The Church of Scientology Calls for the Internet to be Outlawed!

In a telling sign of the times, the Church of Scientology’s advertorial that was effusive in its praise of COB RTC David Miscavige was removed from the internet by the Psychs:


This is so unfair.

And other religions are being attacked.

The Muslims are attacked for simply screaming “Death to America” in the streets!

Even Scientology’s good friends at Westboro Baptist Church are threatened by the internet as they crusade to righteously warn nonbelievers that God hates fags.


We in the Church of Scientology have therefore concluded that the internet must be outlawed and destroyed if Religion itself is to survive the 21st century and beyond. It is a tragic day for the world when even small churches and their leaders are attacked daily by the Psychs as happened recently in Texas City, Texas.

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  1. OT8, I worship the internet. It is my religion. Your attack, therefore, is a form of religious bigotry by a hating hater who hates. The internet has helped millions of people. It is the only thing that can save the world. For you to do this shows that you are a bitter, suppressive hate mongerer who doesn’t have a life. I also worship psychs, by the way.


  2. Great idea! The internet’s only purpose is making it easy for downstat DBs, jokers, and degraders to trade implants and lies to key each other in via cyberspace. Oh and also for COB to order male escorts that resemble Tom Cruise. But I’m sure the Church of Scientology will make an exception for his ecclesiastical holiness and oiliness.


  3. I just spoke with my internet provider’s customer support about this issue. They said they have heard of the Church of Scientology, Fleet Admiral David Miscavige and Tom Cruise. More importantly, they are aware of the church’s litigious nature. They will comply if served with written notice and are willing to settle for reasonable monetary compensation. I on the other hand, must continue making my monthly bundle payment, with or without internet, until my contract is completed. When did Comcast become involved with WISE?


  4. It’s time for the psychiatrist adoring, prescriptive meds.loving citizens to band together for justice. No one tells Midwest Mom that she can’t look at her decorating and cooking blogs. Nobody!!

    I also want to convey love to all of the psychologists out there, too.

    If my internet is taken away, I may just forego my ladylike manners and start Sweeney screaming along with some extremely boisterous yodeling, which shall echo throughout the Great Lakes.

    I need to spread the word on all the mom blogs about this news, boo.. Taa Taa for now!



  5. I agree its time we all ban together and wipe out scientology once and for all, im extremely offended that this cult is called religion, it was invented by a moron who decided that he would come up with something completely insane and see how may dumbfucks out there would believe it, now they’ve brainwashed tons, some of my favorite actors are ruined because of them, you also know when charles manson says somethings “too crazy for him” that its obviously completely insane considering that hes completely insane.


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