The Psychs Planted Drugs on COB’s Twin Sister!

“Psychiatry’s sixty-three year nonstop campaign of terror against the Church of Scientology has sunk to a new low!” exclaimed Church of Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion at an emergency press conference held today at the recently redecorated Flag Land Base.

“Agents of Big Pharma plied COB’s twin sister Denise Miscavige Gentile with alcohol disguised as a tropical fruit drink, after which they planted drugs in her automobile,” Delusion cogently explained.

“Whereupon, while Denise was involuntarily intoxicated, the Psychs used implanted PDH commands into her which caused her to jam on the gas pedal of her Dodge Durango and almost crash into a passing ambulance that was part of the frame up job!”

“A waiting police car hidden nearby sprang the trap and Denise Miscavige Gentile was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana.”

“All charges are expected to be dropped,” Delusion assured the public, “Once the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office understands this was a classic PDH entrapment scam run on poor Denise by the Psychs.”

“COB RTC David Miscavige acted quickly to ensure that his twin sister and fellow Scientologist and IAS member received the finest legal representation possible when he put the hoity-toity wog law firm of Zuckerman Spaeder on the case,” Delusion remarked.

“Zuckerman Spaeder have long represented the Church in our legal battles against bitter defrocked apostates, Satanic Jews, and Big Pharma.”

Delusion noted that, “COB has additionally stepped in to ensure that OT Denise Miscavige Gentile  receives the finest Flag auditing possible to help her with the massive DUI engram laid in by the alcohol, contact marijuana fumes, and the arrest.”

“COB suspects that Denise’s wog tenants are the hidden SP’s in this Psych caper,” Delusion solemnly intoned.

“COB cares so very much,” Delusion said in closing, “and you can show COB how very much you care by generously donating today to the Denise Miscavige Gentile Criminal Defense Fund.

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  1. Thank you for this valuable data OTVIIIisGrrr8! I just knew the evil whole track psychs had to be behind this! Probably the same ones who flew in on the recently launched Marcabian mission to Black PR COB and LRH and thus put a stop to Target 2 planetary clearing. There’s no way COB’s sister would sabotage her eternity for the smooth, tasty, liberating draw from a fat chronic blunt.

    Also as an official RTC representative can you confirm that there is any truth to the rumor that COB is emergency airlifting a lifesaving supply of botox from his personal stash to his beloved drug-addled sister?


  2. Yes it is true that the Psychs are behind this and, as you have so aptly commented “There’s no way COB’s sister would sabotage her eternity for the smooth, tasty, liberating draw from a fat chronic blunt.”

    Denise Miscavige Gentile is not a “this lifetime pothead” nor has she been a wholetrack pothead.

    This is all a Psych caper designed to impugn the good name and sterling reputation of COB RTC David Miscavige on the eve of his personal efforts to bring Peace to the Middle East and solve the Planetary energy crisis.

    Look at poor Denise’s booking photo: She in way down at -22.9 — needing lawyers — on the Tone Scale! This is what the Psychs did in an attempt to enturbulate COB!


  3. Don’t you just hate it when those evil Psychs slip something in your fruity concoction, making you get involuntarily intoxicated, then going for a drive?

    Is she eligible for the R.45 and is she receiving reduced fees for this auditing? Is there a fee if you have to employ R.45? Just curious!



    • Denise is eligible to be secretly declared an SP after this thing blows over.

      At present, COB is only paying for her defense so she doesn’t get a book deal like Jenna and babble lurid accusations all over the place about how COB played with dolls as a boy.

      While this is tecnically true, COB was using the dolls only to work on his TR’s and auditing skills.

      That COB wore Denise’s dresses and little white shoes while doing endless days, weeks, and years of auditor training in his bedroom shows how dedicatedly COB was working on the problems faced by girlish preclears.

      COB’s hyper-masculinity was the correct response to all of those strange girlish feelings he had that continued into his 20’s.

      Oh how COB wishes Denise would pack up and move to another planet!


  4. Minus 22.9 on the tone scale is a horrible place to be. Needing Lawyers is a fate worse then, well……ok anything doing with clowns. I was once ‘involuntarily intoxicated’,at the age of 17, I eventually became much better at it.


  5. I’ve received it on good authority the Pinellas County Sheriff was open to this Psychs conspiracy scheme after seeing a post on the internet of COB’s generous donation to the Portland police. Evidently he sought such a donation for his own department to cover a funding crisis caused by a down stat economy and SP taxpayers. After being rebuffed by a short sighted SP Flag Exec, no doubt Big Pharma and the Psychs sniffing out a unique opportunity, moved in and offered up their own plan to make up the local funding cuts and inserted the Sheriff into their SP hip pocket.

    End result – the Sheriff’s office is now awash in cash, Denise is a jail bird, a former Flag Exec has transferred to the RPF’s RPF, and most disturbingly, COB is torn away from his one man mission to clear the planet to handle to handle this 1,000 megawatt flap.

    It’s enough to make an enturbulated PC say, “Pass the blunt yo”.



      Mandatory attendance by all hands required.

      Whostolemycog is highly commended for his ability to locate and shatter Suppression at its root.

      Whostolemycog found the exact “why” behind the arrest of Denise Miscavige Gentile, a person not related to COB.

      Whostolemycog: You are hereby promoted to Ensign in the Sea Org.

