OT Grant Cardone Speaks on Your Shitty Performances

We in RTC have asked New OT VIII Grant Cardone — a New York Times best selling arthur — to drop by today to ream all of you on your shitty sales performances:

And while Grant is at it, he wants to tell Wog President Brent Obama that killing Osama bin Laden is ancient history:

If you do not increase your IAS Patron status now, we in RTC will send Grant Cardone to your home to browbeat you for several hours until you donate.

As for your excuses that you have no money, well, that is unacceptable for any Scientologist to ever say. If you need help, you can attend a Financial Prosperity workshop with New OTVIII Grant Cardone:

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  1. Whenever I see this choad-like tool, I think of the show ‘Six Feet Under’ in the episode “The Will” (Season 1, Episode 2) in which a charlatan money guru dies by diving into his ostentatious pool in his 100% financed McMansion, surrounded by his guppie groupies. Once dead, everyone realizes that his ‘abilities’ were a complete sham/pyramid scheme including his trophy wife who is left with kids, massive debt, no house, and a dead husband.

    In my opinion, Grant Cardone has gone the way of all other reality television shysters, including the plastic surgery nutters, the polygamist morons, the Long Island liars, and the unwed fools. Now he just needs to go down with the Scientology ship so hopefully we’ll all be for the better.


  2. We in RTC note that the lack of responses to our post on Grant Cardone proves several datums:

    1. The only people who want to hear Grant Cardone blather on about sales motivation are wog car salespeople. No one else cares.

    2. What the public really wants is to hear COB RTC David Miscavige speaking about how the Church of Scientology is expanding at a record pace. Indeed, the Church has expanded 7,000% more in the past year than it did in the previous record-breaking five years, which is to say that the pace of expansion is over the moon.

    3. Except for Scientologists David Miscavige and Tom Cruise, no other Scientologists are important or even noteworthy.

    We in RTC will end this post by allowing Grant Cardone to yap on about how to make slaves:


  3. Someone told we in RTC that New OT VIII Grant Cardone comes across as a used car salesman and we had to agree.

    COB RTC David Miscavige needs and wants more billionaire Bob Duggans and fewer Grant Cardones.


  4. I have not responded because I have been in a state of thinkingness.

    I see that Mr. Cardone has “Super Power” and is a “full Basics Completion.” As everyone knows, the Scientology tech works every time. Did Grant Cardone not use the tech to cure his stuttering? When he confronts and shatters oppression, does he stutter his way through his ranting and raving? If he shows up at your house, will he bring Jenna Elfman?


  5. None of the Cardone vids are working. Much like Cardone. His ruthless putting on ethics on milton katselas was pure ARC (already really cockwipped). What 75 year old man needs his social security check when there is some much entheta to combat.


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