One Weird Trick to Get Your Scientology Bridge for Free

We in RTC often read reports from our OSA Internet Policing Unit (OSA IPU) containing excerpts of posts written by drooling idiotic Scientology haters. These posts are full of lies.


Ned and his brother Ed: Two of the drooling Scientology-hating wog idiots who attack the Church of Scientology online. Photo from the OSA Surveillance Unit Camera Knowingness Squadron.

These Scientology haters blather on about how Scientology’s Bridge to Total Freedom costs a fortune. The usual figure cited is $360,000 and that is simply not true.

The fact is that Scientology’s Bridge to Total Freedom costs as much money as our Scientology regges can wring out of the tortured souls of Scientologists. If Scientology regges happen to use all of the twisted and dark content from the pc folders of Scientologists to obtain maximum donations, then we in RTC will certainly never punish upstat regges for meeting their quotas. So don’t even bother writing a KR on on it.

What we in RTC are saying is this: If you know that Scientology regges are barely reformed criminals out to separate you from your money, and yet you knowingly allow yourself be regged for Scientology services, then you get whatever is coming to you for being stupid.

It is no secret that Scientology regges operate based upon the principles Les Dane taught in his book Big League Sales Closing Techniques. It is no secret that Scientology regges will get face-ripping SRA’s, or even RPF’d, if they don’t meet their quotas. Scientologists know all about this and that is why we in RTC don’t care to hear any whining about how brutal reg cycles can be. The fact is that COB RTC David Miscavige orders brutal reg cycles as standard procedure and that the Church itself is a place where only tigers  survive.

'The Three Stooges'

Two Flag regges work over a Scientology public who has withholds on where his last remaining monies are hidden.

Shown below is a list of 31 things Les Danes taught Scientology regges to do to pull money from the wallets, credit cards, home equity, and all other sources of money that Scientologists have. Yet there is one weird trick to escape from all of these techniques and get your Bridge for free. We share this weird trick with you after the jump:

  1.       “Pull the key brick from the brick overcoat of sales resistance and the coat will collapse.”
  2.       “If at first you don’t succeed, tag.”
  3.      “Tagging the right man can mean the difference between a close and a miss.”
  4.      “For an easier close, tell a story, but not a lie.”
  5.      “Nod your head: A positive approach is the best approach.”
  6.      “You control the conversation and you’ll get the close.”
  7.      “Offer your prospect a choice: never a yes-or-no.”
  8.      “Do it all now; an incomplete close is not a close at all.”
  9.      “Don’t argue. You might win and blow the close.”
  10.      “If you never want to see your prospect again, sell him something he doesn’t need.”
  11.      “Identify with the prospect and watch the bricks fall.”
  12.      “Women are easy to close if you remember they are women.”
  13.      “Never leave the closing room without three more prospects’ names.”
  14.      “Flattery at the close will (usually) get you everywhere.”
  15.      “Invest a small portion of your earnings in future sales; it pays.”
  16.      “When you prepare the file on Mr. Jones make one on his brother-in-law, as well.”
  17.      “You can’t qualify that prospect from the seat of your pants.”
  18.      “Time spent with an unqualified prospect is time wasted. Time is all you have to help you at the close.”
  19.      “Seeing is believing; demonstrate.”
  20.      “Closing a family, sell each member according to his needs and wants.”
  21.      “The professional buyer wants facts, not claims or opinions.”
  22.      “Prospecting is a seven days per week must for the successful salesman.”
  23.      “The number of closing situations you find yourself in will be inversely proportionate to the number of hours spent on the seat of your pants.”
  24.      “When the closing effort bogs down, the double-team might pull it out of the bog.”
  25.      “The first close is not nearly as valuable as the ones in the future. Keep a file.”
  26.      “Smile, and get more closes.”
  27.      “Keep the conversation on the target: the close.”
  28.      “Press the go-button before the prospect is ready and it will be the blow-button.”
  29.      “When you stop closing you stop eating.”
  30.      “If you knock off when the sales room closes you’re in the wrong profession; selling is a full time job.”
  31.      “This is your bonus reminder: overhaul your closing techniques constantly and you’ll be a better closer, and will spend more commissions.”

What we in RTC wish to share with you today is one weird trick to get your Scientology Bridge for free:

Join the Sea Org!

That’s right!

All Sea Org members get their Bridge for free up through New OTVIII.

Delivered by the Universe Corps, Sea Org members get to enjoy being audited by Class VIII auditors while salvaging the Planet.

Who would have thought that something as easy as signing the billion year Sea Org contract would allow a person to rocket up the Bridge to Total Freedom? Yet it is true: Joining the Sea Org today is the one weird trick to get your Bridge for free!

So why be viciously regged by Scientology regges for your entire net worth (and then some!) when your signature on a Sea Org contract opens up Eternity for free!


Sea Org members at Flag waiting for the bus to take them to to get their free auditing.

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  1. AHEM…In the tradition of LRH’s theft………………….

    31 Essential Big League Sales Closing Techniques by Marshall Adler

    Consider this a major BACKFLASH to we in RTC!


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