Super Power Building Set to Open in 2026!

A recent rumor on the Wog Internet  suggested that the Super Power Building will open only after the LRH Auditorium is completed.

This rumor is not accurate.

Moreover, this rumor was a Psych attempt to dead agent COB RTC David Miscavige by somehow insinuating that he has been sandbagging for decades on opening the Super Power Building, this supposedly because the Super Power Rundowns do not exist in any sort of complete or even coherent form.

This criminal line of thinking further states that the Super Power Project is a pure money scam and fraud. However, simply because a lawsuit against David Miscavige and the Church alleging such a fraud exists does not factually prove anything at all.

As we in RTC see it, this type of vicious rumor-mongering is a gross violation of all points of KSW, for it promotes a Psych view of the Church and its leader as offering overt smoke and mirror products:


The fact is that yes, the Church is building a new auditorium as part of the Super Power complex. This new facility will aptly be named the David Miscavige Group Engram Auditorium, or DMGEA.

With a seating capacity for 60,000 people, DMGEA will host Scientology events where Fleet Admiral Miscavige can deliver vital news to Scientologists who  congregate therein from all corners of the globe:


The David Miscavige Group Engram Auditorium will seat 60,000 Scientologists!

Question: Regarding the Super Power Building, do you have a withhold? If so, please write a KR on yourself and send it to we in RTC.


Church of Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion today announced that COB RTC David Miscavige has just completed a sweeping and comprehensive review of  the Super Power Project.

Following his review, COB issued 5558 new COB Super Power Orders and Directives, each of which immediately bypasses, supersedes, and renders obsolete the previous 122918 COB Super Power Orders and Directives.

COB’s 10 Point Plan to Get Super Power Working Again!

Now more than ever, people need to be working again. COB goes further than this by stating that Super Power needs to be working again! Accordingly, listed below is COB’s 10 point plan to get Super Power working again:

1. Scientology membership is expanding at such an incredible pace that the current Super Power Building at 127,000 square feet is not large enough.  Consequently, COB has officially decreed that three new additional Super Power Buildings be built.

2. These new buildings will not be identical to the existing Super Power Building. Rather, each of these new buildings will have their own architectural scheme:

  • Neo-Mayan Revival
  • Babylonian Ziggarut
  • Romanian Fortress

3. This new mega-facility will be called the Super Power Cluster.

4. COB has ordered ten new hotels built in downtown Clearwater, this to allow Flag to provide the additional 200,000 hotel rooms needed to accommodate all of the new Scientologists who pour into Clearwater each week eager for Scientology.

5. Three hundred new restaurants will be opened including, but especially, Bob and Trish Duggan’s OT Steakhouse.

6. Applications to join the Sea Org are at an all time high. Likewise, demand for new Sea Org members is also skyrocketing. Therefore, COB has ordered 250,000 new triple bunks to be housed in a high security tent city. Modeled on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tent city in Arizona, this system has proven to be a highly efficient and low cost way to take advantage of the great weather in Clearwater.

7. To deal with billions of Scientologists traveling into the Mecca of Technical Perfection at Flag, and by way of anticipating the several billion more that Super Power will draw, COB has ordered the design and construction of the David Miscavige International Airport in Clearwater.

8. To be located in Clearwater Bay, the David Miscavige International Airport will be the world’s only floating airport that also has its own aquatic theme park!

9. Budgeted at $1.2 trillion dollars, all of these new upgraded changes will make the Super Power experience even more super-fantastic than previously planned. What is also super-convenient is that this whopping new budget of $1.2 trillion easily accounts for every last penny of the so-called “surplus dollars” that have been raised for the Super Power Project, thus easing any legal concerns that we in the Church of Scientology raised more money than was actually needed for the Super Power project. The fact is that we now need one trillion more dollars to make Super Power a reality. Please donate today.

10. All of these massive changes have pushed back the date of the Super Power opening a few short years ’til 2026, but it will be more than worth the small wait when you imagine the thrill of flying to Super Power on a rocket plane of the future!

Transonic airliners will be available in 2026 when the Super Power Building is opened. These planes will allow Scientologists to fly into the new David Miscavige International Airport in only two hours from anywhere in the world!

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  1. Well call me a SP or even a SP who sucks cock on Hollywood Boulavard but I think since David Miscavige took over his new Pope duties, he might not be up to his COB job. Now that that he’s wearing a new funny hat and staring at R6 frescos all day, he’s taken his eye off the real prize. When I pack up the WagonQueen Family Truckester and head to Florida, I can choose any of a number of amusement parks. We would like to go to Super Powers, but if we have to wait until 2026, we’ll just give our money to the Mouse Cult. You tell Mr. Miscavige for me, take off the funny hat and robes, put on the sailor suit and get Super Powers open. Heavy on the 40 weight.


  2. The “Super Power Cluster” could be a dish on the menu at Bob and Trish’s OT Steakhouse. Perhaps a dessert, or some sort of platter with 4 different kinds of steak? If the Duggans are too slow about getting their restaurant up and running, perhaps you in the RTC could sell trademark rights to the Cheesecake Factory.

    “Super”, “Power”, and “Cluster” are three words that corpulent wogs love to see when they belly up to the trough at their favorite food-coma emporium. Think of the potential productivity!

    On another topic, love the flying monkeys. And that lady with the green face. What have you in the RTC been up to on that fancy desert base? Is that what Super Powers is about — genetic experiments? Something weird, anyway. Be careful, OTVIIIisGrrr8!. The Chocolate Velvet loves you. You are my favorite evil Scilon. 🙂


  3. A contractor, an engineer, and an architect were standing inside their recently completed building, looking out at the street. A VERY attractive woman walks by. The contractor whistles, the engineer says, “Did you see the legs on that woman?” The architect says, “Did I miss something, I was admiring my reflection.

    I loved the wicked witch and flying monkey, can one of the new SP buildings be called ‘The Flying Butt Monkey Building”?


  4. How do we know that this is accurate data, and not some false PR leaked by Psych planted deep cover SMERSH agents, to suppress Scientology by creating an overwhelming massive reach for the tech that the staff is not prepared to deliver? Have you in RTC verified this to be true? Can you imagine the massive expansion and reach the world will have for an OT Steakhouse?


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