      Your post is PR and your senior is Captain Ken Delusion, the international Church of Scientology spokesman and OSA handler for the internet.

      Please report to Captain Delusion at Int Base, make yourself known, and find out what he wants and needs from you.

      We in RTC congratulate you and remind you to make it go right!


  6. COB is in POWER….and just like it states, “there is such an abundance of production there that momentary halts or dips can’t pull it down or imperil its survival.”

    So COB’ drugged up sister can’t pull COB out of power, so I wish all the WOG’s would quit wasting their time.

    If COB is guilty of anything, it’s that he’ violated the Power Change Formula, but truth be told its only because there is no one else who could duplicate him


  7. Reports Officer RTC
    No Case on Post

    Mr. Wog Suck is highly commended for his honest accurate and truthful write up.
    COB is such a “BIG BEING” and to many SO member continue to suck cock, dramatize their evil purps, and refuse to duplicate COB in efforts to make him wrong and enterbulate him, by having their unhandled cases jump all over him.
    COB only comes down tone when he has to put ethics in on generality infested CSMF in efforts to be in commutation with these Crims. His goal in only to help. His resolve to help is so strong, he is willing to kick, punch, choke, or slap and ANYONE to help bring them into present time. In reality, intervention from COB is positive case gain. He always has time to help a being, despite his Hurclean efforts of fighting the Psychs, Big Pharma, Bitter Defrocked Apostates, Pinellas County Sherrif’s Department, Greys, as well as recovering all of Mr. Hubbard’s lost tech.

    Few of us able to understand, duplicate, and have such POWER.

    I guess it’s true- BIG things come in small packages.


    No Case on Post


    • RTC
      Office of COB

      @Wogs suck
      cc: Lou

      Well done on your write ups!

      We in RTC seldom see such spot on duplication of the reality at COB’s Planetary Level.

      COB is responsible for handling this entire prison planet and putting in Ethics on all of the crims, SP’s, cocksuckers, gangbangers, lunatics, perverts, 1.1’s, degraded beings, retards, retreads, nancy boys, medicos, politicos, psychos, sickos, freeloaders, tech degraders, squirrels, commies, pinkos, misfits, junkies, harpies, marcabs, masturbators, agitators, menstruators, conspirators, false reporters, bloviatiors, card sharps, chiselers, rockslammers, deviants, homos, statcrashers, serfacers, mouth breathers, instigators, rose perfumers, terrorists, therapists, analysts, celebutards, scumbags, whores, dikes, pimps, bikers, actors, acting coaches, studio heads, reporters, infiltrators, self-promoters, wannabe auditors, jokers & degraders, deceivers, pts typ 3’ers, spies, psych cases, drug cases, black five cases, hoodlums, cowboys, dope smokers, evil clowns, dogs, wogs, hogs, dilettantes, theety wheety publics, and the Psychs — and on top of this COB has to handle the massive Out Int and CI of the entire bloody Church of Scientology because every single Scientologist, except for COB and we in RTC, are wholetrack dramatizing psychotics. And that is why COB is shoving GAT 2 down their throats faster than the Psychs can drug college students. Someone needs to put in their Ethics, especially those ungrateful dead-in-the-head OT’s! What a sack of rocks those losers are!


      • OTVIII after reading your list, it is evident you were filled with the power of LRH. Just an awesome face ripping list. It is the kind of list Rev. Tilton would have used to go on a week long rant and million dollar money raising campaign, because it has that much attention grabbing theatrical power.

        Congratulations on grabbing our attention by the throat!!

        One more thing…John Travolta sent word that he appreciates you leaving fairies off the list.

        Ensign SO


  8. Thanks for the ack Ensign!

    What you are seeing is RTC’s cold chrome steel Ethics Presence.

    If you were here at the Base right now, we would have the MAA smash you in the face with his baton a few times to really impinge on you what RTC Ethics is really about.

    As Nocaseonpost correctly noted, that would be positive case gain and you would thank us for it.

    The Sea Org: Come for the Ethics, stay for the screaming and abuse!


    • Yes Sir. It is the only way to show you care.
      Just the other day some DB pie faced “OT 8” was bitching about having to re do his GAT2 purif and objectives. I beat him unconscious with my burlwood pen. When he came to, he thanked me for putting his ethics in. For him, he risked his eternity. For me, being reasonable would be in agreement with suppression, and would cause me to risk my eternity. Scientology is a deadly serious business where the future of every being is at stake, as we only has this short breath of eternity to make it. Sometimes, a knuckle sandwich is the only way to show these downstat window lickers that you care!
      We need stop being panty waisted dilettantes, sucking cock, get our ethics in, and start backing up the most ethical group and being on the planet!


      • Well done Nocaseonpost!

        KSW dictates that one not go into agreement with an SP’s criminal reasonableness.

        A commendation has been placed in your Ethics file.

        Additionally, good spotting on your part: We have added “window-lickers” to the RTC list of criminal types!

        We despise window-lickers.

        Why would anyone except a Degraded Being lick a window?


  9. *sighs* LEAVE DENISE ALONE! I MEAN IT! If I was a twin to Little Boots I would be doing a lot more then smoking pot! But, that’s me! And RTC has informed me multiple times that I am indeed very insane and very much WOG!

    But back to my original point! With that sticker on the SUV it makes it look really intimidating! Leave it to $cientologists to make an inanimate object creepy!


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