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False Data Spreader

Thanks to improved technology, the new False Data Spreader 47X from Psych Industries — the trusted name in Psychiatric Suppression supplies and implanting equipment for over 150 years — works 1500% faster than previous models! False data about Scientology can now be spread over entire communities and neighborhoods in hours and not days!

And Psych’s new False Data 9000 mix is rich in lies, suppression, enturbulative facts, rumors, innuendoes, and even wrong double datums about Scientology! Designed to kill false data stripping and other Scientology processes, False Data 9000 is impervious to the Warehouse Mark VIII e-meter.

This new mix is so good that SMERSH has already ordered 5,000 rails cars of False Data 9000 to handle Europe in its planned Spring Offensive 2018 against Scientology!

The False Data Spreader 47X is in stock and available on Amazon, at Costco, and other leading wog retailers. Psychs and other mental health professionals receive a 25% courtesy discount!

Scientology’s New Year’s Resolutions

The 100% Fully Ethical and On Source Scientologist applies KSW to his or her life and ruthlessly stamps out all sources of suppression. Are you doing your part to help Clear the Planet?

We in the Church of Scientology firmly resolve to be a fully Ideal Church in every way in 2018. We therefore make the following resolutions:

1. We will raise all prices 4000%

2. We will savagely destroy the internet and all other sources of entheta.

3. We will spy on more SP’s than ever before. We are spying on you right now.

4. We will tap the phones and hack the e-mail accounts of all SP’s.

5. We will mail COB’s Ecclesiastical Dildos to everyone we hate.

6. We will make insane videos attacking the Psychs, SMERSH, the CIA, Interpol, the Marcabs, Big Pharma, the Martians, and everyone else who is trying to stop Scientology.

7. We will erect a 1000 foot tall statue of COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige in Hollywood. This will be the tallest statue in the world.

8. Scientology Media Productions will broadcast something in 2018. We’re not sure what or where, but SMP will broadcast something. It will be much better than Leah Remini’s Emmy-winning show Scientology and the Aftermath.

9. We in RTC will immediately hand an SP Declare to any Scientology celebrity who brings Scientology into disrepute. We will no longer coddle these horrific monsters.

10. We will stop the godless Russian Communists from raiding our Orgs every other week. What the Russians call “financial crimes and fraud” we call the 100% correct application of  Scientology:


Scientology to Sue City of Clearwater for Eleventy Billion Dollars!


The so-called “City of Clearwater” is a cynical wog legal fiction. Created and funded by Big Pharma only to torment, harass, and impede the progress of Scientology, Clearwater’s latest outrage occurred last evening when it’s Psych-infested city council voted 5-0 to purchase a 1.4 acre parcel of land for $4.5 million dollars. This was done for selfish motives and purely to piss off Scientology and COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige.

Mr. Miscavige had generously offered the Aquarium $15 million for this worthless piece of dirt as part of his sweeping vision to create a 21st century Downtown Clearwater. But no, the fix was in: The wholetrack SP criminals at the Aquarium had engaged in a conspiracy with the City Council to deprive Scientology of this vitally needed piece of land. The Church of Scientology plans to sue the City of Clearwater for eleventy billion dollars. Our wog lawyers will allege that both Scientology and the citizens of Clearwater have been irreparably harmed.

COB had planned to build an Olympic-sized pool and stadium on the land. With seating for 50,000 people, the new Scientology Super Power Olympic Aquatic Center would have allowed Clearwater to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. However, the Psychs have now destroyed all hopes for the glory that could have been Downtown Clearwater:


The Scientology Super Power Olympic Aquatic Center will never be built in Clearwater thanks to the Psychs on the City Council. However, the IAS is fundraising to build this urgently needed aquatic facility in San Jacinto, California.


Church of Scientology Now Offering Full Refunds to Anyone Who Asks!

Not really. We’re just using clickbait to lure you here for a free ARC break repair session at Flag.

Our stat is “recover people back on the Bridge.” We need to recover you and get you back winning in session. This is an order straight from COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige.

Warning: If you don’t get your ARC breaks handled and get to Flag, then the Psychs will surely kidnap you and turn you into a zombie:


Scientology Fleet Admiral David Miscavige in the RTC Bunker

Scientologist Juliette Lewis Uses Psych-Funded Media to Attack Psych-Funded Media


Scientology thespian and rock star Juliette Lewis entertains the wog masses.

