Scientologist Will Smith Badly Beaten by Newspaper Reporter!

The news out of of Hollywood is shocking.

Some stupid fictional wog story about a man from a another planet who has “Super Power” is making fantastic sums of money!

We in RTC ask ourselves how all of you credulous wog idiots out there in Wogville can believe such nonsense — let alone spend buckets of money to watch a suppressive 2.5 hour movie that is pure science fiction.

Super Power?


It boggles the mind.

Released one week ago, Man of Steel has grossed a record-breaking $169,000,000 in cash, this according to wog movie site Box Office Mojo:

More powerful than a Venutian freight locomotive and able to leap tall buildings with a s single bound, Man of Steel keeps making more money as it skyrockets towards the financial stratosphere!

On the other hand, secret Scientologist Will Smith’s  super fantastic Scientology parable After Earth has only grossed $57,000,000 against its $130,000,000 production.

This performance is as limp as COB after a fifth of scotch.

Accordingly, we in RTC have assigned Will Smith the condition of Confusion.

Will must find out where he is at.

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  1. Nicely done, OTVIII.

    Will you in the RTC be pursuing legal remedies concerning these “super powers”? Clearly this alleged “super” “man” has been “squirreling” the “tech”. You in the RTC have a “duty” to “protect” the “tech”, don’t you? Your “make-wrong” attitude re: “secret scilon” Will Smith, not to mention your “loose talk” about David’s “bedroom issues”, suggests you “have” O/Ws on this matter of the “abject failure” of After Earth.

    Report to me for some Chocolate Velvet ethics correction. 😉

    And tell David he need not be embarrassed, it happens to every man on occasion. Although really, a “big being” like Davey should be fully functional regardless of how much fine Scotch is “on board”. So perhaps, on second thought, he does need to be embarrassed…


    • Mr. Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology and is in peak physical shape.

      Moreover, he remains in peak physical condition as he continues to lead the Church into an unprecedented era of expansion wherein over 200 Ideal Churches are opened each month all over the world including our newest one in Moscow, Idaho.

      I have many times seen Mr. Miscavige practice expert level US Marine Corps judo and pistol skills here at Int Base where I reside of my own free will and sleep on the floor each night as is my preference.

      Although I do not have carnal knowledge of Mr. Miscavige (and I do not wish to have any as I am not a homosexual), I nevertheless have personally witnessed COB’s razor sharp reflexes and glistening muscles when he works out or tans in his official COB RTC tanning bed.

      Based upon my direct observations of COB, and I do spot him when he pumps iron, I have absolutely no reason to suspect that Mr. Miscavige experiences any sort of impotence, flaccidity, or infirmity of body or mind. Indeed, his right hook is as quick as ever.

      As to alcohol, Mr. Miscavige only has a thimbleful of strong drink on ceremonial occasions when he is toasted by dignitaries, say, Mr. Louis Farrakhan, a fellow religious leader with whom Mr. Miscavige sometimes exchanges witty bon mots about the Satanic Jews who control everything.

      Based upon my foregoing attestation of the facts, what was said about Mr. Miscavige being “limp” was clearly false reporting and an attempt to attack the Church and its leader.

      This is true.


      • Oh Normy, you so crazy!

        David has told me all about you, you bad boy. You better stay on base, cause if you leave, you just might be arrested. Then, you’d have to flip on your COB, to save your own ass.

        David knows this, and he has plans for you, Norm. I don’t agree with them, so I’ll give you a little heads up: when David tells you that his hairpiece blew away on a gust of desert wind, and he wants you to go track it down on foot, and that will get you out of the Hole — DON’T. He’s got a “special spot” all picked out for you, Norman. You know what I mean.

        My little David is SO diabolical! I don’t know WHAT to do with him…


    • Glad to see you back on post CV!

      We in RTC were concerned that you were ARC broken with us after you caught OSA digging through your trash.

      We would like to say it was nothing personal but it actually was.

      COB wanted to know if you were writing him love letters that you almost finished and then crumbled up and threw in the trash.

      COB summons the Particle Flow Officer each day to see if there are any letters from you.

      When there are none, he locks himself in his bedroom and listens to his hero Robert Tilton:


      • Hey, OTVIII, it’s great to be back.  Glad you missed me.

        I did catch those OSA weasels in my garbage.  I figured that’s where they belong anyway, so I just closed the lid on them and weighed it down with bricks til the garbage men came.

        I did not realize they were on a personal mission for their COB.  Poor David!  I didn’t realize he was pining away for me like that.  He can be such a mean drunk, and we didn’t part on good terms last time I saw him.  I hope he recovered from the black eye and dislocated elbow he suffered when he walked into that door while I was there.  I told him that would happen if he acted up again, but he’s so stubborn!

