Reading Internet Entheta Causes Scientologist to go Type III at Flag!

Sea Org Admiral Tom Cruise has ordered we in RTC to issue a broad public warning to all Scientologists in good standing concerning the dangers of reading entheta online.


Sea Org Admiral Tom Cruise prepares to Sec Check a grossly Out Ethics OT.
Could this person be you? If you are reading entheta online, it is you.

While monitoring WiFi signals at Flag, the Scientology Entheta Police detected a female Pre-OT reading entheta on her mobile device — this while she was supposedly checking “work e-mails.”

She had bad indicators and looked like a crim the minute she walked onto the Base. OSA had her name and number.

 OSA can smell the internet on your breath!

The Scientology Entheta Police watch internet traffic of Church members. Hater websites create an immediate “Red Alert” and the offending parishioner is dealt with harshly and, in some case, declared an SP.

The entheta was posted on a popular and well-known hater website awash in wog think, joking & degrading, and Bitter Defrocked Apostate Syndrome. And no, it is not the hater website you read and post at because that website sucks. It is some other hater board.

Already in the dangerous area between Clear and OT, this woman engaged in the serious crime of reading a hate website. She immediately went Type III in an elevator at Flag:

Flag officials immediately declared the offender an SP and escorted her off the Base.

Let this be a warning to all Scientologists everywhere of the dangers of reading entheta online. Furthermore, it is the duty of all Scientologists everywhere to immediately write KR’s on their fellow Scientologists whom they suspect of reading entheta online.

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  1. Online stuff is bad for loyal indoctrinated Scientologists. When they find out that independent auditors are delivering auditing over the Internet like wog counselors do, they freak out. The idea of receiving auditing in the safety and security of their own home destabilizes them.

    Stick to what works! If GAT is good enough for POB, it is good enough for you. Pay no attention to those who are making clears and OTs outside the sacred premises of the CO$. If you can’t keep your attention on the one true path to enlightenment, you need to do your basic courses over until you can.


    • So, David, are we in RTC to take your comments to mean that you will not be increasing your IAS Patron status this month?

      The IAS was so counting on you to help make Ideal Org Vladivostok a reality!

      Please donate $500,000 today and we will send you a deluxe IAS thermos with a built-in flashlight!


  2. OT8, remember the scene from “The Wizard of Oz” when Margaret Hamilton starts screaming “I’m melting!” Or the one where Frank Morgan says “ignore that man behind the curtain”? The internet is Co$’s waterloo, just as water was to the witch and the open curtain was to the wizard.


  3. Ideal Org Vladivostok looks a lot like Buffalo NY in any winter. Without the delicious chicken wings of course. In Buffalo, all chicken wings are Buffalo wings. In scientology, are all engrams collected into the reactive mind while the mind is unconscious? I never remember anything that happens to me while I am unconscious, unless it involves chicken wings and hot sauce. And sometimes celery and blue cheese dressing……


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