Another Criminal Blog: Scientology Celebrities & Human Rights!

We in RTC know and see everything.

We have had OSA monitoring yet another criminal SP blog on the hate-filled internet.

This latest hater blog is called Scientology Celebrities & Human Rights.


Operated by an unknown SP with comm lines into the ultra elite world of Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, this blog seeks to destroy the Scientology religion at its very core by attacking Scientology celebrities and the Sea Org members who faithfully serve them.

An example is the blog’s attack on Scientology celebrity Amanda Bynes:

“So Amanda Bynes got arrested for smoking weed & throwing a bong out of her window. She’s clearly got unresolved psychiatric issues, is possibly schizophrenic or bipolar, & weed & booze are making her mental problems worse. If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, it will to the notorious drug fiend Fraser Kee Scott, who claims to be the top dog expert in getting celebrities off drugs.

“Last year around this time when Amanda Bynes was up to her neck in DUIs & legal troubles in L.A. Fraser was all over her ass, trying to convince her to show up to the Celebrity Centre to get some auditing, but really he was slumming so he could have a chance to get in her pants & brag to his friends that he scored with “another celeb”. Ya see, Fuckhead Fraser was going around bragging to everyone that he shagged Tamara Ecclestone twice (once in a 3-way with Tyler) & could have shagged Lindsay Lohan, but Tyler shagged her first & she freaked Tyler’s ass out so Fraser wouldn’t go near her crazy, man-eating ass.”

That is so entheta!

And so is this shocking allegation about Scientology’s invasion and brainwashing of the Clint Eastwood family:

“Scientology’s most important celebrity target the past couple years is Clint Eastwood – Kyle Eastwood, Clint’s son, is a musician whose career is managed and directed by Scientologist Ron Moss, Elisabeth Moss‘s father. The Moss family is a famous Scientologist family and is part of the Scientology aristocracy, like the Helnwein’s, Masterson’s, Feshbach’s, and Baybak’s.”

And the attacks go on and on and on without surcease or remorse!

We in RTC are offering the owner of this blog their Bridge for free if they turn their self into OSA and reveal those in the Sea Org who’ve been leaking to them.

This offer includes unlimited stays at The Manor, free meals at The Renaissance, and complimentary tickets to Gavin Potter’s Freewinds seminars. This is straight from COB and we in RTC are not allowed to sleep until we handle this Hill 10 flapping flap!

Moreover, by way of driving home the planetary urgency of this scandalous matter of leaks inside CCI, COB RTC David Miscavige is so deeply concerned about this matter that he delayed his planned trip to 2345 Chiselhurst Drive in Los Feliz to check up on security issues.

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  1. Congrats on discovering this mysterious blog, whose owners were trying to hide from you by putting the word “Scientology” in the title. You guys are sharp, yo.

    Rather disappointed, though, that you failed to mention the very elegant WordPress theme involved here. Something with a French-sounding name, for extra subversiveness. To me, this really drives the point home: everybody at CCI is queer and even the slave quarters are stylishly accoutered.


  2. I checked out that blog and I’m dismayed at the mistreatment of America’s Sweetheart, Jenna Elfman. Dear, sweet, gentle Jenna has recently had her sitcom “1600 Penn” canceled and may be going through a rough time. Proud as she is, she probably won’t ask for help from her friends. I might suggest we all help by anonymously donating items to her. If you’re driving by her house, toss a few donations over her security wall. Fruit, vegetables and toilet paper come to mind but if you have other items, let’em fly.


  3. I find it hard to believe that the author of SC & HR is a real employee of the Sea Arrgghh. There aren’t enough mis-spellings and incomplete sentences for the author to qualify for SO employment.


  4. SC & HR today attacked Blake Silber, the scion of a wealthy Scientology family. Blake joined us in the Sea Org at a young age and rose quickly to become the President of Bridge Publications Incorporated.

    COB has J&D’d about Blake’s poorly fitting business apparel. However, what Blake does not know about having proper fitting and well tailored clothes is more than offset by his willingness to push his staff unmercifully for stats.

    COB thinks that Blake’s fashion disaster engram has to do with his father’s Mark out 2D with a Course Sup many years ago at the Mountain View Org.

    Nevertheless, Blake is a hulking OT brute of a thetan who knows how to shove BPI products down the throats of hapless Scientologists everywhere!

    Image Cred: Scientology Celebrity & Human Rights


    • Thank you for pointing out the Scilon Celeb blog. We have spent a good deal of time reading and getting caught up on all the nasty news…umm, .I mean avoiding the degraded SP website.


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