COB Discovers Anonymous’ Secret Cyborg Factory!

COB RTC David Miscavige has once again done the miraculous.

While recently exterior with full perceptics and operating with his Super Powers, COB factually located Anonymous’ secret Cyborg factory. In doing so, COB has uncovered and laid bare the very core of Planetary Suppression.

COB immediately sent in a crack OSA team to infiltrate this secret factory where Anonymous cyborgs are manufactured.

An OSA undercover operative took the photo seen below by using a deadly Psych tampon camera concealed within her feminine area.

This photo shows Anonymous’ titanium-borazon alloy rocket-proof masks being fabricated by a Marcab-certified German technician.

Operated by the Rockefeller Illuminant Psychiatrique (RIP), a division of Freemasonry Inc., the secret Anonymous factory is located ten levels under the main floor of of Fortress Marienberg in Würzburg, Germany.

After building the cyborg bodies of Anonymous in its underground lair, the Rockefeller Illuminant Psychiatrique implants Anons with a terrorist program called SERPENT (Scientology Enturbulation-Rage Protocol, Engage Nefarious Targets).

Anonymous Cyborg being implanted to irrationally attack the Church of Scientology

After implanting, the titanium-borazon alloy rocket-proof masks are welded onto Anonymous cyborgs whereupon terrorism and mayhem ensue:

An Anonymous Class 9 cyborg attempted to steal top secret Mark CV e-meter plans and sell them to Big Pharma. OSA caught the cyborg in the act. We had the cyborg melted down and cast into 1,298 size 4 e-meter cans and nine ashtrays for use by Fleet Admiral David Miscavige.

We in RTC are furious, furious we say, that Anonymous’ code name for Church members is “NT” or Nefarious Targets.

We in the Church of Scientology are not nefarious.

Moreover, while we could argue that the “NT” label is dehumanizing, the fact is that we are not human. We in the Church of Scientology are Homo Novis and have a clear goal of world domination — and this is being effected by putting in Scientology Ethics on the planet.

We already control Colombia, Clearwater, the LAPD, the L.A. Sheriff Dept., and other countries and agencies. Soon we will control you.

As for Anonymous: Now that that we know where their secret factory is, we have ordered OSA to sabotage and destroy the factory using nefarious means!

Anonymous: You have been warned!

Cease your operations against the Church of Scientology or face the deadly peril of a full-blooded charge by OSA over your ramparts.

We are, after all, dauntless, defiant, and resolute.

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  1. I can’t wait to find out how the dauntless, defiant, resolute OSA task force deals with this tremendous discovery. Perhaps they’ll send John Allender and his bumbling team of Squirrel Busters or OSA witch Donatella Kevenaar?


    • OMG!

      Super SP Platinum Chromium Meritorious Tory Christman is here at RTC’s blog!

      Quickly! Quickly! Call the authorities before COB flips his wig!

      Tory is trouble with a capital T!


  2. Once again COB David Miscavige has shown himself the Greatest World Historical Leader since the late Adolf Hitler. Not Josef Stalin not Mao Tse Tung not Pol Pot not Saddam Hussein not Kim Jong Il can hold a sparkler to his volcanic zeal for Saving The Human Race.

    A lesser leader than “The Man From Philly” would have wiped out the gang of foul-mouthed 15-year-old cyberterrorist religious hate criminals from “Anonymous” within a week of their appearance harassing millions of upstat Scientologists at orgs in over 130 cities around the world in February 2008.

    But COB is smarter than that. He is even smarter than a 5th grader. He allowed the “Anonymous” SP criminals to fester and weed out numerous SPs infesting and defiling the Church of Scientology.

    Thanks to his wisdom, craftiness and foresight, thousands of SPs within the Church have shown their true colors and fled and many thousands more have spoken out, condemning themselves out of their own mouths with their lies about COB being a dictator, thug, degraded being, etc.

    Had he lashed out in early 2008, these SPs would have never have been exposed in their incessant plots and sabotage of COB’s brilliant programs for Ideal Orgs for the masses and the launching of the glorious Golden Age of Tech II.

    COB’s stunning revelation of the discovery of Anonymous cyborg factory is matched in brilliance only by his truly mind-boggling management of the Super Power Building.

    COB, we salute you, now and for the next billion years!


    • Well done AnonHater!

      It is only through the heroic actions of card-carrying IAS members such as yourself that the Church of Scientology continues to flourish and prosper.

      AnonHater, we in RTC need to fire you on a special “Straight from COB” mission to help OSA terminate the secret Anonymous cyborg factory once and for all!

      Can we count on you to join the very select and super-special OSA Covert Undercover Neutralization Theta Squad as we end cycle on Anonymous?


      • If COB loves CUNTS then sign me up. We have long needed a large-scale plan to dismantle Anonymous in its present form.

        One of these degenerate little “faggots”, as these so-called “anons” apparently love calling themselves, a certain “Gustav Brackman” at the Anonymous Hamubrg FaceBook Page (warning: entheta site – special OSA clearance needed) has read your fine article and posted:

        “everything ok – as long as they don’t find our sekrit website.”

        HA! Just wait until COB’s OSA CUNTS ruthlessly put ethics in on these little pervs.


  3. I always thought the Mask was the source of planetary supression. Boy was I wrong, it’s the Cyborgs who ARE in ACTUALITY behind the masks and the REAL SPs. Good work OSA !! We needed you and you came through !! I feel so free knowing this..


    • SuperOT4U, we can literally feel — in the Theta universe — that big dial wide floating needle of yours.

      Like you, and every other Scientologist, we in RTC are on a big never-ending win thanks to what COB has done and continues to do everyday to smash, destroy, obliterate, and annihilate the Psychs.

      And yes, by discovering the secret Anonymous cyborg factory, COB has literally located and exposed the very source of Planetary Suppression at its source.

      Hence, COB’s singular accomplishment is a much, much, much bigger accomplishment than the wog armies that won WWII. So please join us in rising to our feet and proclaiming in a very loud voice, “Thank You Sir!”


  4. The deadly Psych agent known as Observer is mocking COB. We are keeping our eye on him and will find his crimes.

    Observer is obviously an Anonymous cyborg with an enhanced J&D chip.

    His J&D must stop:


  5. Enhanced J&D chip!! Very clever indeed. Do you know where these can be purchased? Implanting these chips in Senior INT Execs could provide the levity that Co$ is sorely lacking. Even powerful beings must know the power of a smattering of self deprecation. Obviously LRH gets this which is why he allowed himself to be photographed whilst appearing to pick his nose.


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