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  1. I feel so terrible for DM! To be surrounded by such incompetent criminals! It must be awful! I’m sure he’s looking forward to joining LRH at Target 2. We don’t deserve the likes of him, anyway.

    By the way, what’s this about that entheta J/D hate site OTwhatsit? Didn’t RTC ban the Internet?


  2. Herr Rinder speculates an over eager GAT II SP transcriptionist inadvertently eliminated a period and thereby changed the official internal growth rate of Scientology from .47x to 47x….Which means Scientology is contracting by half on an annual basis…

    No wonder COB is holed up in a bunker shaking like a leaf….


    • Herr Rinder is a BDA spewing lies and hatred to his small uninformed gaggle of followers on the outlawed fringes of the lunatic Internet. The only reason COB is shaking is rage.


  3. I think Der Fuhrer needs to get to the bottom of this NOW and the guilty receive their due punishment. He is understandably losing his mental faculties because of all the traitors surrounding him. Probably because He is so successful – and they are not! This of course should never take place in the most ethical church on the planet. I myself am shocked to hear of it.

    I only hope our Fuhrer will find consolation in Jesus Christ and once again accept Jesus as his Personal Savior!


    • I think you should apply the ‘Pink Legs’ policy and get to the bottom of it for him. His Excellency is a true power and won’t inquire about it.


  4. What a guy Dave is.
    Even when things are going to hell and he has to get tough he tries to cheer up his staff by doing his best Charlie Chaplin impersonation whilst berating them.
    Cant wait for the next video where Dave strips down to his undies and chases a scantly clad Ying Ling around the freewinds in the style of Benny Hill.


  5. At 2:57 in “Scientology Fleet Admiral David Miscavige in the RTC Bunker”: “You caused this, Jenny Linson. You failed at LAX.”

    “I, Jennifer Alise Linson, declare and state as follows:”
    “Mr. Miscavige has treated me with kindness, compassion and understanding that knows no bounds.”
    “I knew then that this was an executive like no other.”
    “The future is brighter than it has ever been.”
    “… I think I’m going nuts.”

    Click to access App11-Jenny%20Linson.pdf



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