Kevin’s Not Gay No More!

We in RTC were shocked to see what happens when decent R6 implant religions become the victims — as is the Church of Scientology — of criminal Joking & Degrading on the internet.

The story begins when “Kevin” is delivered from being gay.

Please watch :15 – 1:05

Music Man Dre takes Kevin’s deliverance and turns it into musical J&D:

The lessons here:

1. Only the Church of Scientology can make a person ungay. We can “audit the gay away” for as little as $1,000,000.

2. Religion is a serious matter and should not be parodied.

3. If you believe you are gay and want to be ungay, please contact your nearest Scientology Ideal Org for immediate assistance.

4. The Church of Scientology hotline for help: 1-900-UNGAY ME. Scientology registrars are standing by 24/7 to assist those who wish to be ungay.

5. If you are gay and already in the Church of Scientology, please remain as deeply closeted as possible and don’t make waves or create an “Out PR” situation as these things can get messy.

6. While we in the Church of Scientology like to claim we are okay with gays, we actually are not and will never be.

7. COB is not gay.

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  1. I have just attested to the “ATGO” RD! I must say that the wins I got on the GAT II Audit The Gay Out Rundown are much better than the Pre-Gat II wins I got. I felt like I wasn’t gay before, but I couldn’t help but looking at men’s rumps, and wondering what was in their pockets. In addition, I just tore up my Pier One Imports credit card!

    Thank you COB, for the touch assist you personally delivered on me, I mean to me!


  2. Whew… I’ve been so worried that COB might be a little light in his hand-made John Lobb loafers. Thanks to those in RTC for setting the titanium record straight. Now I know that COB is truly a man’s man. Hmmm… wait a sec…


  3. Hold on a second…

    Since when is COB not gay? How could he not be gay? Nobody goes through mink oil by the case just for their hair. Who is 100% finicky about his custom made shoes, shirts, and suits. Has anyone been addicted to interior design like this man? And finally, does he not have the worst case of overcompensation ever?

    Best buddies = TC and JT. I rest my case.

    He should embrace his gayness. It’s 2014. Even Earnest Angley is out.


    • Scientology can… help… Ernest Angley be ungay… We have effective solutions. For one, COB has ordered Rev Angley into the Introspection Rundown to… help Angley destimulate from his incident of being gay. Angley just needs to as is being gay and then he will be ungay. As isness will save Angley and everyone else. An altered as isness will not.

      COB is not gay and cannot possibly be gay. On the other hand, if COB is gay he is not gay around JennyAtLAX.


  4. The first major cognition in the ATGO RD is that “buggery is a pain in the ass”. Once the PC realizes this, the next major objective is to get him to stop thinking of COB or Jenny Linson naked when masterbating or having sex. Once this feat is mastered, the only other thing needed is an increase in their IAS status to attest to the state of “strait”.


    • Kevin was not gay in a new unit of time. Later, in a different unit of time, he was gay. Only the ATGO RD that Skydog had monster blow out wins on can one as is gayness and make a person ungay and exterior will full perceptions. Come to Flag and experience the miracles! And might we add that the new bacon French toast is delicious!


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