Special Report from Scientology DC: The Psychs are Now on Death Ground!

Confidential internal briefing to Scientologists from the Church of Scientology’s Office of Government Affairs in Washington DC. This is a secret briefing from Lead VM Tom Wells.

Please note this line: “number of black PR hits against Scientology – rising drastically.” The why is made clear in the secret briefing:

“Bruce Wiseman, IAS Freedom Medal Winner and President of CCHR US, was in town last week making Congressional visits.

“He then gave a briefing last Friday night at the National Affairs Office. Below is a data summary from the briefing.

“raw data:

“number of pro-psych bills being pushed through Congress at this time – highest ever (at least 5)

“law suits against big pharma has triggered massive shut downs of psych research centers world wide – dozens

“state level mental health funding chopped by recent financial sequester

“psych funding terminated from Blue Cross Blue Shield in Florida

“police state detail:

“a new government program now being implemented – teams of government psychologists will patrol airports, concerts and sports events with police dogs.

“They are trained to seek out terrorists that are identified by ‘micro facial expressions’.

“funding for thousands of unmanned drones to be used by law enforcement in this country


“number of black PR hits against Scientology – rising drastically


“The enemy is now on death ground; this is a concept from the book The Art of War by Sun-tzu. It describes soldiers in battle, who when surrounded and facing imminent death become empowered and ferocious as they desperately fight for their lives. And that this is a war that will not have a treaty with concessions exchanged between sides. One party will be left standing in the end. And that the end is not so far off.

“So in 2013 we are stepping into a year of unprecedented expansion coupled with powerful new technical releases that will shake the timbers and send the screaming squirrels around the bend. And just for a sprinkle of randomity our arch enemy is on death ground mounting their final charge.

“Get the picture?

“As our VM Tent is particularly visible, accessible and vulnerable, I am sending this out to a select group of VMs, particularly, Clears, OTs and other competent Scientologists so that you may assume responsibility for this situation. But the truly positive and exciting side to all this is that with the new TV and Internet ads bringing 1 million visits a week to the Scientology web site, so the traffic at the tent will be out the roof.

“The tent goes out every Sunday starting March 31st. On Sunday the 24th we are having a planning and coordination meeting at the Fraser Mansion at 10 AM.

“I look forward to seeing you there.

Tom Wells
Lead VM”

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  1. Normally when people put out letters bragging about their successes, they’re rich in detail, reporting breathlessly every inane generic comment uttered by the Very Important Personages met with. I’d be particularly interested in which congressmen Mr. Wiseman met with, or even how many staffers. I’d even love to know how many “The Way To Happiness” pamphlets he handed out as he stumbled through the halls of our nation’s capitol.

    We in Global Capitalism HQ are surprised to hear the claim that dozens of psych drug research centers have been closed by our Big Pharma, Inc. subsidiary and all its operating companies. I get the monthly status report and our stats have been in either “power” or “power change” every month for years. Look at Pfizer’s stock chart over the last four years, for instance. Which centers have been closed? I’d love to hear more…


  2. Microexpressions are a fascinating phenomenon, OTVIII. They can certainly be used to suss out suppressed emotion. You in RTC might use them to discern your CI’s, per David ‘s crazy narcissistic agenda. And good on ya if so. But no credible professional would advocate using them as a way to ID terrorists!

    This is the kind of thing that can bolster the lawsuits of bitter individuals who are now suing you in the RTC. Has it ever occurred to you, that you in the RTC should just
    SHUT UP, and do your best to keep David from establishing comm with the outside world?

    I know things go easier for you in the RTC when David gets his way. However, your COB is a human being, who needs feedback and correction in order to avoid serving the worst in himself. What are you in the RTC doing to make this go right?


  3. CV, “microexpressions” is just another word for Face Crimes, a phenomenon we in Scientology have known about for decades.

    COB has long used his skills at detecting microexpressions to detect CI (Counter Intention). COB’s dog also has this skill.

    As for making it go right for COB, we in RTC have always worked diligently to ensure that COB gets his way on everything he wants. Time has proven that we are correct in doing this and so we will continue to make it go right for COB.


  4. Wow!! That’s not even a microexpression on the face of that wog newscaster! He is positively stunned by March stats.

    BTW, how can I sign my dogs up for for an intensive of CI Handling?


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