Davis Jackinov Becomes Senior GAT 2 Tech Terminal

Church of Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion today announced that OT and long-time senior Church official Davis Jackinov has been appointed to the crucial new post of Senior Tech Terminal GAT II.

“Davis Jackinov truly defines the Golden Age of Tech II,” Delusion said from Flag Land Base where a beehive of activity has ensued in anticipation of the release of GAT 2.”

“The Church of Scientology has always experienced dramatic and unexpected results  when Davis Jackinov is in charge, and we expect similar results now that Mr. Jackinov is launching GAT 2.”

“Davis Jackinov has long had his hands all over the Tech,” explained Senior C/S Int Ray Mithoff, “and it shows in the quality of the standardness of delivery both here at Flag and at all of the Orgs. ”

In related news, Denise Miscavige Gentile announced that her recent misfortune had been caused by “silent radio mind control waves in my head that come from outer space”  and that only GAT 2 could help.

“I’m fully onboard with GAT 2,” said Ms. Gentile. “No more pot for me!

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  1. GAT 2 is so big that even Bitter Defrocked Apostates are talking about it!

    From: Clive Rabey – D/CO Flag AO
    Date: Sat, Jun 29
    Subject: The Big Push – Your action needed
    To: xxxxxx

    Dear Mary,

    As of this writing we are gearing up for the biggest boom in Scientology history. That is not said carelessly or with any embellishment.

    I am sure you have heard the rumblings of what has been going down here at Flag. Hundreds upon hundreds of trainees pouring in from across the planet to train for the imminent release of Golden Age of Tech, Phase II. The FSO staff themselves going flat out in preparation for the release and delivery of Superpower and the Cause Resurgence Rundown.

    As an attestation to the power of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II, public here at Flag who are already benefiting from this very exciting evolution are rocketing up The Bridge! We have just attained our target of making 1 Solo NOTs Completion for every day of the past year — yes, 365 OT VII Comps in just the past 12 months, up from last year’s Highest Ever of 207! Need I say more? You are about to see this same thing right there in your own area. Believe me when I tell you this is by an order of magnitude that honestly cannot be believed until experienced personally!

    But, and it is a very big “but,” there is still a vital component needed — Ideal Orgs everywhere. The hard truth is the existing non-Ideal Orgs simply will not be able to accommodate this new Golden Age of Tech, nor the resultant expansion and influx it will create. Spatially, lines, terminals — they are just not set up. Even more fundamentally, we need these strongholds of LRH Tech to form the base of the Bridge in every geographic zone. Including your zone.

    To accomplish just that, and specifically what I want to impress upon you, is the use of the brand new property — “The Time is Now: Making Every Org Ideal” video presentation from International Management. Created with the sole purpose to help you build your Ideal Org, this video presentation is like nothing we have ever had before.

    This presentation has been crafted as the perfect enlightenment tool for use in Ideal Org fundraising and the manning up of your org. It is the most powerful tool in your arsenal and you must ensure it is used at every opportunity to bring public on board in your crusade to build your Ideal Org.

    As an OT, your own actions on this are vital. Tactically and specifically:

    a) If you yourself have not seen “The Time is Now: Making Every Org Ideal” video presentation, you must do so at once. Go into your local org and watch it. You will see how invaluable it is.

    b) Your org will be holding regular showings of this video presentation at events and to individuals. You must ensure that every Scientologist in your field has a chance to see this presentation. So find out when these showings are and use your own comm lines and influence to get your entire field there.

    In summary, this is THE tool to use in enlightening Scientologists on the purpose, how’s and why’s of creating your Ideal Org. Utilize it to the max to create your Ideal Org, now!

    Over to you to make it happen!

    ML, Clive

    D/CO Flag AO


  2. TO: RTC INT

    Since arriving at INT and being introduced to Ken Delusion, I have been basking in the theta glow of the whole cast of Delusions working hard for our eternity every day. I knew about Ken and heard rumors of other Delusions in CoS, but until becoming personally acquainted with them as I have over the past few days here at INT, I had no idea of the “behind the scenes power” the entire cast of Delusions hold.

    Ken was kind enough to bring me up to speed, explaining how Delusions have been prominent in CoS since Source. Ken himself is a third generation CoS Delusion. It is not documented, but he said it was a Delusion that guided LRH on his journey to the next level of research.

    He further explained how COB (after attaining power and ridding CoS of the many bitter defrocked apostates), embraced the Delusions, relying on them to make things work. Ken confided to me that COB recently told him in an aside that he worried CoS was becoming Delusional. Hahaha! Even when he’s deadly serious, COB can still retain his sense of humor.

    When I asked Ken about the importance of Davis Jackinov, he was kind enough to explain some of the history. Evidently, the Jackinovs were part of a Slavic clan that emigrated to INT in the 80’s along with the Fockinovs and Pizzmeovs. The entire Fockinov clan was caught in an out ethics situation resulting in the entire bunch being declared and resulting in the posting of signs around INT declaring “No FOCKINOV Allowed”. The Pizzmeov brood endured much the same fate, which is why to this day COB is still heard heard in his thundering baritone hurling the epithet, “You Pizzmeov!!”, prior to applying a refreshing ecclesiastical beating.

    Davis Jackinov is a hard man, a straight shooter. His coming on board to GAT II will be remembered throughout eternity. Along with COB, Source, and the whole pack of Delusions, GAT II will be straight vertical in no time.

    So let’s remind folks not to postulate on Davis Jackinov…feel him for yourself by experiencing GAT II at Flag this summer. Be there!


    • Whostolemycog, once again you demonstrate your superior grasp of the facts.

      You look and don’t listen.

      You see how crucial Delusions and Jackinov are to the Church of Scientology.

      No less an OT than Tom Cruise has said that Delusions and Jackinov embody the very essence of COB RTC David Miscavige, praise be unto him.


  3. Whath’s “funny” peaple doesn realized making jokin abou GAT II –
    – Scientolgy WILL blow your mind and in terms of happy – obeliterate your inables, ha! Whois funny now!? Haha, haha! But thats okey – ounce GAT II
    and SUPER POWDER is out – the EARTH planet – CLEAR!!! And wee, the Scientologit – will laughg, but halp you not happy soul too, but laiter. Buy.


  4. Hi there… I have fallowed the bread crumps[[ internet line]] here to your blog from mine.. You have not left a comment… that is OK… you see there are many who come and read those cognitions.. but what one could say after reading one? Well done? Now that would not sound right… Care to communicate … just to say hi… how are you? You have my best. Elizabeth…
    By the way I was labeled supressive in 82 after I have left Flag.. since I did not wanted to be told what..no or can do..


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