Actual OT Positive Case Gain is Here!

We in RTC wish to inform all OT’s that the $500,000 or more you may have donated in the past was all for negative case gain.

Due to COB’s brilliance, we in RTC are proud to announce for the first time ever positive case gain! You may prepay (non-refundable) your OTIX and OTX whereupon OTXI will be complimentary.

We in RTC assure you that OTIX and OTX will rock your universe and make you in command of this sector of the universe! All we can say for now is, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”

So yes, the R Factor* is this: You are not an actual OT and never were. Which is to say we need you to join the Sea Org to help make the first actual OT’s in this universe!


* R Factor: Reality Factor, a datum given by a senior terminal to adjust the Reality of lesser terminal. R Factors are gradient:

1. R Factor

2. “SRA” or Serious Reality Adjustment

3. Face Ripping

4. Comm Ev

5. SP Declare

6. Bitter Defrocked Apostate Declare

7. A nasty article written about you in Freedom Magazine

8. Our lawyers pay you to settle after you pummel COB in court

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  1. No wonder the Garcia’s were pissed off!! WTF!!?? What would you say to a cognition that the promise of becoming an “actual” OT is reminiscent of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown?

    Well, yes, you could say Charlie Brown wasn’t out $500k…


  2. It occurs to us this is going to set everyone up for one of those pesky internal debates…you know like..

    Buy it in hardback/wait until it comes out in paperback??
    Go see it at the theater/wait until it shows up on Netflix??
    Pay megabucks to RTC/get it free off the internet??

    Decisions..decisions. Any advice?



      You are such a flagrant and suppressive criminal for even having such thoughts! And how dare you put them in writing on the internet!

      Thetans may only get OTIX and OTX aboard the RTC-certified motor vessel The Freewinds.

      Any OT levels “found on the internet” are dangerous and will kill any thetan who uses them.

      The Tech is so very deadly that it is only safe in an Ideal Org or The Freewinds.

      Factually, and as has been found by actual research, the Tech is no longer even safe in older Non-Ideal Orgs. Therefore, we in RTC will be de-certifying as the new Ideal Orgs come online.


      • Wait OTVIII WAIT!! Stop the Comm Ev!!

        I think your page may have been hacked…I said:

        Cash in my retirement & and give to RTC or Join Sea Org???


  3. Thank you for coming up to PT and cogging on the need to save Scientology by making heroic donations to the IAS whostolemycog!

    This Comm Ev is finished and you ordered back onto post.


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