literally saved our lives and taught us everything we know, would you feel we were being generous?


      $20 mil is to $1 billion what $20 is to $1000. Therefore, Bob Duggan has actually stiffed the Church and COB. He has literally robbed COB by withholding tithes and offerings.

      COB’s “Faith Partner” Robert Tilton has warned people about holding back on God:


      • SP Mark Rathbun is a chronic liar and you should know better than to use him as a source for anything. His lie that Bob Duggan has only donated $20,000,000 to The Church is clearly his jealous attempt to try and enturbulate The Premier Diamond Excalibur.

        Karin Pouw
        Public Affairs Director
        Church of Scientology International
        Los Angeles, California


      • If Billionaire Bob doesn’t have his Burlwood pens in 30 days, he will demand a full refund. The SP Building better be ready as well.


  4. I imagine that Stumpy the Cobster will personally retain all real estate, copyrights, trademarks and publishing rights after the sale. And, it will be fair to say that all Scientology bank accounts will be at a zero balance at the time of transfer.


    • You’re forgetting the most important part: COB will be “Over the Rainbow” faraway from US jurisdiction when this nontaxable asset transfer between 501C3 corporations occurs.


      • Is Davey channeling LRH by re-creating his “board the Appollo and live outside the territorial limits of every country” scenario. I know TC sniffs 30 shirts each morning before deciding which one to wear, as LRH did that also.


  5. What? Only a Fleet Admiral? Surely he’s the Lord of the Admiralty, at least! And why is he wearing a Guards uniform? He looks like he’s advertising 1960’s cigarettes!


    • “Lord of the Admiralty” has a nice ring to it and COB has taken your suggestion that he promote himself to a more regal rank befitting his supreme personage under consideration.

      The particular uniform he is wearing in the photos is a Guards uniform so well done on spotting it.

      It just so happens that Fleet Admiral Miscavige is also the Royal General of the ultra-secret CST Imperial Guards, a land-based elite force charged with protecting the vaults wherein our Tech is vouchsafed against a Marcab mass landing or a Helatrobian nuclear strike.

      Our many diabolical enemies want our Tech for their own savage purposes. They will never get it on Fleet Admiral Miscavige’s watch!


  6. I’ve just about had it with all of the pie faced CSMFing idiots on this BLOG!!!!

    While you all joke and degrade, all of our eternity is at stake! Scientology is a deadly serious business, and where would it even be with out the dedication, forward thinking, and Herculean efforts of COB RTC?!?!

    We will all be in a world of shit if COB sells the church!

    COB has to constantly step in and handle the situation that some DB has screwed up intentionally with their criminal evil purps on him and Scientology. HE has so much backflash and CI on his lines- Why should he even bother anymore? He has not built any new quarters at the Int Base this past year. He is still using the same tanning bed. He uses a friend’s private jet, and even moved his wife out of his place, so that he would have no “other intentionedness” on his lines. To save money on health insurance and allowing others to have the ability to audit, COB has resorted to drinking scotch. While COB lives in cold hard reality, he does this so that we don’t have to. He has done that for you and for me.

    Just take a minute to imagine the stress he has on his lines? Hell, he only has two choices for dinner. It takes such a BIG BEING to confront and handle these things. We owe him such a debt of gratitude. Let’s all increase our status in the IAS and do lower conditions, to show COB how much we care!


    • ^^^^^^^^^
      This is what COB wants to see!

      Nocaseonpost has given reasons why COB should change his mind — and a being can always change his mind when presented with new data.

      The door is open a crack.

      Give COB reasons to stay and not sell the Church to the Psychs!

      And oh BTW, COB factually did, “move his wife out of his place, so that he would have no ‘other intentionedness’ on his lines.” Shelly was just constantly blathering on all the time about this or that.

      Get this: Shelly actually thought — despite COB having put her into Confusion — that she was automatically entitled to attend Tom Cruise’s wedding in 2006 because of her 2D sit with COB!

      That just frosted COB.

      Looking back on it, NCG Tom Cruise married a complete SP — a person far worse than any refund case!

      COB RTC David Miscavige has actually protected Shelly from Tom’s SP wife all these years by assigning Shelly to a remote location whose name we can’t even spell.

      COB will continue to protect Shelly in this way until there are 10,000 on SOLO NOT’s.


    • If I had to get into a fight in a dark alley, I would want nocaseonpost by my side. But silly me, we have the tech that could diffuse the upset anyway! COB is the biggest of beings, and the few of us who are left on this blog who recognize it need to stand shoulder to shoulder and help put ethics in on the rest of these DB’s.

