Church of Scientology Defeats the Criminal Squirrel Group Narconon!

narconon-program-book-2We in RTC were shocked to learn of a criminal Psych group using the  name of “Narconon” in order to sell a bogus “Scientology-based”  drug treatment program.

To put it bluntly, OSA has determined that Narconon is an organized criminal group of Psychs who have ripped off Scientology technology to sell a squirreled version of the Purification Rundown to drug addicts and other illegal preclears.

The Founder’s policy on the matter is quite clear: Drug addicts are illegal pc’s and would never be accepted for Scientology services. So why is Narconon pretending to deliver the Purification Rundown to illegal pc’s? Exactly: Narconon is a group of squirrels and wholetrack psych implanters.

Pope.Miscavige.2Because the “Scientology” name brand is so valuable and desirable, thousands of drug addicts and their families were swindled into paying $35,000 or more per treatment at so-called “treatment centers.” Yet, as we in RTC have learned, these “treatment centers” were dens of depravity where sex was traded for drugs and phony drug counselor certifications were used by Narconon staff members.

Acting with his usual ecclesiastical alacrity, His Supreme Holiness David Miscavige today announced that OSA Legal filed a major lawsuit against Narconon last week. Acting with lightning speed, OSA’s fancy wog attorneys yesterday negotiated and signed a final and irrevocable legal settlement with Narconon.

The terms of the settlement include:

1. Narconon today paid a settlement of 100% of its real assets and 99.999% of its cash assets to the Church of Scientology International as financial compensation for harming the valuable name and reputation of the Church of Scientology. As a result of this settlement, Narconon is left with $1.00 in operating cash and is effectively bankrupt. “We got all of Narconon’s cash before Hambo got one thin dime,” exulted Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

2. Narconon agreed to immediately cease and desist using Scientology technology in any form, squirreled or standard.

3. Senior Narconon officials including Clark Carr, Gary Smith, and Mary Reiser have admitted in sworn declarations that they are the guilty parties who spearheaded the theft of NAFC drug counselor certifications. These same officials have sworn that David Miscavige has nothing to do with Narconon or the false NAFC certifications.

4. Senior Narconon officials including Clark Carr, Gary Smith, and Mary Reiser have admitted in sworn declarations that they are the guilty parties who  engaged in suspicious billings to insurance companies that some regulators might view as  “a big damn lying fraud!” This same successful legal action of making criminals admit their wrongdoings was used by OSA in forcing the old GO crim Linda Hamel to confess that she was the Chief Psych who ordered the expensive and dangerous misadventure known as the Squirrel Busters.

5. Narconon has ordered its 80+ staff members named in the NAFC lawsuit to file sworn declarations stating that they were ordered to claim bogus NAFC certifications by Clark Carr and Gary Smith or they would be fired. All staffers have also sworn that they were never Scientologists and never heard the name “David Miscavige.” Said affiants have additionally sworn that David Miscavige has never done business in Texas and they have never personally seen David Miscavige in Texas, Oklahoma, or any of those other states where they have those giant hurricanes and tornadoes, Florida excepted.

We in RTC have just been informed by OSA that  Clark Carr and Gary Smith both filed bankruptcy today and immediately fled to an island called Curacao in the Netherland Antilles. Thereafter, both men fled by boat to an unknown location and their whereabouts are unknown.

Local DSA are available to brief all publics on this matter. In conclusion, all Scientologists can take comfort in knowing that we in RTC work tirelessly behind the scenes to safeguard the ecclesiastical purity of the Scientology religion.

The destruction of the Narconon crime syndicate is a vindication of Fleet Admiral David Miscavige’s tireless and unceasing efforts to locate and shatter suppression in all of its forms.


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  1. How wonderful that COB and RTC are cracking down on these awful squirrels perverting the precious tech for profit and dragging LRH’s name through the mud! How dare they sully and cheapen our religion by using it to make money!


  2. Hey, Pope Miscavige — I see you traded in your pretentious faux Navy Admiral uniform bedecked with epaulets and bogus medals for something more “old school” like Papal vestments….still trying to clothe yourself in an aura of respectability, huh?


  3. Hopefully OSA will next look into the J&D apostate fringes of the internet where efforts to authoritatively imply the “Church” no longer exists to provide services and has instead devolved into nothing more than a 24/7/365 grab for cash continue unabated.

    We offer this recent list of completions as evidence:
    1. Rev Alfreddie is a Super Power complete.
    2. Bart Simpson’s voice (aka Nancy Cartwright) is now OT VII complete.
    3. Grant and Elerna Cardone are now Double Humanitarian complete.


  4. I thought the psychs were all but annihilated. At least that’s what COB has been stating for many years. No wog/psych/critic is at the same tone level of even the lowest level $cientologist, so, what’s going on here?


  5. I just love COB´s dress. I think he should wear it on a daily basis. It is awe inspiring and suitable for an ecclisiastical leader of his magnitude. I think the dress stresses the fact that he is indeed the leader of the fastest growing religion on earth today, and that COB is the sole cause of this massive and unprecedented expansion. We all need to thank him in a BIG way!

    May God bless his loving and caring heart!


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