Scientology OT Juliette Lewis today used Psych-funded media to attack Psych-funded media.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, a publication wholly owned and controlled by the Psychs, Juliette Lewis revealed what actually happened when Tom Cruise was attacked way back in 2005:

Scientology OT Tom Cruise attacked by the Psych media for speaking out against Psych drugs.

Scientology OT Tom Cruise was attacked by the Psych media for speaking out against Psych drugs.

“I’’ll get all conspiratorial on you, and I’m just going to throw this out: The mainstream media is funded by pharmaceutical companies, so when you have the biggest movie star in the world at the time—Tom Cruise—coming out against anti-depressants and Ritalin and just saying, ‘Hey, why don’t you put a warning label on there?’

Captain David Miscavige is the supreme ecclesiastical leader of this sector of the galaxy.

Captain David Miscavige is the supreme ecclesiastical leader of this sector of the galaxy.

“The thing about Scientology is it is anti-drug in that you’re seeking relationship or communication tools—simple basics on how to live better. So, when Tom came out about that, I’ve never seen someone get torn down so hard, and they still brutalize him with Scientology pieces to this day. It’s a religious philosophy and self-help movement. And you’ll never see a truthful word written about it in mainstream media.”

We in RTC knew all of this in 2005 when it happened. We are, frankly speaking, rather disturbed that Juliette Lewis is such a slow student and took nine years to figure it out. Tom could have used her help way back in 2005 when he was actually being attacked.

Trotskyite Wreckers and Internetistas Are Responsible for Attacks Upon the Church of Scientology

“Trotskyite wreckers, Internetistas, and other double dealers have been found to be the SP’s responsible for derailing COB’s most recent five year plan,” Comrade Frankovich Wondermanski somberly declared at the recent 37th International Sea Org Party Congress held in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Party Chairman Davidovich Miscavige

khrushchev“The Party’s stats should have been in screaming AFFLUENCE with all of the new 122,914 Ideal Orgs Chairman Miscavige has opened,” Wondermanski shrieked while pounding on the lectern with his shoe.

“But no! OSA has found that Trotskyite wreckers and other double dealers have been sent in to derail Chairman Miscavige’s five year plan.”

“Even critical Sea Org tractor  and video production is down due to the Trotskyite wreckers and other SP’s sent in by Psychiatry,” Wondermanski thundered.

“Chairman Davidovich Miscavige is taking stern measures to locate and shatter the hidden Trotskyite wreckers and other double dealers whose pernicious sabotage has already derailed Super Power by making it appear to be a decadent farce manufactured by the Party in order to cater to a tiny handful of bourgeois Scientology whales whose weak egos need constant massaging.”

“An unnamed Party apparatchik — whose name has been lost to the sands of time but whose probing questions remain — has asked — and we are rephrasing his words:

“‘How are we to explain the fact that our leading comrades, having a rich experience in the struggle against all sorts of anti-Scientology and anti-Sea Org currents, proved in the present case to be so naive and blind that they were unable to discern the real face of the enemies of the Church, that they failed to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing and were unable to tear away their masks?

“Can it be claimed that the wrecking and diversionist-espionage work of the agents of foreign states operating in the territory of the Church of Scientology can be anything unexpected and unprecedented for us?

“No, it is impossible to claim this. This is demonstrated by the wrecking acts in various branches of the Church’s fundraising program during the past ten years, beginning in the Ideal Org period, as recorded in official documents.

Anonymous“Can it be claimed that in this past period there were no precautionary signals or warnings about the wrecking, spying, or terrorist activities of the Internetistas, the very agents of suppression?  No, it is impossible to claim this. We had such signals, and we as Sea Org members have no right to forget about them.

“The disparaging attacks upon Chairman Davidovich by the Internetistas, by Anonymous, were the first serious warnings which indicated that enemies of the Church would resort to double-dealing and that they would mask themselves as Scientologists, as Party members, in order to worm their way into our confidence and to thus open access for themselves into our organizations!

“The mistake made by some of our Party comrades is that they failed to notice and did not understand this difference between the old and new wreckers, between the Psychs and the Internetistas, and, not noticing this, they were unable to adapt themselves in time to fight with the new wreckers in a new way.”