Circa 1993: The War Between the Church of Scientology, Prozac, and the PR Firm Hill & Knowlton

We in RTC are in full blown restim over the way in which The Atlantic advertorial became such a humiliating debacle for COB RTC David Miscavige.

The Atlantic’s Scientology advertorial embarrassment caused 5,000 Sea Org members to be sent to the RPF’s PRF.

What the Atlantic keyed in for us was the 1993-ish Great War Between the Church of Scientology, Eli Lilly, Prozac, and the mega PR firm Hill & Knowlton.

This article by Patrick J. Kiger is one heck of a read and well worth your time to see how the Psychs and Big PR work.

It seems that we in the Church of Scientology simply cannot win out there in Wogland. To paraphrase an old C&W song, the Psychs get the mine and Scientology gets the shaft!

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  1. Those certainly were the days. This followed by only a couple of months COB’s public relations triumph on “Nightline,” where he was interviewed and gave such a brilliant and articulate defense of Scientology. As I recall, COB led speculation around Int Base that he was up for an Emmy for his spirited, passionate elicitation of exactly why Scientology holds all the answers.


    • John P., COB did in fact give a critically acclaimed bravura Emmy-winning performance in his interview with Theodore “Ted” Koppel. However, COB was denied his Emmy by the Psychs who run American television.

      COB retaliated for the loss of his Emmy by spending tens of millions of parishioner dollars to tank the stock price of Eli Lilly.


  2. Patrick J. Kiger’s article is one of the best I have read. It is an insightful description of Scientology’s humongous clearing of the planet through the expansion of such brilliant community betterment programs as CCHR and Narconon.


    • Yes and thank you Karin Pouw. You are truly OT and Theta for recognizing the value of Scientology to the planet.

      And we in RTC don’t say this just because you are one of our spokespeople. No, we say it because you are part of the most elite group on the planet.

      Scientologists: We stand tall!


  3. You know what, John? If Scientology ever showed us a perfect clear, Eli Lilly would have bought the Church for $100 billion and everyone would have been happy.


    • Thank you Midwest Mom.

      The article shows a slice of Scientology history that is not well known.

      The article also proves that we in the Church of Scientology were thrown under the bus by our fancy wog PR agency in favor of a screaming Psych drug company.

      The injustice of it all!


    • No jgg2012, Eli Lilly would never have purchased the Church of Scientology for two reasons:

      1. The Church is privately owned by David Miscavige and is not for sale.

      2. Eli Lilly could never put the miraculous life changing wins of auditing into a pill. You can only get these wins inside of an RTC-sanctioned Church of Scientology Org delivered by an RTC-certed auditor.

      Soon you will be able to get these wins at Ideal Org kiosks at airports and in shopping malls, but that is a story for another day.


  4. Clearly, you and COB can win out there in wog-land.

    According to the SP Tony Ortega, the church now uses the firm of Sitrick and Company for their public relations. The client list for Sitrick is available here:


    This firm represents such fine individuals as Thomas Kincade, Michael Vick, and Tommy Lee. If the firm can provide public relations for a dead person, someone who operated an illegal dog-fighting ring, and a washed up musician who spent time in jail for assault, certainly they can assist COB in rehabilitating his image. It’s true that COB’s image is worse than anyone so far mentioned, even though he hasn’t been perp-walked yet. But I believe that after a few more cleverly placed op-ed pieces and advertorials, plus several million dollars changing hands, COB’s image will no longer be that of a cruel, abusive tyrant who violently assaults Sea Org members, throws people in the Hole for months or even years, or makes people watch his vacation slides.

    With the church’s fondness for celebrities, it seems that COB’s image would also be greatly enhanced by associating with long-time famous artists such as, say, Mel Gibson or Ted Nugent. Both are very enthusiastic, which makes them 4.0 on the tone scale and great future ambassadors for the church. Both also speak their minds freely, without worrying about wog sensibilities, as does COB. Of course, Ted Nugent was visited by the Secret Service for threatening Eric Holder’s senior, “Brent” Obama, but that’s by the by.


    • Thanks for passing along the client list. Sitrick apparently also brags about representing other real winners: boxing promoter Don King, Bill Koch (one of the Koch Brothers who spent so spectacularly and ineffectively on Republican causes),

      They also keep on their list a number of companies that are no longer in business, often coming to a fairly ignominious end, such as Mrs. Fields’ Cookies, Iridium (a satellite network that snuffed it almost a decade ago), eToys.com, J. B. Oxford (a fraud-plagued brokerage firm that went defunct almost a decade ago), and Fairfield Greenwich Group, one of Bernie Madoff’s chief enablers. They still have Ashton-Tate Corp., a successful 1980s software company that was acquired in 1991, over 20 years ago!

      Wonder what you have to do to get kicked off their client list?


    • The RPF is a voluntary program of spiritual rehabilitation offered to members of Scientology clergy who have made very serious mistakes. Members of the RPF perform manual labor and receive five hours of spiritual enhancement time each day.


    • I have no idea what you mean “time in the hole”. Who’s hole are you referring to?

      In 1977, I began as coordinator of social reform programs for the Church of Scientology in Paris. I then became Director of Public Affairs for Europe and since 1993 have been Director of Public Affairs for Church of Scientology International, overseeing social betterment and human rights programs worldwide.


      • We in RTC wish to add that Karin Pouw has done an excellent job as Director of Public Affairs for Church of Scientology International where she oversees social betterment and human rights programs worldwide.

        As far as any “hole” goes, why that is an attack from bitter defrocked apostates who were nobodies when they were in the Church.


  5. Bollocks!

    P.S Karin, you spelled “whose” incorrectly and ended your sentence with a preposition. You obviously require remedial assistance with grammar and punctuation in the “hole” for those atrocities. Have fun and remember to moisturize, since your deep lined wrinkles are quite noticeable, dear. Meeeooowww…………..


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