Shocking New Data!

We in RTC are releasing shocking new data.

Actual surveys indicate that 32.8% of people in the global population are not Scientologists. In other words, wogs still control 1/3 of the planet and are responsible for all war, crime, and insanity.

Is “wog” a derogatory term?

It most certainly is, for a wog is a vile, filthy, disgusting homo sap. A wog is the very antithesis of the clean, sane, calm, and unaberrated Scientologist.

By definition, all wogs are criminals. This axiomatic, self-evident logic is foundational to the Church of Scientology.

Moreover, as we in the Church of Scientology have made abundantly clear for decades, wogs pose a serious and grave danger to this planet. By actual statistics, 100% of those arrested for all crimes are wogs. This is true.

Now more than ever your help is needed to convert wogs to the Scientology religion — and by force if needed.

This is where you come in.

Our new Scientology Inquisition 2013 requires gung ho Scientologists who are not afraid to put in Ethics on unconverted wogs and force them to become Scientologists.

Inspired by Islamic Sharia law, we in the Church of Scientology contemplate public, and fully legal, religious and ecclesiastical beatings of non-Scientologists:

We need Scientology Wog Free Deputies to chase down wogs in the street and force them to make the decision to become Scientologists:

If you would like to be a Scientology Wog Free Deputy, please contact we in RTC.

And if you are a wog, remember this: Only we in the Church of Scientology can take your predatory instincts and turn you from criminal into minister!

What other group can do that?

We in RTC conclude with a parting shot at those in Global Capitalism HQ:


Given Clarence Darrow’s trenchant insight, we remind one and all that COB RTC David Miscavige had sufficient capital to form a corporation, specifically the Religious Technology Center, or, as we are affectionately known RTC.

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  1. If the Church of Scientology is looking for another drawing card of Islamic tradition, maybe they should offer free female circumcision with the personality test. That would convert half of the third right there. Jena Elfman would make a great spokesman for that. Would that be very theta?


    • Ivanmapother, that is completely out gradient and breaks the R of wogs.

      We in RTC need to do things gradiently. Admiral Cruise has said that we will first get all Scientology women into Sea Org burkas and then go from there.

      The idea here is that all Scientology women should be an undifferentiated mass obedient to Command Intention.


  2. I need some help here. Please think for me. Thank you. I have a problem that is aberrating my havingness. I am a scientologist. #2. every time I tell anyone the truth (I am a scientologist) they turn away from me. And they run. Fast. And I cannot catch them (should I lose some weight?, is their a sec-check that can help me with that?). After duplicating your excellent article I am postulating catching up with the 32.8% of the population that are freeloading by not paying their fair share, to scientology, for their beingness, but so far its not working. Please do not fail to duplicate me. I am not saying the TECH is not working. Ron forbid. The TECH is working. What I mean is that trying to outrun the people that need me to catch them and save them from themselves, and the horrors of not becoming a scientologist, like me, is not working. And I am not really fat by the way. Really. It’s just that the bulk of my knowingness of havingness is massful.

    I have an idea. Please instruct me on what to do with it. Thank you. Here is my idea. I am OTVIII. Since I can knock peoples hats off at 40 paces, perhaps I could just trip people, at say, 10 paces. That way I would not have to run after them. I could just go ‘whoosh’, and they would fall down. And then I could casually walk up to them and start beating them severely about the head and shoulders with a blunt object, for running away from me, and scientology. I learned that in the RPF. Sometimes a thetan that doesn’t act like a thetan needs to be beaten about the head and shoulders to help them remember they are a thetan, and they belong to scientology.

    Any authoritative comm-line you can provide me with (and charge me for) would create enormous ARC and be straight up and vertical helpful in my quest (no, my duty) to catch my share of that 32.8% of the world, that the researched data over the last 75 million years, has proved are scum.

    Thank you.



    • Horacio, while we in RTC appreciate your ideas, what they will cause if implemented are half-dones, un-dones, and backlogs.

      The ideal scene for someone like you is to not become winded chasing wogs. The Tech of capturing wogs involves offering wogs a solution they need.

      What do wogs need?

      Wogs need money and sex.

      Therefore, the idea is to use, say, Craigslist to offer wogs easy ways to make hundreds of thousands of dollars or to obtain endless sex partners.

      Make them pay you a fee of at least $5,000 up front with the expectation of easy and quick results.

      By following this Church of Scientology success formula, wogs will pay you to enter your deadly trap. And by this we mean a literal trap, or jail, where you catch wogs and hold them until OSA shows up with proper Scientology religious prison transport vehicles.

      The best part of this is that we in RTC will allow you to keep a 10% commission on all monies you collect as a Scientology Wog Free Deputy!


  3. Bruno Mars’ ruin is that he is hiding behind a false name. He is promoting his “artistic prominence” to hide his failure of his trueness of beingness. It’s just another case of A=X=Q+B-L. I also hear that he doesn’t change his socks on the hour (lot’s to learn for this poor thetan).


  4. We in Global Capitalism HQ are intrigued by the Clarence Darrow quote, “A criminal is a person with predatory instincts without sufficient capital to form a corporation.” We detect a certain amount of envy on the part of Mr. Darrow, who received only $30,000 for the Leopold and Loeb case out of a $200,000 bill sent to the parents of the two defendants. This was attributable solely to the fact that he had not incorporated his law offices.

    So Darrow became a bitter, disgruntled man forever railing against corporations for his own bad financial decisions, much as someone else I vaguely recall reading about constantly complained about Big Pharma once his “medical doctor” degree was revealed to be from a diploma mill of questionable status… And that person’s qualifications to get even a diploma mill MD were apparently so lacking that he had to purchase the diploma mill before it would see fit to print him a sheepskin.

    We frequently see comments of this sort, blaming corporations for the ills of society. We have learned to ignore them. After all, some of the greatest achievements of modern civilization are made by corporations. A Gulfstream G500 would look like a rickety early Wright Brothers flyer if it were made by a sole proprietorship or a partnership. But because it’s made by a corporation, I entrust my life to it whenever I board.


    • Do we in RTC detect an ARC break between Global Capitalism HQ and a tiny handful of bitter defrocked capitalists?

      We suggest that these bitter defrocked capitalists have Evil Purposes on Capitalism itself; this as proven by their lack of incorporation papers.

      We in the Church of Scientology have an affinity for corporations and happen to have thousands and thousands of tax exempt corporations and their corresponding secret bank accounts in corporate banks.

      Fleet Admiral David Miscavige and Admiral Cruise agree on the value of corporations, but more importantly both of these big beings agree on the value of global conquest via tax exempt corporations — and here we speak of the thousands and thousands of tax exempt Scientology corporations and their corresponding secret bank accounts in corporate banks.


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