Mr. Spencer


Mr. Spencer and Old Ned were talking next to the Beast. Suddenly there was a dull thud from inside the machine.

Mr. Spencer looked at his watch.

“2357 hours,” he noted as he placed a set of heavy duty industrial padlocks on the two doors of Beast.

Old Ned raised the temperature in the Beast from 1680F to 1800F and set the timer for three hours.

“The decoy team?” asked Mr. Spencer.

“Disbanded and headed back to Russia on a private jet,” Old Ned answered.


“The car?”



The two men went back to discussing particulars of the Palladium event that needed to be scheduled.

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  1. OMG!! The suspense has me totally enturbulated!! The anticipation for the next episode is more pronounced than I felt waiting to end my stay on the RPF’s RPF when I misplaced an important cog.


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