The RTC E-Meter Police


The credit card reader on the new Ultra Mark VIII means that auditing has never been easier!

Simply slide your card and voila! You’re in session!

GestapoOn a related note, the RTC E-Meter Police will be fanning out this week to collect and destroy all old e-meters.

If you simply surrender all old e-meters upon demand, this collection cycle will not be difficult for you or the RTC E-Meter Police.

Please do not make things difficult or it could get very ugly for you!

Furthermore, to ensure strict compliance with this cycle, the RTC E-Meter Police will conduct an additional search of your home, office, and storage unit, this to ensure that you are not hiding any unauthorized materials.

The RTC E-Meter Police are your friends; they are here to assist you in the happy transition from all of those useless old e-meters to the new Ultra Mark VIII E-Meter — and the Mark VIII is now the only e-meter on the planet approved of by we in RTC!

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  1. Credit card dongle…fiendishly clever…amazingly simple. I’ll bet it even cognates an available balance and reserves it for future sessions.

    Also gotta love the new RTC/OAS uniforms. Going for that old school look of fascistic authority totally works.

    Happy Thanksgiving to thee in RTC!


  2. Dear Mr. otviiiisgrrr8,
    We bought an Easy Bake Oven at Charlie’s Great Deal Warehouse Store. We thought it was the UltraMarkVIII. They look exactly the same and we could afford the price of the oven. Will the E-Meter Police notice?


  3. When you say “this to ensure that you are not hiding any unauthorized materials,” does this include older books with the semicolons?


  4. Like Apple has the new iPhone 5S GOLD-edition, You in RTC must have millions of future secret bestseller special GOLD-edition Ultra Mark VIII e-meters ready to be launched and empty the GOLD and PLATIN creditcard accounts of golden whales. Only want to know if the staff at Int-base already has been trained and passed to deliver a mandatory GOLD certification-process on the e-meter (to ensure that the correspondent pin-codes of the creditcards used on the e-meter are stored and can be used by You in RTC) ?


  5. I have some of the original BTBs and would like to be able to trade them in on the axmith meter when it comes out again. Will the exhange be one BTB for each Azmith or is it 2 BTBs for one ULTRA. I am sorry it is not totally CLEAR to me, I seem a bit confused and spinny at the same time.
    And since I have your attention will the next E-meter be called a deja vu, coz I feel like I have seen this all before.


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