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  1. OT8 –
    Someone needs to advise Mr. V80657, perhaps through a youtube reply – “There is an international shortage of goldenrod paper right now, hello!. As soon as we get our hands on it, a goldenrod will be proudly served on your SP ass!!”.

    Our ability to purchase 60lb goldenrod certificate stock by the pallet has been seriously impinged. We’ve been offered canary, buff, oatmeal, blue, and even green, but are continually told that goldenrod is unobtainable. I’m beginning to think the psychs may be behind it.

    We’d send somebody to Staples, but we’re afraid they might blow.


    • I think the way to deal with the goldenrod shortage is the same as you in RTC have dealt with so many forms of Wog sabotage in the past: do it yourself. I think you should immediately raise $25 million to buy and rehab the world’s first Ideal Paper Mill. Then you can have as much paper as you want in whatever colors your little heart desires.

      Of course, I’m not the only one who thinks this. You should look at the second half of this video, which features a leaked tape of COB rehearsing a presentation, in which he floats the Ideal Paper Mill idea. The relevant part starts at about 16:00 in. This was from the “SP of the Year Award” presentation at Pooks’s big SP party in August in New England. Maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to sharing this exciting new venture with the rest of you in RTC yet.


    • The psychs are behind it, along with Big Pharma. Responsible for the rising taxes on cigarettes LRH loves, the shortage of goldenrod, the lack of news coverage on Narconon success stories, the shrinking bee population (bees help pollinate Barley)…Did I miss anything?


  2. Yes, Captain whostolemycog, the international shortage of goldenrod proves that some sinister group is out to sabotage the Founder’s perfect color-coded Admin system.

    And of all things, the Psych-controlled IMF (International Monetary Fund) just this morning offered us twenty metric tonnes of goldenrod — enough to meet our needs for the next six months. But of course there was a catch: the IMF wanted, in exchange, for COB to cancel the launch of GAT II for those six months!

    We in RTC took the deal and the fellow in the video will be the first to be shown his goldenrod after which we will file it away in our nuclear proof SP Records Vault.


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