COB RTC David Miscavige Is Missing! Part 2



 COB’s bodyguards surrounded COB when he entered the restroom. Yet they had no idea how COB had managed to disappear in the dark bathroom.

Bodyguard Vance told the PI’s that he clearly heard the restroom stall door slam shut and wondered if COB had run into the stall for protection. That was a standard part of COB’s safety drills: When in danger get into a protected closed space asap and let your bodyguards come to you; don’t wait for them if there is imminent danger.

Vance told the PI’s that he was fending off  several attackers and this delayed him getting to the stall. He opened the door and, seeing no one in there,  he turned back into the fight to look for COB. Upon further questioning, Vance offered the curious datum that the stall had a “fresh air” smell that was out of place in the otherwise malodorous restroom.

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  1. I think I saw him in the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland. He was dressed up as the Dutch boy. It was a plus that the costume fit, since the animatronic figure he replaced is in for repairs and child labor laws prevent children from working the long hours needed to fill in, especially during a holiday weekend when there are more visitors to the Magic Kingdom.


  2. Hmmm…

    OK, OTVIII. I’m going to go ahead and point out the obvious. Now, while the COB is missing, is an excellent time for you to blow. Get out, while the getting is good, as they say. David will return, when he’s good and ready. And when he gets back, you in the RTC are in for a lot of punching, slapping, kicking, and screaming. You know how it goes. That is the only way David can cope with the unexpected.

    Why not save yourself the inevitable stress and pointless degradation? I bet at least one of his bodyguards has already blown. Those guys really goofed the floof. You in the RTC do a good job, but I know David will punish you nonetheless. The Chocolate Velvet does not think you should stick around for such a wrong outcome. Run! Now!


  3. Sound man, cue the twilight zone music…..

    “Now for your consideration, a small man with huge ego, lost in a bath room vent stuffed with blue asbestos. Will he make the correct turns and get out or just keep crawling back to the pooper. Sounds like a little RPF for the little CREEP.”


  4. Reward: $50 coupon for Flag Accommodations…Wow!! A whole week’s pay?? That ought to get the hotline buzzing!!


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