The Church of Scientology Does Not Lie 100% of the Time!

We in RTC have had our wog crisis management expert Mike Sitrick out on the hard and mean wog streets conducting extensive surveys on the public’s attitudes concerning the Church of Scientology.

One of the items that emerged in the Sitrick surveys is frankly very shocking, for it seems that the public believes that the Church of Scientology lies 100% of the time.

This is not true. Factually, this incorrect perception was created by Psychiatry telling its “BIG LIE” lie over and over and over again. Because the Psychs prefer to sell trillions of dollars of drugs to people every year, it has pushed its BIG LIE that the Church of Scientology lies 100% of the time.

Instead of having people use the safe, simple, proven, and effective drug-free solutions offered by Scientology, the Psychs want to turn everyone in the entire world into drugged zombies.

And this is why the Psychs have pushed their BIG LIE that the Church of Scientology lies 100% of the time.

And this is why billions of people who should be in our 55,947 Ideal Orgs working their way up the Bridge to Total Freedom are taking Psych drugs and fattening themselves up for the slaughter.

If Psychiatry has its way, the world will end with giant dinosaurs from outer space killing and eating everybody. But instead of feeling bad about it, the dinosaurs will feel very good about their rampage:

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  1. What can you find between Godzilla’s toes?
    Slow runners!

    You forget that some psych drugs are amphetamine based and they should allow the human to out run the space monster or Godzilla.

    Would Godzilla benefit from auditing? He may be older then Xenu and the brain cooties. Does Godzilla have brain cooties?


  2. Murderous dinosaurs from outer space are classed as illegal pc’s.

    They may not receive auditing in any Scientology Org or mission until and unless they renounce their evil purposes to kill and eat humanity.

    On a more practical matter, one would need very large cans to audit dinosaurs and cans of this size and not presently available. However, very large cans could be made if said dinosaurs renounced their Ev Purps and then came up with the cash donations needed for auditing.

    But just so we are clear, any dinosaur who ate their auditor while in session would be declared an SP on the spot!


  3. Bullshit they do not even know who the Vatican is dead and play with him and send out information to expletive thinking the dead pope is alive Europe disclosed that they will never disclose the pope to the us cause he has nothing to do with their programming


    • Issac, we in RTC ask you to please write up a Knowledge Report on what you know and post it here.

      Do this now.

      We think we know who the Vatican is dead, but wish to see your data.


  4. “Scientology recognizes the value of families in society and even mandates that it’s members keep good relations with their non-Scientology family members and friends”. (more or less what Tommy Davis said on CNN)


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