COB RTC David Miscavige Cancels Super Power and GAT II due to SP Attacks!

As reported by Psych Grand Master Tony Ortega, COB RTC David Miscavige has cancelledthe October 6 opening of the building formerly called Super Power. COB has also cancelled the the October 6 release of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

Tampa Bay Times coverage of the cancellation.

COB has had to cancel these events due to extreme SP activity against him in the Nation of Texas. COB needs to shatter this Suppressive first dynamic attack against him before he can handle the third dynamic activities of the Church.

Monique Rathbun and her wog attorney Ray Jeffrey have COB and his sixteen wog attorneys backed into a corner because Judge Waldrip doesn’t realize the sheer greatness and importance of COB RTC David Miscavige.

In other news., the Flag Land Base picture ID badge project continues. If you have not done so already, please come to Flag to have your picture ID badge made.

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  1. I posted your article in full on my blog with full credit. This is wonderful news for us.
    For church public, it is like it is the first big crack in the dike that has been holding back the sea.
    For staff, it will be floggings 24/7 until morale improves.


  2. False datum!!!! It wasn’t SPs, the problem in electrical in nature. The good folks at Big Being Electric of Dunedin, Fl. have determined that the 367 extension cords running from the Super Powers Building to the circus tent are causing the breakers to blow. A truckload of black electricians tape is on its way from Bunkie, La. and should fix the problem by Saturday morning, please spread the word. The party is back on.


    • That makes perfect sense as the psychs long ago infiltrated the electrical cord industry to ensure a constant supply for their electroshocking machines. This is just an extension of their dastardly plot to publicly humiliate the great humanitarian COB and denigrate his status as mankind’s most super friend.


    • And it wasn’t just electrical cords! COB’s planned trapeze performance ran into problems when he hurt his wrist playing GTA 5 for 34 hours straight before passing out in his heart shaped bed.

      Not to worry though. COB will be back up on his trapeze next week. COB really is quite the trapeze artist in his billowing shorts and fancy slippers:


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