David Miscavige: Let Them Smoke Crack!

King.DavidSpeaking today at Flag Land Base about the wave of recent attacks against Narconon Georgia, COB RTC David Miscavige tersely declared, “This may come as a surprise to the self absorbed Scientology-hating bigots in Georgia, but we in the Church of Scientology could care less if we have a Narconon there or not.”

“Let them smoke crack,” Mr. Miscavige concluded.

The 250,000 Scientologists gathered in COB’s giant circus tent rose to their feet and wildly applauded the Scientology ecclesiastical leader for over one hour and 45 minutes whereupon a donation was taken that raised $774,170,434 in pledges for COB’s Project Mouse Table.

Church of Scientology parishioners are excited to be a part of the world’s fastest growing religion!


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      • no, wog jgg2012, you learn to count that fast with the incredible learning tech that lrh handed down and lord admiral of the navy cob updated and ameliorated. the problem for wogs like you is that your wog public education has so stunted your intellect and reasoning that you fail to see the absolute genius and workability of this educational tech. i would recommend the delphi school but i am guessing that you may be too old. therefore, your local ao can bring you up to speed on the learning tech that you, the rest of society, the world and the universe, so sorely needs.


  1. OT8 –

    Have to admit the Marie Antoinette nod was sly, but could it be the little admiral misreads the situation as badly as the wife of Louis 16th? Did he see the ABC Nightline piece…aye yay yay…. Seeing the official church response to Leah Remini’s appearance on DWTS, all I could think was “OMFG, is that how a church responds to a long time parishioner!!??”

    And then he goes out and uses that same phrase in his speech!!

    If the polling numbers are given credence, the little admiral needs to step lightly. Does he need a history lesson? Would he even know who Marie Anoinette is and what befell her after her famous utterance?

    Look at the crowd in the pic OT8…even the hardcore members seem less than overwhelmed. I know the little admiral will point to the fundraising figures, but isn’t he doing the counting himself? When was the last time we had an independent audit of our finances or membership rolls?

    Okay…I’m over it. I’ll go to work now on mocking up how COB kicked ass and took names and how “Let them smoke crack” will be the rallying cry of protesters demanding Scientology come back once Georgia’s drug addiction rate triples in the next year due to the closing of the world’s most effective addiction treatment plan.

    Sometimes I forget which is the mock-up and which is reality…


    • Captain Whostolemycog, all Marie Antoinette is to David Miscavige is some dead wog.

      And this is one of the reasons why Mr. Miscavige dropped out of high school at age sixteen: He was not interested in learning about dead wogs in history books.

      Rather, Mr. Miscavige was not interested in creating history — and this he has done during his unprecented career as the most important global religious leader ever.


      During Mr. Miscavige exalted leadership of the Church of Scientology, he has singlehandedly done more to help this planet than Jesus, Buddha, or Allah ever did.

      And it is for this reason that all of us should say, “Thank you King Miscavige!”


  2. “No he di’int”…overheard from art critic seeing the artist credit on the painting “COB the Magnificent”…I turned and replied, “Yes, in fact he did”.


  3. I never noticed before, how HUGE and disproportionate the COB’s head is to his tiny little body. Your portrait captures that feature and highlights it very well.


  4. Great shoop, though I see Grand Admiral DM more as Gainsbourough’s ‘blue boy’.

    Two Giant tents in Clearwater now, overflow crowds expected? Or just more room for the BTs?


  5. I happen to have some “R” on these issues above. First, I live in Georgia so I know of the suppressive attack on Narconon. Second, I was at graduation and can attest to the fact that there was over 250,000 Scientologists at this event. I know because I was the “Secret Undercover Card Scanner In Charge”…or SUCS I/C. I personally scanned 254,392 Scientologists at the event.

    Regarding Narconon being closed down in Georgia…our reply is “so what?” We have already been donated an Ideal pup tent from an upstat Atlanta Scientologist that has been pitched inside the apartment complex of the same said upstat Scientologist who lives in Apartment 4-B. A space heater was found along side the dumpster. The things people throw out!! Geez!!

    So Narconon of Georgia is back up and running!!! This magnificent tent has 16 grommets and can comfortably sit 4 people who can sweat, do TR’s, and locationals all in the same space! How’s that for using the Conditions!! We are holding an event to raise money for a wall bracket as the dedicated Scientologist in 4-B can’t see his TV because the tent is blocking the view.

    PS…only send this message to your secure list of emails we don’t want this out in the community for the DA to see!


    • Narconon was an alien implant the psychs used to discredit COB by making Scientology appear to be medical quackery, rather than the liberation of the human mind from 75 million years of captivity.


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