Marcabs Invade PAC Base!


PAC Base Incident Report: 2213 Hours: Warships of the Marcabian Confederation decloaked and criminally penetrated Scientology airspace in an attempt to steal the OT materials. This violation of the RTC-Marcabian treaty may lead to war. Fleet Admiral David Miscavige has vowed to stop the recent unchecked episodes of Marcabian aggression and incursions into Scientology airspace.

Bottom line: The Marcabs will never get the OT materials and may never receive auditing in this or any other lifetime until they confess their crimes and give Scientology their exteriorization technology. We in Scientology need the Marcabian exteriorization technology because ours doesn’t work and never has.

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  1. Thank you Jeff and OTVIIIis Grrr8. Can I please have the great shot of the Marcabians on my shower curtain! So relaxing to get in a really hot shower & contemplate dm guarding the Glitter Invisible OTs especially 9 & 10 from the advancing tidal wave. πŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸ•³πŸ•³πŸ•³πŸ’›

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  2. Clearwater just can’t take a joke!

    Why don’t they let the looney Scientologists reno the whole downtown?

    All the Clearwater city officials need to do once all the downtown is all reno’d and spiffy, is then rename the streets of Clearwater with the same names as all of the TABOO words that Scientologists are NOT allowed to say, listen to, or read.

    Xenu Boulevard

    “Body-Thetans Alley”

    The local T shirt stories should just make mounds and mounds of Xenu T Shirts, and a local smarty entrepreneur ought to give away the Xenu T shirts to all Clearwater tourists, to wear as protection so the Scientologists stay far away from the tourists.

    All one has to do, is wear a T Shirt with the Scientology taboo words to keep the Scientologists from pestering you!

    Let the taboo words that Hubbard created chase the Scientologists away.

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  3. The Clearwater Tourist shop ought to have a boatload of T Shirts made up, which say:

    Xenu’s “body-thetans” Protection T Shirt
    Keeps Scientologists at bay
    Guarantees Tourists Free Passage through Scientology areas

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