Catholic Exorcist Has Sent 160,000 Demons Back to Hell — The Church of Scientology Can Do Much Better Than That!

The top exorcist in the Catholic Church — who himself looks like a hobbit, a demon, or a gnome — is trumpeting the fact that he has sent 160,000 demons back to Hell.


And now this old demon handling priest wants wog Pope Francis to green light unlimited exorcisms due to the increasing demand for exorcism from Catholics beset by demons.

What we in RTC want to make abundantly clear to the Wog Public is this senior datum:

The Church of Scientology has the only solution to demonic possession.

We are the experts on demonic possession.

The Church of Scientology has the exact technology needed to locate and blow away your demons faster than our regges can empty your bank account!

And we are not talking about some wog R6 exorcism with all of its head-spinning, projectile-vomiting, Catholic demon opera that can take days on end! Who has time for that kind of nonsense these days?

What we in the Church of Scientology offer is high speed, high volume exorcism.

Our technology is called the OT Levels.

On the OT Levels you will learn all the secrets of how to locate and blow away millions of your own demons faster than COB can hit, kick, punch, or choke an SP!

As the world keeps falling apart, the demand for exorcism will keep rising. And R6 implant religions like Catholicism will not be able to keep up with the millions and billions of demonic entities that possess people.

The Church of Scientology can exorcise trillions of demons on any given day and that is why we are the fastest growing religion ever!

If you are demon possessed — and you are whether you realize it or not — then please drop by your nearest Scientology Ideal Org today to get started on your Bridge to Total Freedom!

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  1. I don’t even know where to begin. That was an absolute masterpiece. You were feeling it OTVIII. I hope COB takes note of the talent in RTC.

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  2. I used to babysit for some little demons and found much success in exercising them by encouraging them to dance along to the groovy tunes of TV shows such as “Solid Gold” and “Soul Train”.

    I am confident that they are all now snazzy dancers at wedding receptions and in You Tube flash mobs.

    Oh, wait a minute, you meant exorcising demons, didn’t you? Rats!

    Did I mention that they are all snazzy dancers?

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  3. A scholarly paper is awaiting to be written, consulting Hubbard’s verifiable leaked OT 3 pack materials, and the leaked Class 8 lectures where Hubbard discusses advanced exorcism repair methods to eject/exorcise the most recalcitrant “body thetans” (a body thetan is a single surplus soul infesting a person, and clusters of body thetans is the most common habit of these surplus souls, and the clusters of body thetans [BTs, for short, per Hubbard], are our “OT case”, meaning the R6 implants leak from the minds of our unexorcised BTs into our mind, causing us “case” difficulties even after we’ve gone “Clear” (a bogus state of spiritual euphoria claimed to be when a person’s past lives’ traumas have NO further effect upon one).

    Scientology’s pseudo-therapy just can cause this mindless euphoria ecstasy giddy mentality, is all, and it’s re-labelled “Clear” and a spiritual epiphany stable level of spiritual accomplishment.

    The exorcism, OT levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, likewise cause varying amounts of euphoria mental giddiness, also falsely then labelled as stable spiritual levels of “case” advance.

    When one’s done with OT 7, one can leap up and down on couches in euphoric dizziness, like famous Scientologists do on TV shows.

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    • Chuck, we in RTC almost had the OT levels delivered to us by the TTC. However, that whole thing fizzled and all the auditing we ever get consists of sec checks. As former ASI, you know how this works.

      Someday, if our stats are up, COB has promised us that will get our OT levels.

      In the meantime, however, we n RTC wish to make it perfectly clear that former Sea Org members, journalists, and scholars should never contact Chuck Beatty using these numbers and addresses:



      ITO 1981

      Chuck Beatty writes:

      “TO EX-SEA ORG MEMBERS: To former Sea Org members (Sea Org members are the lifetime staffer bureaucrats who form the religious order of the Scientology movement), I highly recommend getting onto this Yahoo chat group, to find old acquaintances from your Sea Org days. The below XSO chat group contains a wealth of info about former Sea Org members. XSO consists mainly of people now considered “SP” (“suppressive person” meaning they are excommunicated from the official Scientology movement). But some ex-Sea Org members in good standing have visited and chatted. The XSO chat group is an excellent way to locate old friends.


      “I will be any ex Sea Org member’s contact/reference on any ex Sea Org member’s resume applications. I TALK TO ALL HUMAN RESOURCE PEOPLE WHO YOU LIST ME AS A REFERENCE. I ROUTINELY TALK TO HUMAN RESOURCE PEOPLE ASKING ME ABOUT EX SEA ORG APPLICANTS FOR JOBS!

      Best, Chuck Beatty

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