Alex Jones Attacks Psych Drugs and Defends Guns

We in the Church of Scientology were delighted to see Alex Jones use killer TR’s to attack NWO/Big Pharma puppet Piers Morgan, the SP who wants to take guns away from Americans.

Alex Jones correctly cited Psych Drugs as one of the central problems in America — not guns. If we in RTC did not know better, we would swear that Alex Jones was an OTVIII, and we mean this as a compliment. We in Scientology love our guns. No government on this planet will ever take away our guns or e-meters!

We in RTC were pleased to see Alex Jones challenge Piers Morgan to a boxing match. We quite agree that people sometimes need to be hit, kicked, choked, or punched — and this is particularly true for pushy foreigners, wogs, and Sea Org members who backflash COB.

COB RTC David Miscavige commented that he would like to hire Alex Jones as Scientology’s new spokesperson because the pasty Tommy Davis never cut it and Karin Pouw is an embarrassing joke. COB said that Scientology needs someone like Alex Jones who can impinge and really drive home the fact that conspiracies are real. It is quite true, after all, that a giant Psychiatry Conspiracy exists to destroy the Church of Scientology and that members of Anonymous are paid by the Psychs to attack the Church.

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  1. I decided to do some fact checking on your statement about Psychs paying members of Anonymous. It’s TRUE!!!! If fact, they pay $17.50 per week and a per diem of $2.50 plus Burger King two-for-one coupons. There’s also a clothing allowance, one week of paid vacation and a 401k program. It might be in your best interest to keep these facts on the down low because current Sea Org might jump ship and move on to greener pastures. It boils down to beans and rice versus Whoppers with cheese, do the math.


    • We in RTC refuse to be out-created by the Psychs. We are having one of our wog attorneys call Burger King and negotiate a deal whereby the Church of Scientology does not attack Burger King in exchange for an endless supply of Burger King two-for-one coupons.

      But as we do not want Sea Org members blowing over a mere hamburger, we will build small Burger King stores and kiosks at Int Base and the Orgs. However, to save money, we will ensure that the burger patties are made from rice and beans.


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