      I truly am not worthy to be in the presence of you nocaseonpost


  7. RTC,
    Wives can be like that. You sometimes have to do what it takes to show how much you care. COB no doubt had to bypass Shelly on her wife hat, and at the same time protect her from a situation that no doubt would have caused enturbulation, and thereby would have suppressed Scientology and mankinds only hope for salvation from this prison planet. I hope when it is all said and done, and COB becomes COB Emeritus, he will give marriage counseling, or advice to young couples on how to have a successful marriage, and or being a successful COB. We all know that he would be bored living in that beach house, not be productive on the 4th dynamic bettering the dynamics of upstat beings.

    Just the other day, my 2D returned home after only selling a lousy 10 Basics packages. As a result, I decided not to be reasonable about the population of our town. I put her ethics in, because that would be the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. By putting her ethics in, we have been successful in creating the Ideal Org Lost Springs Wyoming. We have created such a theta space, that we have quadrupled the population between 2007 and 2010 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Springs,_Wyoming! We have explosive straight up and vertical growth! Sometimes a knuckle sandwich is the only way to show you care!

    Please let COB know that the ENTIRE town of Lost Springs will be watching the 1993 IRS event at graduation this week. Please tell COB that we care very much about him, and are doing everything we can to update our IAS statuses this week. Let him know how much we appreciate all of his sacrifice to make it go right here so that we can all go free! His shoes would be hard to fill-as there are not that many grown men that still buy shoes in the Toddler dept. COB’s shoes are truly hard to fill you see.

    PS- Leah Remini… Don’t even think about coming to Lost Springs WY!!!!!!!


    • We in RTC are pleased to report that Lost Springs, Wyoming is the first OT CITY on the planet!

      The ENTIRE CITY of Lost Springs has reported 100% compliance with COB’s order to watch the historic 1993 event that changed THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!

      What will it take for you to make your entire city an OT CITY?

      What are your hidden crimes that have caused Fleet Admiral David Miscavige to want to sell the Church of Scientology?

      1. Do you think selling auditing is really a swindle?
      2. Do you feel that auditing is too good for psychotics or criminals?
      3. Is there anything mysterious to you about an E-meter?
      4. Have you ever mistrusted your E-meter?
      5. Do you think there’s anything wrong with invading a preclear’s privacy?
      6. Do you plan to steal an Org?
      7. Have you ever injured Dianetics or Scientology?
      8. Have you ever written then destroyed critical messages or e-mails to David Miscavige?
      9. Have you ever had sex with any other student or staff member?
      10. Are you trying to get another student or staff member to have sex with you?
      11. Have you ever stolen anything from a Scientology organization?
      12. Do you have anything in your possession that you shouldn’t have?
      13. Have you ever had any unkind thoughts about David Miscavige
      14. Have you permitted a preclear to have secrets from you?
      15. Do you regard auditing as punishment?
      16. Are you coming on this course with the intention of killing off your body, with the intention of spinning or going insane?
      17. Have you ever used Dianetics or Scientology to force sex on someone?


  8. You generality infested CSMF need to watch this video… You are nuts, You’re insane, and you’re stuck in an incident on the whole track….

    This model of ARC, granting of beingness, He will find you!!!

    Do your lowers, and update your IAS status today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Thanks for this video! I am going to drill myself 24 hours a day to be able to handle WOGS like this master of communication does! Well done sir!!!!


    • We are truly in awe of the OT power of Tone 40 displayed in this video.

      After a total immersion in the leather bound basics, we will be practicing this technique on ashtrays over the weekend before attempting it on the next wog rings the doorbell ignoring the “No Solicitors” sign conspicuously placed on the front door.


  9. Poor Little Boots!

    Wasn’t there a hospital for the criminally insane named after Miscaivage? Is that not enough or fitting?

    Besides, we all know paper money isn’t worth the money it is printed on. My offer still stands to give him a gold brick…….IF and only IF he can use “teeth tech” to catch it when I chuck it at him! Maybe he can get Tom in on this action!


  10. I certainly don’t blame the good Admiral for making this sound decision.
    Let them whole track SP pharma-psychs deal with the constantly propitiating DB/PTS public and stat-falsifying so/staff losers.
    Only the tigers survive. (That Caribbean spot looks nice!)


  11. So I guess that Chanology has reached its goal: “For the good of your followers, for the good of mankind–for the laughs–we shall expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. ”



      Don’t post that video as it puts the entire Church of Scientology into fullblown restim on Anonymous!!!!! FFS, even COB gets the heebie-jeebies watching that thing. For a Scientologist, that video is like getting hit by a Venutian freight locomotive!

      Please post something more spiritually uplifting, something like this:


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