David Miscavige Identifies the “Who” Behind All of the Church of Scientology’s Problems!

Scientology Ideal Org Vladivostok could not pay it's electrical and heating bills last month and so all staff froze to death. Please help prevent the newly arrived staff from freezing to death this month by donating no later than the 15th when bills are due.

Scientology Ideal Org Vladivostok could not pay it’s electrical and heating bills last month and so the staff froze to death. Please help prevent the newly arrived staff from freezing to death this month by donating no later than the 15th when bills are due.

Is the Church of Scientology in crisis?

Some would say yes.

However, these same doomsayers said the Church was in crisis at this time last year — and yet the Church not only survived, but it has flourished and prospered, this as proven by 37 new Ideal Orgs opened in the past decade.

Ideal Orgs clearly disprove the claim that the Church is in crisis.


While some have shamefully chosen to “distance” themselves from COB RTC David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology, others have remained steadfast. What will you do? Will you stand and fight the Psychs to the bitter end or will you blow?

Then again, while the Church of Scientology is not in crisis, it is still facing a very serious challenge. This challenge is so serious that Mr. Miscavige had to actually take time away from handling the Semicolon Disaster over at Bridge Publications to handle this problem of greater magnitude.

Specifically, COB had to go on a “Why Finding” mission to find out why both he, and the organization he leads, i.e. the Church of Scientology, are being attacked daily by suppressive entheta from every sector of the Planet.

To make matters worse, these attacks are specifically crafted to appeal to Scientology parishioners. These attacks come in the form of a strange sort of fascinating Hypnotic Entheta that  causes Scientology parishioners to stay on the internet for days, weeks, months, or even years reading the supposed “facts” about Mr. Miscavige, OSA, and the Church. And yet, these so-called “facts” are easily proven to be scandalous lies when one has a win in session, peruses the pages of Freedom Magazine, or undergoes a few intensives of spiritually cleansing Sec Checks wherein one is able to confess their many crimes and so unburden their soul.


Burn brightly in these dark days o’ ye bright little IAS torchbearer!

Using the precise technology of locating and shattering Suppression, COB found the hidden SP’s in, of all places, Comal County, Texas.

In what would have otherwise been a mundane legal proceeding filed by an SP, a wog attorney hired by OSA Legal was heard to say that  the Church of Scientology should be sued for harassing the Plaintiff, and, the Church had money to pay damages if there were any.

Mr. Miscavige was shocked. Had he thrown the Church of Scientology International to the wolves? Yes he had. COB thus found the Who: Hidden OSA Rogues had ordered wog lawyers to very precisely implicate the Church of Scientology in dirty deeds.

While this was ostensibly done for “legal reasons” the fact is that these criminal OSA Rogues have placed Mr. Miscavige, the Church, and the Planet itself in grave jeopardy.

COB in a wog courtroom using his mental powers

COB in a wog courtroom smelling his fingers. This part of his case is not auditible nor are other parts of his case.

“COB has, and quite heroically so, discovered that a tiny handful of OSA Rogues are the ‘Who’ behind the last eight years of intense Planetary Suppression,” Church spokesman Ken Delusion announced today.

“The problem is not Mr. Miscavige and has never been Mr. Miscavige!” Delusion insisted. “If anything, COB has vindicated himself by locating the OSA Rogues who are out to destroy the Church of Scientology!”

“Just as COB had to purge the Church of the Guardian’s Office crims who sabotaged things so badly in the 1970’s, Mr. Miscavige will now act to purge the Church of these OSA crims who have been secretly acting to destroy the Church of Scientology and COB,” Delusion stated.

“Linda Hamel will be the first OSA criminal to feel COB’s wrath!”

“It was a gigantic third dynamic overt,” Delusion concluded, “for COB’s staff to allow the Guardian’s Office criminal Linda Hamel to sneak unnoticed into OSA! Why just look at the damage this rotten old wholetrack SP Psych implanter has done to the Church of Scientology and COB!”

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    • Mr. Miscavige cannot be sec-checked because there currently isn’t an e-meter powerful enough to handle His case. Due to His stature as an enormously big being Mr. Miscavige’s ridges are literally the size of planets. His case requires a 440 volt e-meter which unfortunately does not yet exist.


  1. No, No! She’s only PTS to someone higher. He’ll never find the right one unless he cleans house and starts over!


    • There is no “lower condition” than being a wog attorney for the Church of Scientology.

      Those fellows are down there at the very bottom of the dwindling spiral in an electronic prison along with X___.

      Which reminds us of an old joke:

      Q: What is the difference between X____ and lawyers?

      A: Lawyers have law degrees!


    • Yes, the really vicious wholetrack SP’s are quite experienced in hiding and so are typically found where one least expects them.

      Imagine the nerve of those SP’s to hide out in OSA HQ for the last 35 years!

      Nevertheless, it is as COB said after cleaning up after Operation Snow White in 1987: Better late than never!


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