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  1. I would like John P.’s analysis here. I always thought that if you bought a $20million Beverly Hills mansion, then spent $100,000 installing a pool, it’s worth $21million (ie you get a return on your investment), but if you buy an abandoned building in Inglewood for $1, and spend $5million on improvements, it’s still worth $1 because it is in a bad area that no one wants to go to and the improvements are irrelevant.


  2. OT8, you were just hit with 5 new lawsuits today. Each one will cost you 100s of thousands in fees. Don’t you think you should save your money for legal fees, rather than buying abandoned buildings?


    • We will just raise more money from Scientologists.

      The lawsuits don’t bother we in RTC as our fancy wog lawyers will crush them. Our real concern is to ensure that COB’s tan is perfect for the next Ideal Org grand opening!


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