Super Power Perceptic #13: Smell

We in RTC are pleased to report that final attendance figures for last week’s festivities at Flag Land Base totaled 33,891,209 Scientologists — 12,572 of whom went permanently exterior with full perception during the Theta stampede.

In order to give the public a sense of what goes on inside of Super Power, we discuss Perceptic #13 Smell.

The bold new Flag cologne: "I Dream of COB." Are you man enough?

The bold new Flag cologne: “I Dream of COB.” Are you man or woman enough for this potent musk?

A thetan uses his nose to smell. Thus, in this part of Super Power, the Scientologist looks at and picks his nose for 100 hours in Nasal TR’s & Objectives.

Following the inhalation of a given scent, the thetan’s total olfactory wholetrack is activated. This is a very dangerous area because smells are routinely used to implant thetans.

Therefore, after smelling something in Super Power, the preclear is routed onto five intensives of a special Flag only rundown called Scent Repair in which all engrams related to a given scent are handled to a F/N.

This process is then repeated with each of the 1024 scents on Perceptic #13. The EP of Scent Repair is Cause Over Scents, and indeed “scents” will be all you have left when you finish this rundown!

smell.3One of the harshest challenges for the Scientologist in Perceptic #13 of Super Power is the scent of a live skunk.

The Super Power C/S gives the commands, “Pick up the skunk. Thank you. Now, turn the skunk’s tail to your face.”

When the inevitable happens, the skunk releases an overwhelming scent. This too is handled in 10-20 intensives of Flag only auditing.


Smell.1Pilots of Perceptic #13 showed that powerful Scientology male OT’s, particularly Sea Org execs and Hollywood celebrities, love to smell their own armpits after a workout.

COB RTC David Miscavige also enjoys enhancing his theta abilities this way and so it is deemed a highly successful action.

For this reason, the Armpit Area was added to Super Power. In this part of the Rundown, one smells one’s armpits repeatedly until a cognition about POWER occurs.

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  1. All this pit sniffing made me yawn.
    Oh no……..I have an M/U.
    I think I will go sort that out with a nap.

    I don’t think I got the EP of this one right????


  2. What about us high paying donors who enjoy smelling our own farts? Is there an area in the Super Power rundown that addresses this?


    • Yes, the new Super Power Flatulence Enjoyment Area is a small room where one can savor their own flatulence and the flatulence of others.

      Then again, the celebration and enjoyment of one’s own gas, hot air, windbaggery and that of others, particularly of COB’s gas, has always been a central part of the Flag experience!


      • Just so I can prepare…what if I enjoy smelling my own flatulence, but have an aversion to smelling that of other’s? In such a case would I be required to route onto the “Pull My Finger Rundown” until I was flat on smelling other’s wind?


    I just left the “Flatulence Enjoyment Area”, and I must say I am blown away!!! I never looked at and smelled farts on “all 4 flows” before!!!! Wow!!!

    Also, I ran some objective processes on myself in the FEA. “keep that fart from going away…..did you keep that fart from going away???”


    • COB is pleased to see that Scientologists are already winning on Super Power!

      And indeed, the phenomenon of the “Silent But Deadly” fart, the “SBD” can now be fully handled, this thanks to COB and GAT II: Regarding a fart, has anything been suppressed?


      • So it is true the “SBD” can now be handled with GAT II.

        Well…now I understand all the fuss about GAT II on Facebook over the weekend. People wouldn’t spell it out, but you knew it had to be big based on the number of exclamation points, OMG’s, and WOW’s.


  4. Suppressive copyright anarchists publishing confidential data once again, stolen by from our state-of-the-art cathedral by psych-sponsored apostates and pharma representatives.


  5. You are SO busted!

    The art-work is too good to be REAL calm adverts.

    Also, there are not enough stupid spelling errors in the text!

    Doubly busted!


  6. Does it matter whether your body odors are pleasant (i.e., because of soap, perfume or cologne) or terrible (i.e., because your Super Power C/S has caused you to be sprayed by a skunk, dipped in ***t, or ordered you to stop bathing for a month)? In other words, will someone succeed at the Smell Persceptic only if their Super Power C/S tells them “you stink”?


  7. so enjoyable, you all! Thanks. I was in a deep funk due to thinking about the past, and the loss due to the COS ruining my life.
    Glad i read these. also, I ate a large bag of Lays-smell: good.


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