Wog Encirclement

Wog Encirclement

An Essay and Call to Action by Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman


Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman.
IAS Legion of Golden Honors with Crossed Swords Status

What are the facts which our Church of Scientology comrades have forgotten about, or which they simply have not noticed, or about which they have doped off?

What our dilettantish comrades are not noticing is the Wog Encirclement of our Ideal Orgs.

What our lazy and puerile comrades have forgotten about is that we have a Planet to Clear.

Chairman Miscavige appeared yesterday for the Grand Opening of the People’s Organizations of AOLA and ASHO.

But what did Chairman Miscavige see with his own eyes?

He saw Wog Encirclement on all sides. Los Angeles has not been cleared and is in fact plotting on all sides against the Church of Scientology.

Chairman Miscavige additionally saw spectatorism of the worst type.

Man_eating_pizza_photoHe saw boorish, lazy, and indifferent public Scientology comrades who appeared at the Grand Opening only as spectators and only to stuff their faces with free pie, cake, and pizza.

And even when fortified with carbohydrates and sugar, these lazy Scientology comrades refused to make a howling charge over the ramparts to attack and destroy the Wog protesters who were situated a mere ten meters away from the Org.

 This is what Chairman Miscavige means when he speaks of Wog Encirclement and how Scientology comrades refuse to do anything about it.



We have an accepted habit of chattering about Wog encirclement, but our comrades don’t want to ponder about what Wog encirclement means and the dangers it poses. No, they would rather gorge themselves on pie, cake, and pizza while mouthing platitudes from the Founder – as if mouthing platitudes were a replacement for smashing wog protesters and obliterating Wog Encirclement.

Wog encirclement — it is not an empty phrase; it is a very real and unpleasant phenomenon. It reads on the meter.

TSAR.DAVEIs it clear that for as long as we have Wog Encirclement, we shall have wreckers, spies, diversionists, and obliterators sent to our rear by agents of SMERSH. This is what happened yesterday and it is why Chairman Miscavige left in disgust and revulsion after ten minutes.

The fact is that Church of Scientology is swimming with spies, defeatists, and wreckers who seek a return to an imagined time in the 1970’s when they claim things were so much better.  To which we say, “Come Up to Present Time!”

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  1. There is only one solution to such degraded behavior by those Scientologists in name only, for whom filling their bellies with cake is the height of spiritual attainment.

    COB must drop his ‘Mister Nice Guy’ mask and smash in ethics ruthlessly using his most potent weapon, ‘Suppressive Persons Declares’. So what, if a few million ‘Weekend Scientologists’ lose their eternity; they pulled it in with their greedy appetites and deserve massive punishment.

    Otherwise the Church will lose its religious purity and mankind will descend into the vicious cycle of war, crime and insanity.



    • Well said Comrade Andrew and you are highly commended for rallying around Dr. Wonderman in his call to action on behalf of Chairman Miscavige.

      And yes, soon there will be a new wave of purges in which all theetie-wheetie Scientologists say goodbye to their Eternity and hello to an SP Declare.


  2. Oh Grrr8! one!
    It is even worse than your most fervid imaginings!
    There are actually a growing number of spurious Scientologists who are so degraded that they welcome their Suppressive Persons Declare!!!

    They actually taunt the vertically challenged leader of all loyal sheeple with cries of , “Bring it on M-F!” and “Bite me!”

    They have no shame! And they take weekends off to drink beer and make bets on which whales will be next to wake up and escape.

    I fear that weeds will begin to grow where proud legions of chrome steel Sea Org members once marched. Are we to endure the fate of the legendary Ozymandias?
    “`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains round the decay of that colossal wreck…


  3. The whole agonizing future of every man, woman and child on this planet depends entirely on what Chairman Miscavige does here and now with Scientology. I would have to agree that smashing in ethics ruthlessly on all those cake and pizza eating dilettantes, dimwits and ignoramuses who don´t seem to get the SERIOUSNESS of it all, has got to be the only way. DECLARE them ALL!
    That´ll teach them a lesson!


  4. “Is it clear that for as long as we have Wog Encirclement, we shall have wreckers, spies, diversionists, and obliterators sent to our rear…”

    This is true…most COB loyalists have become accepting to a little rear end action…in a virtual sense of course.


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