COB RTC David Miscavige is Missing! Part 8


As Rick Moxon was descending into Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, he called the secret emergency OSA number using his special cellphone.

Moxon needed to inform OSA that Viper 1 had been forced down by the US military. He needed OSA to immediately dispatch Emergency Legal Force 12.

A special force of twelve fancy high-priced wog lawyers, ELF 12 is always ready on a standby basis to drop everything and come to the Church of Scientology’s aid.

Moxon needed ELF 12 to race to Camp Pendleton; effect his immediate release from military custody; secure the OSA codebooks; and stop any news of the event from reaching the wog media where it would create an Out PR situation.


“Spencer,” answered the male voice at the other end of the phone.

“Who is this?” demanded Moxon.

“This is Mr. Spencer, how may I help you?”

Moxon was irritated and replied sharply, “This is Rick Moxon. I need to talk to OSA Legal immediately.

“I’m sorry,” Mr. Spencer said, “but we do not have a Mr. Moxon working here.”

Mr. Spencer then hung up.

Rick Moxon called 11 more times before he landed. Mr. Spencer would not pick up the phone.


Marine Corps investigators quickly let the PI’s go and sent them off the base in a taxi.

Moxon, however, was detained and Viper 1 searched.

Over the next few hours, things went to bad from worse for Rick Moxon.

“You’re in big trouble Moxon, you’d better come clean!” said a Marine Corps investigator.


“But I’m telling you,” Moxon insisted, “I’m a layer with the Church of Scientology!”

“Then why is Mr. Spencer of the Church of Scientology telling me that you ‘blew’ and took the RTC  flying car without permission? Why is OSA telling me that you took secret OSA codebooks and a Church hard drive with you?”

“And why did we find the OSA codebooks and the hard drive hidden under the pilot’s seat of the flying car you ‘blew’ in?” asked the other investigator.

“And why did you violate our air space?”

Rick Moxon was stunned.

This looked like a frame up by whoever “Mr. Spencer” was.  Moxon asked for a lawyer and refused to answer further questions.

“Fine!” said the lead investigator. “Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca is personally coming for you anyway. He can have you, the codebooks,  the hard drive, and that stupid flying car of yours!”


“We want you off the base as soon as possible!” the other investigator curtly added.

The Marine Corps wanted nothing to do with Scientology.

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