        You can let my angry Davey know that all is forgiven, and I’ll see him soon.  In the meantime, please forward him this photo of the Chocolate Velvet, so he’ll stop throwing hissy fits…


  2. OTVIII, the fact you possess intimate knowledge on the elasticity of COB’s wood has me sincerely hoping you two aren’t playing choo-choo to the other’s caboose. After all, such information isn’t something COB puts out there for dissemination when applying fists and feet to his SP staff. Sharing hyper-confidential information in such a careless manner leaves no choice in the matter of a KR. To not report you would be committing my own O/W.

    It all about KSW!


    • Whostolemycog, you’re forgetting that we in RTC receive all KR’s.

      We read your very detailed and highly informative KR on us and promptly shredded it.

      COB will never see it because we conveniently cut his comm lines as we please. For us, “KSW” means telling COB only what he wants to hear. That is how we keep our jobs.

      And frankly speaking, if the Fleet Admiral wants to play “hide the submarine” with a few of his young male interns that is just not a matter of concern to we in RTC.

      What does is concern us, however, are those Scientologists who are withholding cash from the IAS. Now that is a treasonous high crime that is of extreme concern to RTC. Facts about Scientologists concealing or hiding cash from the IAS must be immediately written up in a KR.


      • Knowledge Report

        1. Senior INT RTC official went on record alleging Ethics are not absolute, but relative depending on who/what/where/when/why.
        2. Same said RTC official admits cutting COB’s comm lines, “as we please”.
        3. Finally, this senior RTC exec was blasphemously quoted referring to KSW as merely being a way to ensure his continued employment.

        To calm my nerves, I stayed up all night watching youtube videos of Tom Cruise explaining the real meaning of KSW and its importance to the planet.

        This is true.


      • Holy X___! Now that was a blistering, face-ripping, savage KR from whostolemycog!

        This KR factually so impinged on us that we in RTC had one of our major planetary-level cognitions: There must be a hidden SP on our lines somewhere in RTC!

        The search has begun for the hidden SP at the highest level of the Church of Scientology!

        No stone will be left unturned as we sec check everyone including the sec checkers.

        Furthermore, Sea Org Admiral Tom Cruise has been called in to locate and shatter suppression in RTC.

        We have found one clue at the scene of the crime: A small custom elevator shoe:


  3. The RTC staff member who made a gross and wholly untrue out ethics comment about COB’s private member as it relates to alcohol consumption has received a well-deserved religious beating at Scientology’s Int Base.

    The errant staff member — who is now a declared SP — pulled in this beating for Joking & Degrading about Mr. David Miscavige.

    Those of us in OSA applaud RTC’s prompt application of justice in defense of COB.

    On a personal note, I know that Will Smith approves of the Church of Scientology’s application of justice as he continues to support the Church finacially and in so many other Theta ways.

    Please do keep writing up KR’s to RTC on such behavior.

    We in OSA always stand ready to harshly punish all crimes against the Church of Scientology and its leading names!

    We are here to Clear the Planet.

    We do not fear to hurt others in our just cause.

    Chrurch of Scientology Justice at Work!


  4. The only thing Will Smith has to worry about is how mad Jada is going to be. Losing 80 million of her dollars is going to give us great movies like ‘Men In Black 12 Electric Boogaloo’.


    • Jada is so furious that Will is staying at the Manor for a few weeks as our guest. Of course, he will be extensively sec checked during this time to determine why he created the overt product After Earth.

      Will Smith obviously has crimes and he needs to spit them out!


  5. After some quick Hollywood accounting, Sony/Columbia has taken the $130 million production cost, added distribution and marketing, subtracted foreign and domestic box office, calculated exhibitor’s cut and projected “After Earth” will flow cash during an Aeroflot flight from Bulgravia to Sochi, Russia in time for the Winter Olympics. In March 2014, Will Smith will announce “After Earth 2” will be released in June. It will be the exact same movie but re-edited with more commas and semicolons.


  6. Battlefield Earth was so much better than Superman. Would you rather look at Terl or the Christopher Reeve character? C’mon! And to think that ugly Superman is merchandised more than Terl dolls.


  7. Knowledge Report

    I think that this story about Mr, Will Smith is a complete fabrication by some antisocial Psychs that are funded by Big Pharma to cause enturbulation. Personally, I think some pie faced Wog idiot just forgot to type a 1 in front of the number 56,442,209. So the real number 156, 442, 209 is actually an upstat. Just like COB RTC said it would be. of Mr. Smith’s movie. That box office mojo is just a suppressive false report trying to make COB and Mr. Will Smith wrong.

    There were 10,765, 346, 348, 293 people at the movie theatre when I saw After Earth- all 13 times!

    This is true.

    No Case on Post


    • This is an excellent KR Nocaseonpost.

      It is much, much, much better than Whostolemycog’s KR which we shredded.

      COB said “well done” after he read your KR. He has awarded you Ethics protection on the next KR written on you.

      We quite agree that with your factual observation that, “some pie faced Wog idiot just forgot to type a 1 in front of the number 56,442,209.”

      These SP transcriptionists, you see, are all dramatizing psychotics out to enturbulate others by use of false reports.


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