We in RTC to Mike Rinder: You Can’t “Schedule” Historical World Changing Events!

Mike Rinder is a bitter defrocked apostate who use to work for the Church of Scientology. We in RTC don’t know what Mr. Rinder did for the Church as we have nothing, nada, zilch to do with the daily operations of the Church. Our only concerns are ecclesiastical you see.

In any case, Mr. Rinder has been attacking COB RTC David Miscavige for what he perceives to be Mr. Miscavige’s utter inability to set a firm date for the launch of GAT II. Rinder tries to create the impression that COB is incapable, evasive, hobbled by enormous legal problems, or has no actual product to launch.


COB RTC David Miscavige opens the new Ideal RPF Slave Camp #17 in Siberia. Designed to physically brutalize and reeducate errant Sea Org members, Slave Camp #17 will make the Hole look like Disneyland!

But look at the fallacy in Rinder’s argument. GAT II will be such an enormously historical and world changing event that the Gregorian calendar itself will be replaced in favor of the COB calendar which begins in 1960 when the Savior COB was born this lifetime.

“You can’t just willy-nilly schedule such historical and world-changing events,” declared Dr. Mike Marmot of Freedom Magazine. “To expect GAT II to be given a firm and definite launch date is like saying that WW III should be firmly scheduled ahead of time so that people can save money by purchasing airplane tickets in advance!”

“That is such stupidly ridiculous Wog think!” Marmot exclaimed.

“Events such as GAT II occur in ways beyond our control and have an inscrutable logic. Because he is such a big being, only COB alone understands when GAT II should be launched,” Marmot declared.

“Moreover, it is not just the date that matters, but the exact hour and minute matter as well. For this reason, Mr. Miscavige is consulting with his personal astrologer Jyotisha-Vastu to determine the exact day, hour, and minute for the propitious launch of GAT II.”

“The exact day, hour, and minute of the launch of GAT II will be announced only after  Jyotisha-Vastu calculates the most favorable alignment of the planets in relationship to Flag Land Base,” Marmot said by way of summarizing in order to conclude.


Vedic astrologer Jyotisha-Vastu is assisting COB RTC David Miscavige in determining the exact moment to launch GAT II.

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  1. Not what I heard… Kirstie Ally gets to pick time and place for GAT ll, and she says she will do it after she writes her next book- about the married loves of her (many lives) that she never had sex with. Ok, this could take awhile.


  2. WOW!! This post blew me 10 ft out of my head!! So much to take in!!

    Astrology – All I can say is who’d a thunk it!?

    The new Siberian enclave…ummm…May I suggest “Gulag” has a more civilized sound than “Slave Camp”?

    Thee in RTC must be working 24/7 to keep up with all of these developments not to mention reporting on them.

    Would the years prior to 1960 be referred to as “BS”?


    • Whooda thunk indeed? And yet all great world leaders have personal astrologers.

      Call COB a slave to style, but having one’s own personal astrologer is such a “world leader” thing to do!

      PS: Captain, please e-mail us soonest at the usual e-mail address.


  3. GAT2+Astrology=Awesome
    This should put a stop to all this entheta about scientology being nothing but a crackpot psuedo science.
    Also the first person to crack wise about Tom Cruise,David Miscavige and”Uranus”will be sent to stalag #17 for a healthy dose of re education and cholera.


    • We like how you think 4! If we had more no-nonsense-slug-the-sp’s-in-the-face Scientologists like you and fewer of these pantywaist dilettantes — who have zero confront of anything — we would have broken through the Maginot Line of Suppression in 1993.


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