David Miscavige Personally Inspects Dirty Restrooms — Part 3


The fight that began in the small dirty man’s restroom spilled out into the hallways and course rooms of the Los Angeles Ideal Org. By the time HCO had brought order, fifteen minutes had elapsed.

Church Attorney Rick Moxon. who was just around the corner working in his office in OSA Int at the HGB, heard of the fight by telex.

Church Attorney Rick Moxon

Church Attorney Rick Moxon

Mr. Moxon was immediately rushed over the to Los Angeles Ideal Org in a standard white Sea Org van.

The standard issue Sea Org Ford Ford E-350 Super Duty S Duty EXT Van Extended

While there had been many brutal assaults and minor injuries in the fight, Church attorney Rick Moxon ordered that the LAPD not be called as it would create bad PR for the Church.

Per standing COB Policy, all beatings were to be handled internally as a Church matter.

Some people would be Comm Ev’d and others would be declared SP’s. However, the news of the epic fight inside the Los Angeles Idea Org would never be spoken of again.

Rick Moxon decided that it would be as if this regrettable event, as so many other regrettable events in the Church of Scientology, had never happened. For example, Operation Snow White had never happened. That was just a tempest in tea pot over some purported misuse of government copier paper.


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